Sunday, November 06, 2011

Look Who The Wind Blew In

It's our old friend, Henry the Hateful Hummingbird.  Remember, he came in with last month's storm.  He was only here for two days.  Then the weather warmed up and he went away.

He's back and as hateful as ever, chasing all the other hummingbirds away from the feeder.  Trying to get his picture, I got between him and the feeder.  He flew up and hovered a few inches from my face, hollering at me.  I should have snapped a picture, but my past experience with hummingbirds, I was all about protecting myself.

The cold weather is predicted to last for several days this time.  I wonder how many of those will Henry be guarding the feeder.  Not that I will know, as I'll be at work.  Duane will have to look for me.

K came down from Phoenix and got to meet Duane and visit with the zoo.  Dammit seemed happy to visit with his fan again.

Where did my fan go?


Rudee said...

Well he does provide interesting blog fodder.

erin said...

that's crazy, I've never seen a hummingbird that acted like that! hopefully he'll be gone soon again haha

Julie said...

Henry looks lovely, i've never seen a real hummingbird, i'm going to enjoy hearing about his antics.

by Teresa said...

Our hummers have been known to buzz right by our heads to get to the feeder, but I've never known one to dive bomb a person for the heck of it. LOL!

Glad Dammit is back to normal!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

melbatoast68 said...

Every time I read that story, I crack up. I can't help it. I know it was freaky at the time, but I'm glad you can look back with humor....and a little healthy fear :)