Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Blame The Snowbirds

Do you see those temperatures coming? Yeah, now this is what I'm talking about.  This is what I suffer the OMG I'm just going to spontaneously com-bust temperatures all summer for.

I've begun to notice something, a little trend.  Around the time the geese, hummingbirds and the snowbirds begin to make their way southward the temperatures start to dip for little bit. Usually it's just for a day or two.  This year the exodus southward was so large they dragged the jet-stream down with them for a whole week, causing a drastic weather change.  According to Pearl, the homeless were headed this way in droves.  I haven't noticed an increased amount of homeless every winter.  Though we do have way more than I've seen in other places.

When they head back north in the spring, they drag the jet-stream back up with them and do not let it go. Thus, our blazing hot, OMG I'm just going to spontaneously com-bust temperatures.

Like a good girl, I did go to work on about three hours sleep.  Sleep deprived and oxygen deprived, we thought the whole thing happened an hour later than it actually had.  It was a Ground Hog day moment when three o'clock in morning came around a second time.

The sunrise at 6:30 am over the eastern mountains.

After four hours brutal hours on the phone, the scheduler came over and released me from my phone shackles.  I was getting rather loopy by then.  So much so, I was tempted to call a customer and ask, "Can you understand me?  Am I making any sense?" "Thank you" and hang up.

Conversations of the sleep deprived:

Me: "When I get up from my nap, I'm going to have to give Dammit some more water."

Him: "Dammit's out of water?"

Me: "He has this much left."  I hold my fingers two inches apart.

Him: "Wow, I just re-filled his bottle a few hours ago"

Me: "Let me look again."  I squint at the water bottle. "Yeah, you're right, I mis-looked."

Him: "Mis-looked?"

Me: "I looked wrong the first time, so I mis-looked."

Him: "She can't find the words she wants to use, so she just makes them up as she goes along."

Me: "I use it all the time at work.  'I'm sorry you don't have anymore re-fills left on your prescription.' 'Ok, well, let me look again.' 'Yes, you're right, there was a prescription with one re-fill left, mixed in there.  I'm sorry, I mis-looked the first time.'"

Him: "Really." (sarcastic tone) I could feel his eyes rolling in his head while he was laying next to me.

I just found Pearl's blog, a few weeks ago.  It's one of the few blogs I read that doesn't have pictures to help me figure out what she's writing.  I know, I have to wind up my brain and pretend like I'm literate.  Go check her out, her posts are good for a little chuckle.

Happy Saturday everyone.


Linda said...

Glad you made it to work ok with such little sleep. Hope all goes well for you. Loved your story about "mis-looked"; funny! Checked out "Pearl's" blog --- she is a very funny blogger. Thanks for the head's up. Have a great weekend, Denise!

by Teresa said...

You're such a trooper to go on in with so little sleep. I'm glad you got to go home early.

It's gotten chilly here. And our pellet stove died a few days ago. Someone is coming on Monday to fix it.. hope they make it be quieter.. it's been getting louder and louder.. squeak, grind, squeal, shriek.

Lucky you to have your warm winter! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Julie said...

Beautiful sunris.
This post gave me a chuckle, I am always saying words wrong, my DH calls it the quantum leap syndrome lol

melbatoast68 said...

When I'm really tired I make up words and try to have conversations with people that I've started In my head. This means I'll just randomly ask questions that continue the conversation I was already having by myself. I think you handled all beautifully.