Sunday, November 26, 2006

If It Weren't For Bad Luck

Somehow, I think no luck is better than bad luck. Sad how many links come up on a Google search with most them bloggers using that as a title. Don't know if it's sad that many have bad luck or that many watched Hee Haw growing up. Frankly, I'm used it by now. There's just those years, in my life, when so many strange things go wrong, I have a constant raised eyebrow watching for just what strange set of occurrences will happen next.
I blew any chances at NaBloPoMo last week I posted. Duane had four straight days off and two of them he totally hogged the computer. That Friday, I had lots planned, he he, yeah right. That Thursday, DD comes in with her DD and says we have her until Sunday. Well, that blew all my plans. DD (one not standing for dear) doesn't watch DGD at all. It's all left up to me. When I tried to lye down and rest on Friday, asking DD to please keep an eye on her DD. Nope. I had DGD in bed with me. I told the little one she had to lay down if she was going to stay with me. She then took the tv remote and smacked me right in the eye.
The kids (her father as well) just don't understand that when they constantly smack her every time she does something they don't like, it teaches her to hit as well. I wasn't able to see out of my left eye for a couple days, with a pounding ache in it as well. Cleared up by Monday, or I would have went to the Dr.
Wednesday, I was finally somewhat better and cleaned the kitchen, dining and living room for company the next day. That would have normally taken several days to do, so saying I way over did it is an understatement. Joint and sciatic pain to the extreme.
When I was in my twenties, I had a pastor that just turned 40 and just started jogging. I asked him later if he was stiff and sore the next day. He told me it was a funny thing once you turn 40, it doesn't hit til the second day and wowee when it did. Takes a couple extra days to recoup as well. Now, that I turned 40 this year, I know exactly what he was talking about, only I'm not nearly as good health as he was.
Besides the sciatica from a displaced sacral illiac joint, I have joint disease where my immune system attacks my joints, left over from an infection that wasn't diagnosed properly for months. Bursitis in my left shoulder, an old nursing school injury that flares up with an extended use. I popped it in an out of place a couple weeks ago, trying to reposition myself on the bed. Pressed down with my left hand to push myself over and instead my shoulder popped so loud Duane heard it. The cute thing is, when I yelped in pain, all five cats came running onto the bed. They stayed for quite awhile to make sure I was ok, and seemed like they wanted to do something to help, with the looks of concern on their little faces. That really aggravated my bursitis, and pinched a nerve as well. I have pain shooting down my arm to my hand on occasion, and drop anything I might be holding. It will heal in time, if I can manage to rest it for awhile. I guess I'm just a mess.
DGD was back again for Thanksgiving. Her father dumped her off two hours earlier than pre-arranged. We love having her here. Just wish DD would watch her better. DD finally signed her enlistment papers and gets shipped off on January 10th. It's a shame a child could actually make a parent look forward to their enlistment date. Well, not looking forward to going into to the Army, just the leaving part.
Of course, there are other small strange occurances that happen on a frequent basis as well. Like the mailman not coming by at all one random day a week, besides the usual Sunday and holidays. Or getting some elses mail, or their getting ours and keeping it for several weeks, you know time sensitive stuff. Like please pay up by such and such a day or we'll shut you off, and you get it the next or several days later. Would have paid it the first time, but never got the original bill. Also, there is the never ending travels of objects and papers growing legs and wandering about, never where you last put them. It's just a never ending barrel of entertainment.
We won't talk about my friend bringing by my six year old grandson for a visit. I hadn't seen him for 2 and half years. Let's just leave it at that I'm still trying to untangle my spinning wheel. Makes the 2 year old DGD a total angel.
Not much knitting to report, of course. I have been knitting a little on this and that on days I'm trying to recuperate. Actually, thinking about pulling out some old cross stitch projects. That way I can keep my left hand still and rest my shoulder. I did get some auctions listed on ebay this past Friday. Well, I still have some dishes leftover from Thanksgiving, that I should be getting to. Duane would help, but they've working him like a dog at the restaurant since Friday. I guess DD is trying to help me rest by osmosis, with sitting around knitting the past couple days.
It's been an interesting couple weeks, I'm looking forward to a little boredom soon, or maybe some positive entertainment will be nice change of pace. Will be back soon, with your reguraly scheduled needlework picture intensive post.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Help Me, I'm In Finishing Mode

So far, in the past few months I've finished two shawls, a pair of socks, a pair footies, a hat and now Granddaughter's sweater is finished in time for her second birthday this weekend.
Duane agrees that is quite an accomplishment for me and that I deserve some new yarn. Of course, he would say that when finances aren't quite up to a purchase. There are about four maybe six more projects that are half to three quarters done, that I could probably get finished up in a few days to a week each. I've been trying to straighten up around here slowly, looking for a ton of missing paperwork and what not from those six weeks I was less than conscious.
This was my first sweater pattern I ever knit, a basic top down raglan pattern, made for my daughter while I was pregnant for her. Was only fitting that would be the first sweater I knit for her daughter. The first one was knit in Jamie Baby yarn, the only yarn I could afford at the time.
It seemed to grow with her, knit at six month size, she was still wearing it at age three.
This is knit with two skeins Mandarin Petite, I bought from a lady on ebay. I finished the sleeves first, the finished the body until I ran out of yarn. I'm hoping it will be long enough. It's cotton, so the length should stretch a bit with blocking.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays

How many immediately thought of the song when reading that title? If so, I'm guessing you're 36 or older. The weather has been dreary yucky here for days, and doesn't look like the sun is going to find it's way to Rochester, any time soon. It's enough to drive a girl crazy, resisting the urge to hide under the covers for a long winters nap.
I've been in quite a finishing mode as of lately. Which is so not the norm for me. On Friday on finished my footies.


Then yesterday, my best friend called, her mother has lung cancer and is going through chemo. I found I had an extra ball of the Knit Picks Ambrosia, so I whipped up this hat for her. It's the Lace Edged Woman's Hat from Headhuggers, size US 6 needles in the medium size and that's how much I had left over from the 110 yard skein.


Tomorrow, I'll have pictures of my granddaughter's sweater that almost finished. Her birthday is Sunday, so there is quite an incentive to get it finished.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Peacock Feathers Shawl

This weekend hasn't been nice to me, but, oh well, I'm used it by now. I did force myself to block my Peacock Feathers Shawl. Now, it is folded up nicely in my dresser drawer.

The basics, I knitted this using 2/20 silk, that I hand dyed myself. The colors I used were purple, violet, royal blue, blue, teal, emerald green, teal and turquoise, and plan to add this lace weight silk to our online store. After reading other bloggers posts about how big theirs turned out, I used a size US 5 knitting needle. This took just a little over a month to knit, even with occasionally rotating other projects.

Call me crazy, but I did not use stitch markers, except for the middle stitches or life lines, everything went smooth throughout. Considering this was knit during the summer, when everything else was going wrong, the knitting gods must have had mercy on me. (click for bigger)

This shawl is for sale. If interested,please e-mail me to negotiate a price.

These pictures aren't that great. I really should have used a white background. There is a large piece of white muslin floating around here somewhere. I'll look for it later and take better pictures.

DSC00512 DSC00513DSC00514DSC00515

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday Rambles

Sorry, I just don't have any needlework content today. Actually, I do or could but the weather here is in a downward turn and taking my body with it. I did finish my footies yesterday. Just don't feel like taking a picture, uploading, downloading and all the rest.
This would normally be a time when I would become incommunicado on the blog. The fact is nobody wants to hear about how lousy someone feels. Even when that person is just describing their pain as factual events, it stills sounds like whining to the listener. I hate sounding like a whiner.
Instead, I give you this quiz that most of the knitting world has already seen and taken. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell Christain Slator has to do with yarn. Actually, I want to be Angora, but that wasn't a result. Cashmere is about the closest, or Mohair. I leave it that I'm just glad I'm not Acrylic or Novelty Eyelash. Though, I do have say Caron's Simply Soft does well for sweaters and afghans that will headed to the washer and dryer frequently.

What kind of yarn are you?

You are Dishcloth Cotton.You are a very hard worker, most at home when you're at home. You are thrifty and seemingly born to clean. You are considered to be a Plain Jane, but you are too practical to notice.
Take this quiz!


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Friday, November 10, 2006

Just Not A Good Day

This hasn't been a good day on the pain front, so I really don't feel like posting today. But, in the spirit of NaBloPoMo, I'll give this short post.

Where I'll try to entertain you with this picture of cute kid and super cute bunny. The bunny gets a super for allowing the cute kid to pet her.

For you fiberly types, I'll give you this picture to try to figure out the pattern used. Not too easy with that patterned sheet underneath.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a qoute from my favorite show Grey's Anatomy to think about. "Sometimes, we can't see something is wrong by looking them. They could look perfectly fine on the outside, while on the inside tells a whole different story."

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Houston, We Have Socks

I finally finished Duane's first pair of birthday socks. His feet are glad as the weather is in a downward, colder turn. Just, twenty more rows before I start the toe decreases on the second of my footies. My feet, or at least my right foot will be glad with colder weather coming. No further progress made on the other two pairs.

A rather nice pair of feet socks, if I do say so myself.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll be able to allow myself to start rotating my other projects again. I'll finish the other two pairs in time, hopefully before it's summer again, just not going to try for a sock marathon. I'm frankly surprised at how long it took me for the above pair. Maybe, it's just the stress that's building around here, or maybe I'm just slowing way down.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why I Store My Yarns in Totes with Lavendar

It's been one of those days, only magnified by infinity and beyond. I was looking forward to having a day to myself finally, and get many things accomplished in peace and quiet. Instead, it was one of those days when I should have stayed in bed, unplugged the constant ringing phone, and booby trapped the front door, so the others couldn't get in.

So, I'm not really in the mood to post, but I will because I said I would. It's not for lack of subject matter, I really could write a post a day for a few months, and each be a different WIP, I have in the works. Today, is why I store my yarns in totes with lavender. I've gotten asked this question a few times on ebay. Of course, I would be glad to wash any yarn before sending if requested, in lieu of allergies or dislike of scent.

Firstly, because I don't like the smell of moth balls. We seem to be proliferant with fiber eating moths, where I live. Both cotton and wool alike are high on their menu.

Duane told this past spring there was a small in his socks I knit him last summer. I figured since it was a small hole, I would just felt the area, rather than darn it. The socks spent summer traveling from the top of the dresser, to the bedroom floor then kicked around the room. Until, I would straighten up sorting laundry, where they would begin their journey from atop the dresser again.

A couple weeks ago, when it started getting cold outside, I figured, I would do a quick mend job. Except, this is what I found -

Three very large holes and several, maybe twenty smaller holes. There was even a larva still attached at one spot, bib all tied on, having lunch. I think I'll felt the tiny holes, and darn the larger ones with the small ball of yarn I had left over, and saved.
Besides, it is better to store the yarn I plan to sell in totes right away. It keeps them clean and smelling fresh. Who really wants a skein of yarn that's been lying around dusty and smelling like last nights pork roast with sauerkraut and broccoli?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Finally, The Unveiling of The Mediterean Shawl

It's pretty cloudy today, and decidedly too cold after going out for a walk. We will do pictures outside if we get a rare warm, sunny day again soon. Please excuse the cluttered look, this apartment is just waaaay to small for all of us.

If you click on the pictures to make them larger you can see the detail better. At gossamer weight, this made a very sheer cloth. Duane did take a few pictures showing my face, though I told him not too. I was going to post them anyway, but changed my mind. Seven years of chronic sciatica pain really shows on my face, and I looked like death warmed over.

This is the Mediterranean Lace Shawl from The Gathering of Lace. I was surprised to find not many had knitted this shawl. Doing a Blog search, I found: The Rainey Sisters posted a picture of a friends completed shawl. There is also this blog, it is in French, she has beautiful pictures of her completed shawl.(scroll down)

The Knitting Doctor posted about seeing this lady wearing her completed shawl. Missouri Star didn't blog about the shawl but has pictures in her Finished Lace Projects.

I knitted mine, using size US 0 for the body and US 000 60" circulars for border, in a 2/60 gossamer weight cashmere silk 65/35. There was 5000 yards on a 5 oz cone. Weighing it at every stopping point and at the end, I used 2.2 oz or 2200 yards.


Call me crazy as a loon, but I really missed knitting this shawl right away. Since I had more than enough left over, Duane suggested I make another one, so that's what I did. The second one is going very slow compared to the first. I already know how it's going to turn out, so the excitement of the first time around is lost.

Other shawls knitted over the summer were, The Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl by Silvia Harding, knit with a 2/20 silk, I hand dyed. Just have to order the beads I want to use for the bind off edging. Plus, The Peacock Feathers Shawl by Fiddlesticks, also knitted in a 2/20 silk that I hand dyed. This just needs to be blocked. It's been finished since July, talk about being lazy.

Very soon, I'll be starting Ingrid's Bridal Knot Shawl in Zephyr lace weight, ice blue on US 0 needles, for my daughter. Although, I do have a bunch of other shawls I need to finish while I'm waiting to get the yarn.

Monday, November 06, 2006

How I'm Making My Mobious Scarf

It was such a beautiful day here, sunny and sixty degrees. I was going to unveil the pictures of this shawl blocked and finished. However, once I got dressed, the sun decided to quickly hide behind the clouds.
Here's yet another sneak preview teaser. (click on picture for a larger size)

Most of my search engine hits are for mobious scarves, mobious knitting, Mobious scarf, how to do mobious caston and most recent, knitting instructions for mobious scarf.(click pictures for bigger size)

mobious scarf

I'm using the Germaine Stitch pattern from Barbara Walker's, A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, pg 275, with a Seed stitch border. Using a Provisional Caston. There is a video on this site that shows how in both english and continental style. I'm using Knit Picks, Ambrosia in Night Sky, four balls. The actual color looks more like the picture above than what is shown on their website. Or use any other yarn that is to your preference.
I used provisional cast-on 61 sts, seed stitch for 5 sts, pattern repeat below (I used four repeats), then seed stitch for last 5 sts. Knit to desired length, then give scarf one twist and Kitchener graft the two ends together.
Pattern stitch:
multipe of 11 stitches plus 7
Row 1: (wrong side) and all other wrong side rows - Purl
Row 2: K1, * yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo, k6; rep from * to last 6 sts, end yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo, k1.
Row 4: K2, * yo, sl 1 - k2tog - psso, yo, k1, sl next 3 sts to dpn and hld in back, k3, then k3 from dpn, k1; rep from * to last 5 sts, end yo, sl 1 - k2 tog- psso, yo, k2.
Row 6: Repeat row 2.
Row 8: K2, * yo, sl 1 - k2 tog - psso, yo, k8; rep from * to last 5 sts, end yo, sl 1 - k2 tog - psso, yo, k2.
Repeat rows 1 - 8
I haven't finished this yet being, I put it up for the summer. However, even with this warm week ahead, I know at time it could get very cold here. I really should get moving, before I freeze my head the next I walk out the door.
I do love the feel of this yarn. We currently working with a distributer on getting our own cashmere and blends yarn for the business. I can hardly wait for that to happen.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Our Very Own CindyLou Who

Just another quick post again. Here is our very own CindyLou Who. Though her name isn't really CindyLou. I was graced with a rare overnight visit.


She found a small box from a recent delivery. Of course, I had to jump up with the camera.


Bootsie, the eternal four year child with fur, couldn't be out done, and jumped immediately into her own box house.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Spinning Saturday

It was a chilly 39 degrees but partly sunny day here. I had the day to myself, being the only human on premises. A good day to spin and knit and just relax. Not, to be necessarily the case.

I spent two hours on this post, or was this post. Bloggerbeta ruined my picture links when I hit spell check. They showed up as links and no longer as pictures. This has happened once before, but I only had one picture at the time so wasn't as big a deal to go back and replace the links. So, I hit "recover post" thinking it would bring post pre-spell check. Instead, I got a post from two days ago. So, now after every paragraph, save post as draft.

I really, really need a laptop. As I think I might have wrote about this before, with my back I have to get up frequently, as sitting here, makes terrible pain. The problem is when I take a break, I'm still in the mode to do what I was doing on the computer. So, I end up going back too soon, and putting myself in worse pain. With a laptop, I could work anywhere, in any position. The goal is looking for the cheapest refurbished laptop, since I really don't need all the bells and whistles.

If you should be a spindle spinner with the good fortune of finally obtaining a wheel, might I suggest you keep your spindling skills intact by spindling every few days. Don't let the speed of the wheel tantalize you into forgetting your spindle. You might just have a need to spindle at a later time only to find you have grown extra thumbs, and lost the fluidity you once had as a spindler.

I decided to continue spinning the rest of the wool from my mother's sweater on the spindle. Didn't think I could duplicate the same singles. My spinning on wheel went to zoom lace weight within weeks of getting the wheel. My default spinning always goes to extremely fine lace even when I'm trying for two ply sock weight. I really should have taken my above advice and not let wheel tantalize me away from the spindle. This week I picked up the spindle to finish the last bit of wool for my mom's sweater. My drafting skills aren't as even as they once were, and I feel like I have grown a few extra thumbs over night.
Below are pictures of said wool, I tried to take advantage of a patch of sunlight. The large dark spot in the first picture is Lexie bunny, she was trying to help with arrangement. Second picture is with flash added, sans Lexie.


Above is superwash merino, I dyed in what I thought would look like winter camouflage once spun and knit. The second is two ounces of singles being plyed Navajo. This is going to be a hat and pair of socks for my youngest son for Christmas. It's getting to be that time of year again, to plan projects for presents in hopes to have them finished in time. If you're anything like me, the hope is futile and end up out on Christmas eve shopping.

The first of the above is BFL in a varigated antique rose colorway, I dyed. It was first try for lace weight and ended up being a little heavy with a 20wpi. I think this would make a great winter stole or shawl. I have two skeins of 522 and 582 yards.
The second is one ply of BFL and another of tussah silk. It is a finer lace weight with a 30 wpi. There is 1600 yards in this skein. It's a natural creamy color.
The third is a fine merino two ply with an opal metallic thread added. It is also a fine lace weight of 30wpi, with 1925 yards in that skein.
I'm putting up all three for auction on ebay later this week. I really need to raise the funds for the laptop, more dyes, and adding stock to the store. This past summer really put us behind in our plans for the business.

On the knitting front: The first footie is halfway finished. I have a life long habit of sitting on my left foot, so my right foot sticks out and gets cold in the winter. Poor, right foot is really wishing I would at least get the first one finished.
I'm almost finished with the heel flap on the second sock of Duane's first annual birthday sock yarn. Nothing new on the other two pairs. I hope have these socks finished soon, so I could back to rotating my knitting again.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Just A Short Post

I'm just under the wire for posting today. That is east coast time. I suppose if I weren't so tired, I still stay up and just back date with Blogger. After all, 11:00 is only 7:00 in California.

It's been a day of constant interruptions. I had two hours of work updating my blog links just taken down with a click. Being, I can only sit at the computer for about 15 minutes at a time. I often leave my work up, only to save someone come along and wipe it out. I know I should save between sitting sessions. But, the bum that did that tonight was asleep when I started. Didn't really think he would wake up and have to come along and be a butt.

So, instead of the post I had planned about spinning, I'll write about it tomorrow. Post a day, for NaBloPoMo I'll leave you, banging my head on the desk. "sigh"

Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Favorite Luxury Yarn

Lace weight angora is my favorite luxury yarn. I remember discovering it at Aunt Mary's Yarn Barn shop when I was around 8. However, there was no way my mom was going to spend that much on a skein of yarn for me, or allow me to use my own money, for that matter. (click for bigger)


I bought this yarn on Ebay, back in 2000. I really wish I had bought more than one ball. This poor yarn has been knit up about three times now. In 2003, is when I found the Rose Trellis Lace pattern and tried to make a small shawl. It was the first time at making a shawl, so I didn't really have an idea about how much yardage would be required, plus the ball was bigger and fluffier when it first arrived.

It came to about the size of nice head kerchief. I knit, ripped and re knit hoping the second time with a smaller border it might work. Don't ask me why. Sometimes, I just do things that don't make a whole lot of sense.

This is now, a small scarf, two pattern repeats with a four stitch garter border. Every few months, I pull it out and knit a few rows, smile and put it back in the bag. I'm not in any real hurry to finish it, as I just love to feel the yarn run through my fingers.

As I said, I have enough WIP's for a post a day, probably for several months. Coming soon the unveiling of this as a FO.


This is from The Gathering of Lace. I could only find just two other bloggers that have completed this as well.


Meanwhile, Bootsie is watching to make sure I stay on my toes.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Just Blather I Guess

The puttins are upset they're picture wasn't posted on Halloween. They're the youngest of the five, born the day before my birthday, 2003. I was tricked into taking them at five weeks old, by a co-worker, back when I worked at the pizza shop. We are glad to have them, as they have been hours of entertainment.

I've had the pleasure of company of tons of cats, but these are two are far from the norm in antics and intelligence. Duane says, We're lucky they don't have working thumbs and a prehensile tail. When the they walk into a room together all I can think of is the two Siamese cats from Lady and The Tramp. They have the attitudes of those looking to cause some serious trouble then act very innocent when caught.

Bootsie(rear) however is far more nefarious, and doesn't really care about getting caught. Aka, Bootszilla, and Trotsky, she has a habit of trotting about like a horse.

Tennesee (front) is far more dainty, a Pop's only girl. At first, it was only her Pop, but is starting to allow me as well, to pet her, but only on our/their bed. Aka, Poopy Tail or Poopy due to an accident in the litter box when she was very tiny.

I signed up for NaBloPoMo, a post a day for the month of November. I certainly have plenty for blog fodder content with just WIP's. I'm betting I could post a new WIP a day for a couple months with what is just lying about, and not starting anything new. It will hopefully, get me in the habit of posting regularly. Even on my worst days, I could post a new pic with a blurb.

I really hate trying to think of a title for each post. That's pretty much my biggest problem with posting sometimes. Any tips, hints on coming up with titles for posts?