Tuesday, December 27, 2011

They're Safe

They're safe finally.  My daughter and the baby are with an old friend from the old neighborhood.  More on that later.  My oldest granddaughter is with her father until Wednesday afternoon and he will bring her back to my daughter.

Saturday morning, I sat here with my coffee thinking about what to do next.  I searched out the National Abuse Hotline.  Called and told them the situation.  They gave me the number for her local shelter.  I gave it to her.

She wasn't able to call them until Sunday night.  The mother called her over when dinner was ready.  Had her make a plate and go back to the cold trailer by herself.  That's when I got her to call.  The shelter called the police to go get her.  The police refused to take her.  First because she didn't have a car seat for the 7 yr old.  Then the excuse was because CPS was involved and told her to call her caseworker.

They made the boyfriend turn the furnace on and told him to get food in the place.  Of course, he turned it back off the next morning.

CPS didn't open until this morning.  Her worker told her that they couldn't do anything until that woman gave her a written eviction notice.  This is the message I got on FB from my daughter as I was walking in the door to work.  We both were flipping out.

On my first break, something told me to just call her and not bother with FB.  My daughter told me our old friend from the old neighborhood was there and they were waiting for the police to get the baby for them.  The friend lived across from us for years when both our kids were little.  I hadn't spoken to her in 14 years until Friday night.  She lives near my daughter.

They had to go directly to court.  The judge granted my daughter temporary custody of the baby until January 3rd when they go back to court.  I highly doubt anything will be decided then. He also told the boyfriend's mother she could file for custody of the baby.

That woman, who claims to care so much for that baby, gave my daughter only a couple outfits, a few diapers and one can of formula.  Claims she doesn't know where the WIC checks are to get more.

Everything is back at the two trailers and my daughter doubts she will get any of their stuff back.  She thinks they are probably destroying her things and throwing them out, as I type this.

She used the $75.00 in three gift certificates I sent them for Christmas,  for necessities to get through the next couple days.  I told her I would put some more money on the Wal-mart gift cards Friday morning when I get paid again.

Even though I know she's safe and my friend won't let anything happen to her.  I don't feel safe.  I feel like I'm still waiting for something to happen.  Overwhelmed with what all that is going to be needed.

This has certainly been an annus horribilis for us.    Would you think I'm crazy if I told you I have panic attacks as I leave for work every morning, worrying about what might happen to any of us?  There is still four days left to this year.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Meanwhile On The Other Side

I've been so stressed with broken fridges, work and my daughter I forgot to tell you, my youngest son's wife had a son on December 14th.  All he had that morning was a disposable camera and no money to get the pictures developed.  For Christmas, I sent them a digital camera.

Jacob Jr is the spitting image of his Dad when he was born.

Jake Sr. with Jake Jr.  

Mom & Jake Jr. 

Uncle Avery (my oldest son) & Jake Jr.

Grandpa & Jake Jr.

Yet another of Jake Jr.

Oh my goodness.  Can you stand the cute or what?  I wish I was in NY right now for many reasons.

Thanks for stopping and your comments on my past few posts.  Next update, how a great planned failed.  But for now, just enjoy the cute.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I hope you all are having a very Merry Christmas.

This Christmas, I have new story about my life in Crazy Town.  If you're on FB, you read the brief story and know how it ends.

This morning I got up, chatted with my daughter on FB and knitted on my mother's socks.  Then I took the bus to the grocery store, which I thought would be a mad house.  The bus arrived on time.  It being a Saturday and Christmas Eve made that a bit strange.  Not many people at the grocery and I got into an empty cashier line. Or rather no line.  As I'm unloading my groceries, a man asks me if I would use his Fry's card so he could get the points to buy gas.  No big deal, I don't have a car, not going to use the points. So I swipe his store card instead of my own.  Wish him a Merry Christmas.

I had too much to carry back on the bus.  So, I called the Yellow Cab.  It's only a mile and a half cab ride, usually.  Queue the creepy music.  Things had been going too smoothly.  First call, I realize I had given the dispatch the wrong number to my cell.  So, I call them back to give them the right number.  They say, they have cab #1601 on it's way.  I make a mental note of the number.

Cab shows up.  I pull the grocery cart up to the back.  He just pops the trunk, but doesn't get out to help me put my groceries in the back.  I thought it a bit strange, but ok.  I check the number on the cab, #1601.  Put my stuff in the trunk and get into the car.  He asks me the address and takes off.

I look up at the meter and it was $4.50.  The flag drop is supposed to be $2.50.  I question this.  He said he started the fare when he popped the trunk.  That's not right.  The cab drivers have never done that to me.  I pull out my cell phone and call the company right there.

While I'm on the phone with the cab company, we get close to my address.  I tell him to slow down he's at my address.  He steps on the gas and floors it. He drives another two miles, with me in the back of cab on the   phone with dispatch.  "Your driver just flew by my house and didn't stop.  He's not even turning around to go back.  Oh my God, what is he doing trying to kidnap me?"

For all I knew he was going to take me to Mexico.  We were headed south.  It wasn't until I got back and in the apartment that I remembered that I had my tazer in my pocket the whole time.  Hell, I could have finally tested the thing.  (Just joking.  I would have if he had kept going.)

After two miles, he finally turns around and heads back.  Dispatch says, "I don't know what the hell he's doing.  Look it's only a mile or two from the grocery store to your home, don't pay him more than $6.00. He's obviously just driving around trying to run up the fare."

I only have a ten and one.  I call Duane to see if he has a five.  He almost drives by the place a second time.  Duane doesn't have a five but meets me in the parking lot.  I ask the driver if he has ones because there is no way I'm paying any more than $6.00 for that bit of BS.  He has the meter racked up to over $12.00.  He tells me to keep it and pops the trunk.

I'm so anxious to get away from that crazy cabbie, I just grab the bags that I see.  I didn't notice that the bag with the Jaegger gift box had slid to the back of the trunk.  I get in the house and go through the stuff.  Where's the Jaegger?  Damn, I must have left it in the trunk.

Duane tells me to call the cab company and report it.  They try to call him on the radio and he won't respond. They take my number and say they will call me back.  We wait over a half hour.  I call them back.  They say he's still not responding to the radio and they don't have his number to call him.  I tell them, we're calling the police.

I'm still shook up by the whole experience, so Duane calls and talks to the police.  We wait an hour.  I'm chatting with my daughter, trying to keep her spirits up, clean the litter box.  We are out of litter.  Duane is trying to put up the cat tree.  You know an ordinary evening here in crazy town.  We wonder aloud when the police will come.  I put my coat to head out to the CVS for cat litter.  Just as I step out the door, the lady officer is standing there.

I recant my story to her.  She tells me they have another officer headed to the cab driver's house to get my stuff.  She asks was he trying to steal my stuff.  I said, no, I don't think he knows it's back there.  She asked if he didn't understand English.  I said, "He knew enough English to say, "I dropped the flag when I popped the trunk and that is your fare."

Well, she goes out and talks on her radio.  Comes back in and asks me to wait to go to the CVS for a bit.  She's going back to her car and will wait to hear from her partner. Duane has me try to help him put the cat tree up.  My head is pounding.  (It's a cheap piece of you know what and is still lying in pieces in the middle of the floor.  Duane will nail the thing together tomorrow.)  I check outside every once in a while to make sure she is still in the parking lot.

Then the knock comes at the door.  She is standing there with a male officer holding my bag with Jaegger.  The male officer said the cabbie tried to tell him he's usually an airport cab and that is how they do things at the airport.  Both of the officers thought he was full of you know what.  They said I need to write a written complaint to the company.  Hope I don't run into anymore crazy cabbies in the future.

While I start to write this post, I step outside for a breath of um, fresh air for a minute.  I came back in, sat down and phone rang.  It was my friend that had taken me back and forth to the hospital and nursing home, takes us shopping every two weeks.  Last Sunday, I bought her a gift certificate for Grandmother's Spinning Wheel for a Christmas present.  She bought me a big ball of merino spinning fiber and hung the bag on my door knob outside. She must have saw me out there. She was in a rush, headed to Cali to see her father.

Regarding my daughter.  It breaks my heart knowing she's in that trailer in NY with no heat, no food.  She's getting sick.  She told me the CPS supervisor called her after I had talked to the supervisor, yesterday.  The supervisor told her she wished her the best of luck and that she would let the case worker know what was going on when she came back from vacation.  Can you believe that crap??  (Read yesterday's post if you haven't yet.)

I'm not saying there aren't any good social workers out there.  Lest someone flame me that they're sister-in-law is a social worker and goes out of the way to help people.  I'm sure there must be a few good ones somewhere.  It's just I've yet to meet one.  It would be kinda like spotting a unicorn.

Anyway, I have a plan.  It's a good plan.  Duane says it's a good plan.  I can't say what it is. We don't need the wrong people to get wind of the plan.  I will tell you once everyone is safe.

Finally, everyone's favorite World's Smallest Zeppelin Fan, Mr. Dammit Bunny Chewer (formerly of the Rochester Chewers).

"Merry Zepmas, everyone!"

Friday, December 23, 2011

What Merry Christmas??

I sincerely hope everyone is having Merry Christmas.  Sincerely, I really do.

I was having one until today.  In so much, that I got the packages out to my kids in time for Christmas and that was about all the Christmas spirit Duane and I could drum.  We were ok with that.  We even made a joke of it.  Every time we thought about putting up our mini tree, Duane would think meh, and I would think bleh.  So we called ourselves the anti-Christmas elves Meh and Bleh.

I worked all last week, with Sunday off, then I was supposed to work another 5 days straight.  Thursday, I got up and could barely move.  I really need two days off to re cooperate with this fibro and back problem. So, I called in and went back to bed, which was all I could physically do.

When I got up, there was a nasty message on FB for me from my daughter's boyfriend's mother.  Accusing my daughter of not cooking or cleaning and she was having her son kick my daughter out on Christmas at midnight.  She also posted this crap all over her FB page.  Which I copied and kept a file of.

The boyfriend does not provide food or cleaning supplies.  I've had to send money for diapers for the baby on a few occasions. The furnace has been broken since October and he hasn't bothered to fix it.  It's his excuse to keep the baby with his mom.

I called my daughter to see what was going on.  She basically said, that the boyfriend was going along with Mom.  Mom also has the 9 week old baby at her trailer and won't let my daughter see her own baby.

Up all night, I have to call in to work again.  I start calling CPS in NY.  My 7yr old granddaughter has a open CPS case from where she was attacked back in October while living with her father.  Her father dropped her off at my daughter's last month and abandoned her. She can't get in contact with him to get the little girls things.

She's trying to get full-custody, but lives in trailer park with no transportation.  She tried to get food stamps for my 7yr granddaughter but DSS said since she's still on the Dad's case he needs to have her removed first. So he's food stamp fraud and they won't do anything. *rolls eyes*

In the meantime, I send a sheriff over there for a welfare check on them. Basically, they said the baby is good condition with the grandmother, mother is aware. They tell me it's illegal to send my daughter and oldest granddaughter to the curb.  That if they do that my daughter needs to go somewhere and call 911 and heads will roll.  She lives in a trailer park out in the middle of no where, with no transportation.

Well, I get my daughter to agree to move down here with me.  The manager at my complex tells me, just go get them and we'll set her up in one of the vacant apartments.  Furniture? We'll figure it out. Don't worry. I was going to take a bus to NY.  My mother said, she would pick me up and that we would go to the sheriff for an escort, get them out.  Then we head back to Tucson on the bus.

The CPS caseworker won't let me bring them down here, while there are open criminal charges regarding the 7 year old.  They need her to testify, I guess. I don't know why they can't do a teleconference at one of the courts here.

I spoke with a good friend this afternoon, who had met the grandmother of the baby and she said the woman gave her the creeps. That she was over possessive of the baby. My friend invited my daughter over for the afternoon on Saturday.  My daughter said, that the baby couldn't go, because the grandmother won't let the baby out of her sight.

My friend said, she would help provide my daughter a safe haven, but she has to grow a back bone.  Stand up to this woman and file kidnapping charges.

I'm going to be writing to the state legislatures over the weekend.  If I have to I'll write to the governor.

So, here I sit just before Christmas, worried about my daughter and grandchildren.  I have a freezer full of food and feel really bad my daughter has nothing.  She needs to get out of that situation.  She'll read this and maybe get angry with me.  Duane told me I should blog what is going on.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I'm still here.  This weeks WIP offerings are sparse.

The lacy cowl turned snood is now at 14 inches.  About a weeks worth of bus rides left to go.

I just have a few rows to go on my mom's sock and I turn the heels.  It should go pretty quick after the heel turns, I hope.  These need to be ready to mail out by next Tuesday.

I sometimes wonder if people stop by to see what bad luck will befall me next.  It certainly can't be my mad knitting and spinning skills, lately.

1. Tuesday sucked.  It rained all day and night.  Rained while I walked the two miles to work, then the two miles back to the bus stop, plus the 30 minutes I had to wait for the connecting bus.

2.  Knitting with sparklie mohair is not a good idea on a damp bus ride.

3. When drink Coffee Mate non-dairy creamer, you can't tell that stuff has went bad until you are very sick.  Yes, I'm very sick.  Let your imagination work for you.  I'll spare the TMI.

4. Refrigerator still isn't fixed, and now everything in the fridge part is spoiled.

I've spent almost enough for a down payment for a car in the past three months from this refrigerator breaking down.

5. Yes, I'm still going to work while sick.

6. The learning curve on making candy in the desert verses back home in NY is pretty steep.  I thought the fact that it was raining and high humidity would help.  It did not and the fudge is dry.  Back to the drawing board sometime between now and next Tuesday.

7. Duane thinks Not Quite Nigella is a genius for coming up with bacon, honey, maple caramels.  That was one thing that turned out right.  Plus, the apple pie.

It's just another week in the life of probably the unluckiest person you'll ever know.  Those of you have been who have been reading for the past year, just think... That's just one year of forty-five that I've been living this.  I've reached the point where I have been many times in my life where I sit back and just wait for what's next with unamused interest.

This seems a good theme song for me right now.

In the clearing stands a boxer 
And a fighter by his trade 
And he carries the reminders 
Of ev'ry glove that layed him down 
Or cut him till he cried out 
In his anger and his shame 
"I am leaving, I am leaving" 
But the fighter still remains 

We'll get the Christmas spirit going here eventually between now and Christmas.  Life just has us a bit derailed at the moment.  But what else is new.

After three days of no sun, it finally shined during my last break today and I ran out to the parking lot to stand in it.  I figure ten minutes of sunlight should be worth 10mg Paxil.  Then I got sick and had to run back inside.  Sorry, I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself these past few days.  Will try better in the next post.

Tomorrow's horoscope = hopeful.

Approaching events will push to the limit during this somewhat testing period. Be confident and trust in your abilities. Don't let the opinions of others dissuade you from your convictions; instead use any confrontation to build up and solidify the arguments for your own position. You may well discover one or two opportunities for improvement.

For more WIPS by people who actually work on them go to <a href="http://tamisamis.blogspot.com/" target="_blank">Tami's Amis.</a>

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday, Monday

Just can't trust that day.  In which we all stop by to see what happened this week.

Last week, I told Monday it needs to stop dropping by every week.  This morning, I woke up and stepped in a great big ole pile of it.  Monday.  The good thing about it was I was off.  Restraining orders against Monday are in the process.

It was cold and rainy today.  A good day stay home and mess around in the kitchen.  I finally made that apple pie, I kept saying I was going to make but didn't.

Then I noticed, the refrigerator is on the fritz, yet again.  It's turned up to nine and just barely keeping things cool. The repair man kept saying he was coming.  Until the manager called him again at 6pm and he said, tomorrow.  The manager said, and in the meantime their food is going bad.

My yarn I ordered on October 21st arrived.  It wasn't exactly was I was expecting compared to the picture I saw on the website.  I will review it in another post.

Then I made bacon honey maple caramels for Duane.  He and I got to bickering and I forgot I had the pan on the stove.  The sugar scorched the bottom of the pain and I thought it was ruined.  I tasted a bit of it on a spoon and it was ok, just looked funny.  So I carried on.  Duane says he likes it and that's all that matters.  I'll have to make another pan next week while I'm sleeping or something.

I found a new fudge recipe that is easy, in the microwave.  I'm going to make one recipe of my time trusted Never Fail Fudge and one recipe of the new easier stuff.  Then compare.

Next two weeks are going to be interesting.  I work the next five days, Sunday off, then five days and Christmas eve off.  Not too much time to get things done.  Christmas Eve will be spent in kitchen making Duane his kolaches and Dutch speculaas koekjas for me.

Back to sock knitting and fudge making.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

When Is Weird Too Weird

As I mentioned in a previous post, I believe our normal would be weird any where else.  So the question is, when is weird, too weird for a Suntran bus driver?  I found out Tuesday morning.  It was a crisp 27F when I left for work.  As we know I knit on the bus commute to be productive and well, to ignore the weird.

I was roused from my knitting when I heard yelling outside the bus and the driver came to a screeching halt.  Outside, at the bus stop were three people wearing their bedding.  Yes, they were wearing their bedding.  Two men in their pajamas wrapped up in blankets and a woman in her nightgown wrapped up in a quilt.

The bus driver told them the bus was full to capacity, slammed the door and took off.  I looked around and there was maybe ten people on the bus.  I guess looking like your already for a long nap, is just too weird for a Suntran bus driver.

I should have read my horoscope before I left the house this morning.

Today's Horoscope

Lots of things aren't going as well as they might. You encounter obstacles wherever you look. Try to deal these apparently adverse conditions in a laid back manner and see them as a challenge. If something isn't going the way you planned it can still have positive outcomes and all the obstacles on the way just serve to make the journey more interesting.

This morning my bus was 45 minutes late.  When it was twenty minutes late, I called Suntran.  After being on hold for about 15 minutes, they tell me the bus ran out of gas.  How does that happen on the first run of the morning?  Aren't they supposed to check that before they leave the station?

Half way through my ride, a woman gets on the bus and starts cussing at the driver for being late.  As she stomps to the back of the bus, she yells, "She's lucky this isn't the southside.  Her ass would be grass for this."  Because you know, you can get there so much faster, if you beat the bus driver half to death.  Glad I ride through the milder barrio.

I arrived to work 30 minutes late.  The weekend scheduler fixed it for me.  They were giving pre-VGH yesterday for today, I booked to VGP (go home with pay early) for three o'clock.  It was so slow, and a Saturday (no admin wandering around) I pulled out my knitting to work on between calls.  At one point, I was able to complete a whole row on my snood and I call hadn't came through.  I checked my phone to make sure I was still connected.

Back to the scheduling desk.  I said, you know my day isn't going so well, with the whole run out gas first thing.  If you need people to leave earlier.  I'm willing to go say either at one or two.  It just needs to be at the top of the hour so I can walk to the bus stop.  I could be home getting a start on my holiday baking and fudge making.  By the way, do you like homemade fudge?

He said, I'm a fudge fiend.

Well, next Saturday, there will be a container of fudge for you.

Him:  As long as it's a Saturday, so the weekday people don't eat it all on me.

Me;  Yes, of course, it will be Saturday.

The younger guy:  What about me?

Me:  It will be a good size container and you two can share.  Consider it a thank you gift for past favors.  Not a bribe for future favors or anything.  Future favors however could make more thank you fudge to arrive in the future, though.  (chuckles)

At 1:30, I'm outside on lunch and the older guy comes out.

Him:  You still want to leave at two?

Me: Yes, I do.

Him:  Come bug me again when you get back from lunch.  I'll get you out of here.

Me:  Ok, thanks.

Him: Are you going to bring your own gas?

Me: I probably should stop by the Circle K to get a can and fill up with gas. Just to be safe.

Of course, my connecting bus home was over twenty minutes late.  I was tempted to call the station and ask if yet another bus ran out of gas.

Happy Saturday everyone.  It's my Friday.  Obviously, I have to make sure to make fudge on my two days off.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's sad, I came home from work and almost too tired to pull out the camera. But, pull it out I did.  Somebody give me a cookie.

I'm up to eleven inches on my lacy cowl turned snood.  Another nine inches to go.  I'm averaging about over an inch a day on my bus rides and I'm thinking I'll have this finished in time for the weather to warm back up.  Hard to take a good picture at night.  It's actually a bright sky blue with sparkles.  I'm thinking about putting this away to finish the next project first.

Over the weekend I started a pair of two at time toe-up socks in Wendy Knits' pattern Seaweed.  I'm getting addicted to these toe-up sock patterns lately.  Using Pagewood Farms Yukon in Navajo colorway.  I know I said I wasn't doing giftmas knitting this year, but  I make my mother something knitted every Christmas.

In 2007, when I got my Workman's Comp settlement, I bought her an embroidery sewing machine for her birthday that she wanted so very much.  She took the classes, but has yet to use it.  I've knitted her two pairs of socks, a pair of leg warmers and cowl since then and she uses those every winter.  Therefore, I make sure her gifts are all of the knitted kind from now on.

I've put a few more inches on my Bellevue cardi since last Wednesday.  Work on this has since been suspended due to the above.

Back on October 21, I ordered a skein of yarn from a dyer that was having  special edition colorways.  When I didn't hear anything within two weeks, other than order confirmation, I went back to the site.  I didn't read when I ordered that it would take 3-4 weeks for the yarn to be dyed.  Ok, delayed gratification.

November 21 came and went, but I waited until last Monday the 28th to send an e-mail inquiring whether the yarn had been mailed yet.  I got a reply within a few hours stating they got an overwhelming response for the yarn.  That my yarn would be mailed the next day and that if I didn't get it in a few days to e-mail again and they would send a tracking number.  I thought hmm, but ok.  Well, you know this past week, I had been sick.

Last night, still no yarn had arrived.  I sent off another e-mail inquiring whether it had been sent yet before I went to bed.  I came home tonight to a reply stating that my yarn had been sent out but was returned to them that the bar code had been damaged.  They re-sent it out today with a new bar code.  I'm a bit suspicious about this.

Anyway, Duane says I should blog about the company when I finally, if ever get the yarn.  But I've read in places not to give a bad review as that is someone's lively hood.  What to do?

Thank you all for you sympathetic comments to my health miseries this week.  I was able to heal most it with whooping doses of Vit C and gallons of water.  Now, I'm just feeling really run down.  I bought some Vit B complex when I bought the C on Monday.  Just waiting for that to kick in.  The bottle claims it's supposed to boost energy, immunity and metabolism.  I'm making Duane take one every night too.  At the end of the month we will assess if it helped any.

Have a great week, everyone. For more WIPS by people who actually work on them go to Tami's Amis.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Me and Mondays

Dear Monday,

As a day of the week, we're just not working out.  I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to X you out of my calender. It was bad enough the morning you poured the rain on me and I had to pay a fortune for a cab to go a few miles.  Then last week, with the crud and the cold sore that ate my mouth and caused me to miss two days of work.

Today, however is the final straw.  Waking up at 5am on my day off with severe in pain in my back and right side from a kidney stone, was beyond necessary.  This is it you have to go.  It's just not working out and quite frankly I'm wondering if you're out to kill me.

Sincerely yours,
The Monday Hater

I took off Thursday and Friday to get over the crud.  It was no ordinary cold sore, it took up the entire right half of my upper lip.  It was like a second degree burn.  I could barely eat or drink without pain.  A series of rinses with 50% peroxide and water, then baking soda water, followed by 50% Maalox healed it within two days.  Duane was so sweet.  Thursday night he made me a ham salad sandwich and cut it up into sixteen tiny pieces for me.

Then today, yeah, kidney stone.  I haven't had one for over a decade, but that is a pain you don't forget.  I'm consuming large doses of Vit C and drinking gallons of water, in hopes I'm better by tomorrow morning.  The State cut off my health insurance as soon as I started this job.  If I have to take tomorrow off, I will need to go to the emergency room to get a Dr. note.  Just pay them what I can every week. I have to wait until open enrollment next fall to get insurance through my job.

Yesterday, while grocery shopping I found that blue poinsettia (first picture above) and this Christmas cactus on sale.  Never saw a blue poinsettia before, so it had to come home with me.  Our little Christmas tree is blue and silver.  My mother had a Christmas cactus when I was little.  Her's was a bright pink.  They had plenty of those, but only one of this white and pale pink.  It was different, so it came along too.  That is the extent of my Christmas decorating.

I finished my Tucson socks on Friday afternoon.  You'll have to wait til this Friday to see them.  I started some socks for my mother for Christmas.  You'll have to wait for WIPW for those.

What's up with our weather down here?  When did Tucson pick up and move to New York state while I was sleeping?  I swear on Saturday, it was snowing in the valley when I walked from work to the bus home.  It didn't stick or accumulate.  It sure felt like snowflakes hitting my face.

This morning at 5am, the temperature in Tucson was 31.5F.  The temperature back home in Rochester, NY was 48.6F.  There is something seriously wrong here.  I brought all my potted plants inside and covered the ones in the planter with a sheet.

Bootsie says, "This cold stuff sucks."

Bootsie and Duane trying to keep each other warm.

I can't find my angora hat.  Saturday night I started this cowl, expanding it into a snood. I added three repeats of the pattern to make it a bit wider.  Even though I've been knitting like a mad woman all day between drinking gallons of water and making a million trips to the bathroom, it's only about 8 inches right now.  I measured from my forehead, across the top of my head and down the back and it needs to be about 20 inches.  It looks like my angora headband will have to suffice in the morning.

My mother called me this morning, just to see how I'm doing.  That threw me for a loop.  I'm the one who makes the calls.  I've been so busy and tired with work.  Thanksgiving is when I started not feeling well.  By the time I thought about calling, I knew she would be at my brother's house for dinner.

I found this SAL Wipocalypse 2012 through a blog and I'm going to sign up.  The rules are pretty liberal, so I'm hoping this is one I can follow through.  Goodness knows with all my cross stitch wips, I could use some encouragement.  Would you believe over the weekend I found another tote in my closet with even more cross stitch WIPS?  I shuttered and just quietly walked away, pretending I didn't see anything.  Nope, I don't have a problem.  Not me.

That's my update. Thanks for stopping by.