Saturday, December 10, 2011

When Is Weird Too Weird

As I mentioned in a previous post, I believe our normal would be weird any where else.  So the question is, when is weird, too weird for a Suntran bus driver?  I found out Tuesday morning.  It was a crisp 27F when I left for work.  As we know I knit on the bus commute to be productive and well, to ignore the weird.

I was roused from my knitting when I heard yelling outside the bus and the driver came to a screeching halt.  Outside, at the bus stop were three people wearing their bedding.  Yes, they were wearing their bedding.  Two men in their pajamas wrapped up in blankets and a woman in her nightgown wrapped up in a quilt.

The bus driver told them the bus was full to capacity, slammed the door and took off.  I looked around and there was maybe ten people on the bus.  I guess looking like your already for a long nap, is just too weird for a Suntran bus driver.

I should have read my horoscope before I left the house this morning.

Today's Horoscope

Lots of things aren't going as well as they might. You encounter obstacles wherever you look. Try to deal these apparently adverse conditions in a laid back manner and see them as a challenge. If something isn't going the way you planned it can still have positive outcomes and all the obstacles on the way just serve to make the journey more interesting.

This morning my bus was 45 minutes late.  When it was twenty minutes late, I called Suntran.  After being on hold for about 15 minutes, they tell me the bus ran out of gas.  How does that happen on the first run of the morning?  Aren't they supposed to check that before they leave the station?

Half way through my ride, a woman gets on the bus and starts cussing at the driver for being late.  As she stomps to the back of the bus, she yells, "She's lucky this isn't the southside.  Her ass would be grass for this."  Because you know, you can get there so much faster, if you beat the bus driver half to death.  Glad I ride through the milder barrio.

I arrived to work 30 minutes late.  The weekend scheduler fixed it for me.  They were giving pre-VGH yesterday for today, I booked to VGP (go home with pay early) for three o'clock.  It was so slow, and a Saturday (no admin wandering around) I pulled out my knitting to work on between calls.  At one point, I was able to complete a whole row on my snood and I call hadn't came through.  I checked my phone to make sure I was still connected.

Back to the scheduling desk.  I said, you know my day isn't going so well, with the whole run out gas first thing.  If you need people to leave earlier.  I'm willing to go say either at one or two.  It just needs to be at the top of the hour so I can walk to the bus stop.  I could be home getting a start on my holiday baking and fudge making.  By the way, do you like homemade fudge?

He said, I'm a fudge fiend.

Well, next Saturday, there will be a container of fudge for you.

Him:  As long as it's a Saturday, so the weekday people don't eat it all on me.

Me;  Yes, of course, it will be Saturday.

The younger guy:  What about me?

Me:  It will be a good size container and you two can share.  Consider it a thank you gift for past favors.  Not a bribe for future favors or anything.  Future favors however could make more thank you fudge to arrive in the future, though.  (chuckles)

At 1:30, I'm outside on lunch and the older guy comes out.

Him:  You still want to leave at two?

Me: Yes, I do.

Him:  Come bug me again when you get back from lunch.  I'll get you out of here.

Me:  Ok, thanks.

Him: Are you going to bring your own gas?

Me: I probably should stop by the Circle K to get a can and fill up with gas. Just to be safe.

Of course, my connecting bus home was over twenty minutes late.  I was tempted to call the station and ask if yet another bus ran out of gas.

Happy Saturday everyone.  It's my Friday.  Obviously, I have to make sure to make fudge on my two days off.


by Teresa said...

Dang.. some of my worst memories while hubby and I were on our marriage break was riding the bus to work downtown because the parking downtown was so horrific. Makes me shudder. Hope you can get a car soon. What kind of fudge do you make? My recipe has chocolate chips and marshmallow stuff in the jar.
*M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Rudee said...

Teresa is so talented with her keyboard!

I do think that trying to get on the bus with your bed linens is nutso. I don't blame the driver! Given what you came across, your horrorscope is pretty funny...

Carol said...

wearing bedding is weird? He hasn't seen the university students in my town.....The police acatually put a PSA out "if you are going ot do weird things for frosh week or fundraisers etc, please let us know so when someone calls us to say there is a man covered in mustard riding a tricycle down the middle of main st we cna tell them it isn't a loony"

melbatoast68 said...

OK, first of all, like the previous person posted that bus driver has never been near a college campus because you see students getting on buses, walking to classes, etc all in their PJs. Secondly, as for running out of gas, I'm with you, that is absolutely ridiculous! They should check that every morning...but what do I know. I'm glad the schedulers are nice and work with you. It makes the craziness and dullness a little easier to deal with. Enjoy your "weekend!"