Friday, October 07, 2005

It's Vegas, Without Having To Leave Your Home

Ebay is a very strange place. Buying or shall I say bidding can be a weird experience. Seems if I have interest in something so will somebody else. I quickly learned the thrill of sniping.

Selling is the weirdest of all on Ebay. Trying to figure out what someone else might want, is a practice similar to a call to Psychic Hotline. Not, that I have wasted my money on a call. It's a lesson in futility.

Just when I think about throwing the towel, that's when somebody pops by and purchases something from the store. There's no predicting what, when or how much. I thank the goddess of small enterprise as I process their order and rush it out in the mail.

On the knitting front: I finished the Faroese Shawl this morning. The beads came in the mail Monday. I bought them from eBay seller Crafts by Kathie. I also bought some size 11/0 silver and white ab. Now, I'm dying to start something in Peyote stitch as well. *sigh* Finish one thing, start four new ones, that how it works.

The beaded edging on the shawl was a practice in tedium. So tedious, it annoyed me, which is saying something, because I usually love tedious projects. 555 stitches bound off with 111 tiny beads was a little beyone tedious. Almost beyond my level of patience which wasn't very high as it was. After four attempts it finished just waiting to be blocked, maybe. I'm thinking I'll probably use it so often there really isn't any need to torture it on the stretching block.

Three skeins would have been plenty to do this pattern. I did three extra repeats to the main pattern, still didn't start the fourth skein until I had six rows left of garter at the very end. Looking through Knit Picks catalog, it seems to be a pattern for them to call for more yarn than similar patterns would call for. I might think it's a bit of scam going on. When you think about it, if you have a skein or two extra, it would cost about the same to mail it back to them, as you would get reimbursed. So why would one bother? I mean you would lose money to send it back. Yes, it's better to have too much than too little, but just enough would be better. I'm just not trusting their guestamates again, is all.

I didn't want this blog to be about my chronic pain. Unfortunately, it's such a major part of my life it's hard to leave it out. I just noticed that I started this post on October first. It's taken me this long, in brief sessions to sit and type this week. I made about four attempts. Last week was a terrible bout of flu, this week my back went totally out.

I don't want sympathy. God, that's the last thing I want. But, since I'm obviously going through a bout of having more bad days than good, it's here. Hopefully, another chronic pain sufferer will find me and either understand, or take courage to keep on, keeping on. It's really hard some days when it feels like be run through a threshing machine ass backwards. Or waking up wondering when the trombone machine came crashing through the bedroom and ran over you. That was Monday and every morning there after this week. No matter how bad it hurts, I always go to bed hoping and praying the next day will finally get better.

I always have hope.

Speaking of hope, hopefully tomorrow I will feel like posting pics, I'll have plenty.