Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is It Really A Savings If .......

If you never receive your purchase. I have never publicly complained about a business online. Not many understand better than I, that at the most inconvenient moment, life will jump up and bite me in the ass. Best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

On April 20 I ordered from Little Barn, they were cheapest for what I wanted. I had hopes it might come in around my birthday, ten days later. I would still be waiting. Actually, I waited til May 8th, left a message on their answering machine. Waited longer until May 15th, a lady answered the phone and said she had no clue about my order as all she did was run this here machine. She took my information and said the boss man would contact me by the next morning.

Hadn't heard anything by the next afternoon, so I called again. Same lady answered and asked me to give her a few days. Monday, May 19, she calls back in the morning, tells me there were two tracking numbers listed for my order, and they tried to track it down. The same thing happened to another lady. Hmmmm, then tells me the 32/2 silk yarn I ordered had been sold out for awhile. They hadn't gotten any from India for awhile due to all the bad weather, hurricanes??? It's listed for sale on their website as of today.

She explained that their postal workers weren't government workers, but contract employees, very unreliable. They would reship my order on Wednesday by Priority Mail. If the first order should happen to show, keep it, but do the honest thing and pay for it, or send it back. I asked if credit card will be credited for the missing yarn. Yes, yes, we will.

Still haven't received my order, nor has the credit card been credited. I have plenty of patience, but this ridiculous, so it's now in dispute with credit card company. There is a thread on Ravelry in the spinning knitters group, I've counted eight other customers with similar problems. Of course, there are also those loyal customers who come by to defend their favorite fiber supplier. If you are reading this, and have had good luck with them, yay for you. I however have $90.00 and 1 1/2 lbs of fiber floating around in cyberspace.

Last week, I ordered from WEBS and Paradise Fibers. WEBS yarn showed up yesterday, and UPS tracking says my fiber should be here tomorrow. I had to order more fiber and yarn than originally to get discounts, and spent more money, but I'm going to have my stuff.

Last week I started babysitting the granddaughter two days a week. She's much bigger now.
That would be more peaceful looking if it weren't my stitching spot.

On the knitting front, I'm knitting with porcupines. Stor Rund Dug with hand dyed 30/2 silk on seven #0000 needles. The picture shown looks harder than the pattern actually is to knit. A small portion of the hank took up more dye than the rest of skein, and therefore a bit darker. I was a bit concerned at first, but I'm kinda liking the various striated effect. It's kinda like the striations in a tree trunk. Very hexagonal....


It's been so hot this past week in Western NY. I took these pictures the few times I woke from my heat induced coma.

Too hot012