Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tabby, Tiger, Tuxedo Tuesday


In exchange for helping Momma write her post on Friday, I demanded we cats have our own day like the bunnies and Calvin & Ripple.  Butterscotch thinks they are his great X 30 grandsons.

From Knitting Kitties

I need to keep Momma's chair warm for her.  She told us what a Three Dog Night really meant. But there are no dogs here.

From Knitting Kitties

So us girls did our best to get the bed all warm and cozy.


I did my best to be an extra blanket.

From Knitting Kitties

We're from Western New York state, so we know what cold really is. Since then we've adapted to this desert so we know what hot really is too.  I'm just glad I'm an indoor cat, where it's temperature controlled.

Remember to enter our contest, if you haven't already done so.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Brrrr Monday

It feels cold enough to snow here in the desert. Tonight they are calling for a hard freeze.  I was none too happy when I poked my toes out from under my warm goose-down comforter this morning.  My eyes bolted open to see where indeed I was. When checking my I-Google I noticed at 9:30am here we were 1 degree warmer than back up north in Rochester, NY at 11:30am there.  It's now 11:30am here and now we are 1 degree colder than it is back home in the northeast.  This is not what we moved here for.  Brrrrr!!

It snowed up on Mount Lemmon yesterday.  All the yokels drove up the mountain to see the first snow. While I was watching the news, I thought wouldn't it be funny if they all got stuck up there. Sometimes, I have a bit of an evil sense of humor. They say it snows down here in the valley once a decade, surely hope this is not the year for that.


This is the view standing out on the sidewalk in front of my complex, back in toasty warm September.  If I would go out there now, they are capped with snow, Mt. Lemmon is one those mountains.  But, I'm not going out there. Love you all, I do, but I'm not going to freeze my backside for a picture.  It will warm up soon and the snow should still be up there, I'll get a picture then.

From Knitting Kitties

I finished plying the alpaca/silk late last night.  The white silk really fades the pink of the alpaca, so I will probably give it a soak in some light pink dye. It's soo petable soft.  I was thinking depending on the yardage maybe a light sweater, but that could be because it's soo cold right now.

From Knitting Kitties

While I was searching for the yarn to dye for my sons gifts, I found this BFL I had dyed awhile back. No sooner did I finish plying, when I started up the spinning again.  I'm going to run out of fiber to spin soon if I don't find a job.  Then I'll have the money to buy lots of fiber but not much time to spin it.  Such is life.

From Knitting Kitties

D must have gotten sick of turkey pretty quick.  While he was watching his Bears win the game yesterday, he made homemade minestrone soup and focaccia bread. Then he pulled out the little tree and put it up.

From Knitting Kitties

Now, onto the contest.  It starts with a quiz.  As you remember I spun this Shetland into lace weight last month.  However, I didn't get the yardage I was hoping for.  I popped it on the scale and it weighs 6.4 ounces.  Guess how many yards I ended up with.

From Knitting Kitties

The one closest to the answer will win this lovely skein of handspun Bluefaced Leicester.  I spun this a few years ago when I was practicing to spin laceweight, however I got a light two-ply fingering weight.  It's dyed a  pretty variegated dusty rose and pink and it's 522 yards of incredibly squooshy, petable soft.  This is open to everyone, internationally.  I will pick the winner on Thursday, December 2nd at 11:00pm Mountain time US. Which is the time we are on now, since AZ doesn't play with changing time.  Please leave information on how to contact you, e-mail, blog address, ravelry name.  If there is a tie, I will have to use that random generator thingie.

Good luck to all of you.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bunday - Special

From Knitting Kitties
Chapter 3 is postponed for this special episode.  The fact is Momma can't get her act together today, and it's Pop's fault.  He had off today, yet he still woke her up early banging pots and pans.  If you know anything about Momma she's not a wake-up person.  We don't even look in her direction before that first cup of coffee, lest she cast her firery lasers of death upon us.  She begins to be approachable after the second cup.

After Pop had his pancakes and bacon, he then proceeded to go back to sleep on the futons with those football talkings on the TV.  Yes, he did offer Mom some, but she doesn't partake in the solids much before noon.  That's when Mom found a post on FB of a Christmas Flash Mob.  Momma loves Flash Mob, it makes her smile.  We were all hopeful of a joyful mood would occur during that second cuppa.  However, the music wakes Pop and he says, "Is that really necessary?"  

Momma clicked it off, said "Fine." and gave him this look. 


The poor dear is just frazzled now.  She's flitting from one thing to the next like a butterfly on meth. She knit a bit on a hat. Then she pulled out an old Christmas tree skirt cross stitch but couldn't figure where she left off on the five dozen charts. She showed quite the restraint and rather than throw it across the room, she calmly folded it back up.  Then she went to look for the yarn to dye, couldn't find it.  Started to knit a mini stocking, but was missing two dpns. Onto the spinning wheel to do some plying.  Back to the searching, found the prize for the contest, then found the yarn in the bottom. Whew, I'm exhausted just in the retelling of it. Who knows what she will be onto next.  Can you tell her hip feels much better? Pop and J are watching the Bears game in Momma's lair, so we don't want to go there.

So without further ado:


Hey, Nippit, we need to write our letters to Santa Claus.


I sent mine out weeks ago.  Your behind schedule.

From Knitting Kitties

I need new ear plugs for my Dpod.  Betty chewed the wires.


That's because you used them as mini speakers and kept blasting your Zeppelin all day.  I want my own cardboard box.  An empty one, just big enough for me.  Some of those yogurt drops would be yummy too.

From Knitting Kitties
I really don't know what I'm going to do with those two. 

Remember to come back tomorrow.  Momma will be posting a contest to win some yummy yarn.  I saw what it is, and I think you will like it.  It's open to everyone, international. 

A Quiet Saturday

Actually, most of my Saturdays are quiet.  I kinda like it this way.  Except I wish Cox Cable would put something good on.  I'm experiencing withdrawals from my PBS British shows as they took them off for their holiday fund drive. I would be more inclined to send them off some money if they had left my Saturday programming on, but I digress.

I thanked Bootsie for helping me out last night.  I think I pulled a muscle or tendon in my good hip.  It hurts in the front, right on the ball and socket.  I'm feeling better today, until I step the wrong way. It's probably the cold. Winter has come to the desert early this year.

From Knitting Kitties

Dinner was wonderful.  We had pre-planned in advance who was going to cook what awhile back.  My job was the pies.  Nobody seemed to mind that we were lacking pie with all the stuff.  I'll make it up to them.

 I'm truly blessed to have made the friends I have down here.  When there are people who are supposed to care and don't, I'm amazed when I have people who don't have to think twice about me but do anyway.  I treasure them.

From Knitting Kitties

Another thing that amazes me, while I do appreciate those of you who comment, please don't stop.  It's the people who come back every post, quietly read then go on about their day.  I don't know who you are, just the general area my stats show.  It amazes me that there are people out interested enough to keep coming back and quietly leave.  Makes wish I could have a pot of tea or coffee with something tasty waiting for you.

I have to tell you, I'm getting burnt out on all this gift knitting.  I just want to go back to my slutty butterfly ways and flit from one wip to the next.  All those old projects are getting jealous of the new stuff coming and getting finished while they just sit languishing in my totes.

From Knitting Kitties

Today I finished up the silk, which meant I had to wind the Shetland off my large plying bobbin. I've been dreading this, as I had to leave my electric skein winder back in NY.  Manual winding onto my niddy noddy puts a hurt on my shoulders.

From Knitting Kitties

This picture shows only 100 wraps, I've since finished and began plying the silk and alpaca.  I didn't quite get the yardage I was hoping for.  The fiber had compacted in the spinning and wasn't quite as thin as it seemed until I started the plying, which is peddling my wheel in the opposite counter-clock wise direction, thus removing a bit of the twist from the plies.  I did let the ply twist back on itself several times, but it was deceiving me.

From Knitting Kitties

There is going to be a contest here this week, be sure to check back. I know what the contest will be, I'm just poking through the stash trying to decide what the prize will be, I do have some idea, and it will be good.  I'm going to the P.O. next Saturday or the following Monday, so I figure while I'm there I will send something special out to somebody who will appreciate it.

Dammit has been chasing  and pouncing me the past few days, like I'm one of the cats.  I don't know what's up with that.  Since my British shows aren't on, I put his Zeppelin dvd in for him.  He's currently hanging out with Betty under the futon, with his pipe full of catnip.

Friday, November 26, 2010

FO Friday


It's me Bootsie.  Mom can't come to the blog tonight.  She did something to her right hip yesterday after she cleaned our litter box and she's having a hard time walking on it. We think the loud monster that sucks up everything did it.  We put her to bed on a heating pad.  I was just in there licking the turkey juice off her face.  She said, "Bootsie, I need you to help me.  I worked so hard to have FOs for Friday.  I need you to  post for me before midnight."  I spend many hours on the back of Mom's chair supervising her technique. When it comes to yarn, knits and crochet, I'm your cat.

From Knitting Kitties

(blurry action shot)

Mom didn't get to make her pies last night, as she was unable to stand.  Bright Eyes is disappointed, she was so looking forward to Mom's pumpkin.  We have a store bought pumpkin.  Mom hopes to be able to make the pies over the weekend.

From Knitting Kitties

From Knitting Kitties

Pop took pictures of the spread.  He and the neighbors cooked the dinner.

From Knitting Kitties

No pictures were taken of humans.  Everyone seemed to be feeling kinda poorly.  Di is coming down with a cold, Pop is exhausted from working without having two days in a row off for awhile now, Mom is going to stand up one day and her bones will crumble to dust. J was the only one jolly, however, he looked like a wild man of desert.  Be glad you were spared.  I have to admit they did pull off a fine bit of festivities. Di noticed that we cats were missing and not begging for turkey.  That's because we knew that this was coming soon after.

From Knitting Kitties

This was the plate Mama fixed for us.  I'm pretty drunk on the turkey right now. (burp) Excuse me.

From Knitting Kitties

First up is the cowl for her mother.  It was knit with spindle spun merino/silk that Mom and I dyed. She used the pattern Ciara's Cowl with DK weight yarn and a US size 5 needle.  She found a video on You-Tube for Jeni's Suprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off. This worked well and Mom is saying she might just try toe-up socks at some point, now that she has this bind-off to use. All that's left is to weave in the ends.  Mom will send this off on Saturday with some fudge. and that will be that.

From Knitting Kitties

Next up is the socks. Mom used a sock blank that we dyed to look like camo fabric, however it knitted up as  stripes.  They were knit top down plain vanilla stockinette. Mom said she is glad to be finished with these as she was disappointed with how they knitted up.  As long the recipient is happy and they keep her feet warm, that's all that matters.

Well, that is all for this weeks knitting report.  We hope all of you in the US had a happy Thanksgiving.

Go to Tami's Amis blog for hosting of other's people's FO's this.  Thank you Tami for hosting this.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful On Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers and those who celebrate.  I've gotten an assortment of international readers, so I have to remember to sensitive to other countries and not be Americancentric.  This is a picture of pies I baked a couple years ago.  I'll be baking pies later today.

From Knitting Kitties

I'm in a really happy, cheerful mood right now.   It doesn't happen often, so bask in the warmth while it's here.  I'm writing this at midnight before I go to bed and will hit publish when I get up.  The reason for my very cheerful mood is I got a call tonight from my oldest son.  It was quite a surprise. We had a nice long conversation.  Unfortunately, my daughter and my youngest son aren't doing so well.  It's hard when children are grown-up.  All I want is for them to be healthy and happy, sometimes that's a tall order.  It was so much easier when they were little.

He made the mistake of letting me know he was reading my blog posts on Facebook.  Now, when I start working on the ahem for him, his brother and father and I will have to just show a small bit.  So much for not worrying about letting the cat out of the bag.  He obviously didn't go back very far, because he said he's hoping for socks.  Which is funny.  Yesterday, I think it was, on Ravelry there was a post about some Ask Pheobe columnist saying, "Who really wants hand knit socks in their Christmas stocking."  (I won't link to it because it seems to me, it's gotten around to the columnists that if you slog the knitters you will get a ton of attention.)  Well, my guys with the really big feet, want knee length socks.

His birthday is two weeks after Christmas, so I will make him socks after I finish the Christmas knitting.  The thing is, I still owe my youngest and his father socks for fixing my wheel last year.  I suppose your thinking just knit them socks for Christmas. Except I really want to knit them ahem, because I know they will get a kick out it. Those of you who read that post know what it is.

Another funny thing is when I get together with my kids, or they call on the phone, D says we shout.  I guess we might talk loud.  He had to get up and go to the bedroom to hear his show.  Then when I got off the phone, I went in to tell him about our conversation.  He kept saying, I know, I heard the whole thing, I couldn't help but hearing the whole thing.  I'm surprised he didn't say, Hell, the neighbors heard the whole conversation. He says, we amuse him.

D is working today.  I'm just thankful he has a job. I've worked plenty of holidays when I was working as a nurse.  I'm just disappointed I'm not working per diem at some nursing home so I could give a single mom the day off to be home with her kids.

We will be celebrating on Friday with our neighbors.  I'm thankful we have good friends to share the holiday with.

I'm going to run away now.  I'll leave you with a picture from 2008 when my youngest graduated.

From Knitting Kitties

From Knitting Kitties

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday

It's my favorite day of the week.  Besides getting to see all the projects of my bloggy friends, I don't have to think up a title or a post subject.  I've been pretty post prolific this past week, hope my writing creativity continues and that my meager offerings continue to keep you entertained.

If you read yesterday's post, you will know why I haven't made much progress with the gift knitting. I noticed there is a theme with my current projects on the needles. We will see if you notice it too. I'm almost finished with spinning the silk, so I will have to wind the Shetland lace off my big plying spindle.

From Knitting Kitties

I made it as far as turning the heel and picking up the gusset stitches on the twin sister sock.  A few hours of knitting and the rest of the foot should be done.

From Knitting Kitties

On Saturday, I started this little hat for my granddaughter.  I love the way this yarn is knitting up.  It won't take the whole skein, so I'm wondering what I could make her with the rest.  I would make her mittens, but I don't know the measurements of her hand.  A call to my daughter should solve that dilemma, however, my daughter loses all measurement devices as soon as she uses them.

From Knitting Kitties

I worked on the cowl last night while watching Driving Miss Daisy on the TV Guide Channel twice in a row.  I love that movie, Jessica Tandy, I want to be her when I grow up.  This cowl and another one has to be done by December 3 or 4 to send up to NY.  The other two packages, I'll send out December 17 or 18.  There is more work to the last 2 packages, so they are last.

D has to work tomorrow, so we will be celebrating on Friday and getting together with our neighbors Di and J.    Usually, I make the pies on Wednesday, but I will wait and do it tomorrow.  Last year it was in the 80's down here, and really didn't feel like Thanksgiving at all.  Drastic change this year.  All that snow up in the NW has brought a cold front in and we are in the low 60's and supposed to have our first frost.  As I have explained before, after a summer of 110F+, temps in the 60's is pretty darn chilly.

Today is my Grandfather's birthday.  He would be 108 if he were here.  I do kinda wish he were, as I really miss him and Grandma.  However, I don't think being 108 would be very comfortable physically.  I wrote a post about him a couple years ago and if you have a couple extra minutes to go read it, I would really appreciate it.

I hope all those who will be celebrating tomorrow have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poor Bessy

From Knitting Kitties

I really need to be careful about what I wish for, or just stop the whole wishing thing.  That creep Murphy really has it in for me with his stupid laws.  You see most of the weekend, I've been merrily spinning away on the tussah silk.  I kept thinking, I really should be working on those gifts.  Monday morning, spin, spin.  I thought, maybe someone should really take my spinning wheel away for awhile.  That's when Murphy heard me and it happened.  Bessy's pedal broke, thump.  Sigh.

From Knitting Kitties

It's happened before.  Only the maker had the screw on the side and it was smacking on the black piece and we thought that was caused the break.  D fixed it back then, with Gorilla Glue Adhesive,.  Then the left peddle stopped peddling. It was ok, because I can still use it with just the right peddle, that's the important one. He ordered a new Peddle Pusher.  When the ceiling fell on my head that summer, the maintenance men broke my wheel when they moved it, then slammed D's recliner into it.  Just before we moved, my youngest son and his Dad looked at it and fixed up better than it was before.  They installed the new peddles with the screw in the back.  I guess it's just the stress that's makes it weak in that spot.

Poor D, he's gone from 9am to 9pm between work and traveling across town on the buses. Then the 2 mile walk between the bus stop and work and back again.  He's exhausted when gets home.  I won't repeat what he said when I showed him my wheel.  Basically, it was agreed I could wait until he had off on Wednesday.  Later, he went in his office, then came out and handed me the glue.

This glue doesn't bond instantly like Super Glue.  The label said to clamp the area well for 1-2 hrs for a good bond.  Except how do you clamp that?  I held it in place for about 20 minutes, with some of the glue oozing out on my fingers. I prayed my fingers wouldn't bond to my wheel.  How would I spin or knit if my hand is stuck to my peddle?  I poured acetone over my fingers but they stayed sticky.  Grrrrr So I just waved my hand around until it dried.

From Knitting Kitties

This morning, I gave it a little push.  It held.  A little harder push.  Ok. Then I gave it a good spin. Set to go. It's not the best looking glue job, but it's holding.  I think if it breaks again, I will get a couple small plastic rulers to glue over the sides as braces.  It's too bad my family doesn't knit or crochet, then I could just give them all handspun yarn for Christmas.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

As Nippit announced Teresa picked us for Beautiful Blogger award.  Thank you Teresa for thinking of us.  I tend to agree with Nippit, she is the beautiful one.

I'm supposed to give you 10 facts about me and then pick some people.  Both are going to be hard.  I'm pretty dull and I visit a ton of beautiful bloggers every week.  Some things will be old news to my 4 long time followers.  You know who you are and I appreciate that you've stuck with me during my ups and even more downs.

1. If money and health were no object I would live somewhere in the countryside of the UK, in a cozy cottage.  There would be tons more animals than I already have.  When I walked to the village to do my shopping, the villagers would whisper about how I might be a witch living out there with all my animals.

2. My maternal grandmother was born in Utrecht, Netherlands and came over on a ship with her Mom when she was just 2 months old.  There is a bit of a mystery surrounding her birth certificate, which just became public document this year, but I came seem to bring it up online.  I would love to go over and see her birthplace and her Mother's village of Dordrecht.

3. I hate mashed potatoes and hard boiled egg yolks.  It's a texture thing and I just can't swallow them.  In fact, I almost quit nursing school because I was so horrified having to feed the elderly patients bowls of mashed potatoes.

4. Even though I worked as a nurse, I have phobia of venipunctures, on me or anyone else, I get dizzy and faint. That's why I stuck to geriatrics because the lab would come do them.

5. Even though I injured my back 11 years ago, while fighting with my medicine cart and an elevator, I still have high hopes I can mind over matter this whole chronic pain thing and go back to work.

6. My favorite foods are turkey and tomatoes.  I could eat both every day and be happy as a clam, that's if clams are happy.  I never asked one if it was.

7. I met D on a writing forum 9 years ago.  A year later I flew to Tucson from NY to meet him and the town. Two months later he flew up and drove my boys and I down.  After 5 months there were problems back home so we moved back.  Now D and I are back down here again.

8. My favorite movie and book is Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistlestop Cafe.  Ruth is most like me, but sometimes I wish I were Idgie. When I get old, I want to be Jessica Tandy.
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe: A Novel Fried Green Tomatoes (Extended Anniversary Edition)

9.  I'm not a daytime TV person.  I used to watch General Hospital until I started working as a nurse, then I was too busy to keep up with it and just never went back.  My newest guilty pleasure is watching The Talk.  The women seem to be more down to earth than that other women's talk show.  Not that I watched more than a few bits in the residents rooms when I brought their meds in.  I just love Sharon Osbourne and was disappointed when her show was cancelled.  Did you know she knits?  I think it was on her show she mentioned it. I wasn't surprised because back then I thought that was a law that all British women knit. Anyway, she's someone I could sit in a pub, have a pint and knit with.

10. Because I'm at a total loss as to what else to write.  D mentioned to Di on Friday night, while we were eating his homemade pizza, that I knit him a pair of socks once and he loved them, til the wore out. We were discussing it getting cold and that if I made him a hat he wouldn't wear it.  Sigh.

Now to pick some people.  This is even harder.  I crossed off those that I noticed got the award before. Still pretty hard.

Crafty Cripple
Dyed In The Wool 
Five Cats From Crazy
Knitting Knot
Quietly Stitching
Spinster Stitcher
Tami's Amis and Other Crochet
Turtle Girl
Wandering Cat Studio

Finally, I found this video on Bead Knitter's blog.  It's so perfectly D and I that I had to post here.

Bunday- Our Story Part Two

From Knitting Kitties

Momma said, Teresa picked us for The Beautiful Blogger Award.  First of all, I would like to thank my fans for noticing my potential of becoming Miss Buniverse.  What?  She meant Momma?   Noo, no, Momma says I'm the bootiful one.  Momma needs to write a post and pick 10 others and she will do that tomorrow.

We didn't get our special tweat today. Poppa gave me a couple extra carrots and I got indigestion.  You don't want to know, it's sooo embarassing.  Dammit and Betty are upset, they have to wait too.  They're a couple of goats and don't have a delicate system like moi.


So, last week we ended with me on my way to my first big show.  When these two old ladies hi-jacked our car at a truck stop.  The red head lady stuffed me in a box.  As they were racing away, she brought me out and snuggled me.  The getaway driver kept glancing at me and said I was cutey.  When they got to the hideout the red head showed me to an old hippie guy.  Then the driver patted me on the head and told me to be good.  Then she left me there.

I was stuck in a really big luxury cage.  My whole family could fit in this cage and it was all mine.  While I was checking out the space, this big goofy looking rabbit hopped up. He hopped circles around my cage all excited.  "Hi, hi, hi. I'm Dammit."  Those goofy long ears and that silly lopsided mustache, he was so excited he started to drool. I went up to the side of my cage where he was.  When stuck that big snout up to the bars, I took my little paws and I punched him in the nose. I kept punching him in the nose, but that big dumbie just sat there with that goofy look.  Then he flopped down in what must be his bed and just gazed at me.

Then he told me the red head was Momma and the hippie dude was Poppa.  I was here to be his new wife. I tried to explain to him about the show I needed to get to, but he wouldn't listen.  I was getting very angwy.


I'm so in love with her.

Yeah, yeah, dumbie.  After a few days, the humans decided we should have a face to face meeting.  Dammit came up and ran his chin all over me.  I put my head down so he could groom me.  When he refused, I went around to back end and bit out a big chunk of fur.  That scared him good.  He ran to hide under the dresser and I took after him, biting chunks as I went.  Momma grabbed me up and said I turned into a Gremlin.  Poppa said I was furious little thing.  My name became Nippit The Furious.

Momma went on her laptop and typed away.  Then they both chased that goofy around the room.  Poppa caught him up, then Momma got me and they put us on the big bed. They said they were going to do this until we got along.  I wasn't happy with this.  I mostly snuggled against Mom and chewed her fleece blanket. Sometimes I got carried away and bit her leg. Dammit hopped around and pounced everything that moved.  This went on a few times a day for a couple more days.  Then while Poppa was napping Momma went for a walk.  When she came back she had a couple of vests.  She stuck one on me and we went outside.  The clover was yummy.  Momma said I could eat the clover because the owners were to cheap to spray, not that they were worried about the environment.


When Poppa got up, they put a vest on Dammit too.  Then we both went outside for our bunny dates.


Dammit liked to sneak up behind me and goose my bottom.  He binkied when I jumped in the air, startled.


Oooo, I'm weally gonna get him good.

There's no pictures of what happened next.  Our leashes had elastic and Momma said they were like bungie cords.  I ran up to Dammit and jumped in air, he jumped in air, we bumped chests and I went to chewing on him.  They jerked us back and we went swinging through the air. We ran at each other and jumped in air, chest bump, swing backwards on our cords.  This was getting fun.  Poppa called us Chinese Kite Fighters.


She's a wild woman.


Come on big guy, give me a wash.


Let's go for a hop Mom.


I can wash my own face, see.


Will she ever love me?


I tried to figure him out.  When he spent 6 hours flopped on the bed watching Led Zeppelin videos on his birthday, I watched for a bit too.  He could have hopped off the bed anytime he wanted.  He just stayed there until Mom forgot to come and change the second Dvd.  Then he hopped off to go get her.


I love Zeppelin.


After a week of bed and outside dates, I gave in and tried harder.  "Come on Dammit, give me a wash."
"My foot, it's pretty tasty."

"My paws are pretty tasty, too."


"Ok, I guess your kinda tasty too."


I guess that big dumbie isn't all that bad.


I got to stay out of the cage and hang out on his pad.

It was a good thing we got along when we did.  A week later this happened, and we had to live in the big cage together for a week.


I'll end here.  Thank you for coming and reading.  Thank for leaving comments on our last post, Momma read them to us.   Come back next week for the final chapter.  You'll find out why I'm so angwy at Dammit again.


Plus, I might get a turn to, when I show up in the story.  Oh, I'm not so sure about this blogging thing.  I'm pretty timid and shy.