Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I don't usually do holiday stitching, the stress of deadlines makes my ulcers flair and I lose sleep.  I usually just make fudge for the adults and buy some toys for my granddaughter.  Due to last years stress of the movers and apartment complex taking all our money, I didn't get to send anything home.

This year they are all getting something handknit and the fudge.  I hope there will be fudge.  I haven't made fudge down here yet.  The low humidity, warmer temps and higher elevation really threw a wrench in my attempts to make pie crust last year.  I fear how it will affect the candy making that I can usually do in my sleep back home.

No worries about posting the holiday knitting as my family doesn't ever visit my blog. I'm making socks for my daughter.  She's working evenings in a convenience store so I'm sure some nice warm, wool socks would appreciated.  This picture is from yesterday.  It now has the foot finished and I'm starting on her twin sister.

From Knitting Kitties
I had experimented with a sock blank and dyed it in splotches hoping it would knit up that way and be camo looking.  As you can see the splotches turned stripey in the knitting. Because it was a double strand knit blank some of the dye didn't get to the innermost parts of some of the stitches and it gives it a mottled appearance in the re-knit.  At a glance the sock looks like terry cloth instead of superwash merino.

I finished all the alpaca lace in Peaches on the feather and fan stole, it measures about 36 inches long unblocked.  I have another skein of alpaca lace weight in variegated dusty rose that I had spun a couple years ago. The pink is the same dye in both yarns.  There is still another 4 oz of dusty rose alpaca I have yet to spin.  I had a feeling there might not be enough of the first yarn so I started with a provisional cast on.  I'm going to use the dusty rose at both ends and hope it will look ok, like I planned it that way. Which I sort of did.  I still have the dyes I used for both, so I could do some touch ups to blend it if necessary.  We shall see next week if it all works out.

From Knitting Kitties
I hope to dye some superwash merino for hats for my sons.  I'm going to use the fornicating deer pattern that was so popular on Ravelry last year.  They will get a kick out them. 

My WIP that I can't photograph, well, I suppose I could but I would look very much like a tourist.  I've gotten my twice weekly walks to Target down to just a little over an hour.  A couple weeks ago I told D I'm pretty sure I can finally make the walk he does twice daily from the bus stop to his job.  Unfortunately, when he asked his supervisors he was told they are taking applications but won't doing any hiring until after the New Year.  

Melbatoast asked in the comments of yesterday's post if I had been to Hemmingway's House in Key West, Florida. No, I haven't but I would like to someday.  I've known about his house and his love of poly-dactyl cats for some time.  He is one of my favorite authors. 

Yesterday was D's day off, so he did the changing of the bunny guards.  Nippit doesn't get along with Dammit and Betty so they have to rotate time out of the cages.  When I do the bunny exchange I top off there dishes and give them carrots.  D has been forgetting to do this when it's his turn.  A few hours after he did the exchange the bunnies reminded of him as he passed the cages.  Betty clanked on the empty water bottle.  Right in front of the water cooler area he found their dishes.  Was it Betty or Dammit who stacked the empty dishes and placed the toys inside?

For more posts to see what others are up to go to Tami's Amis,  she hosts a Mr. Linky every week. 

Reading over this post it sounds really disjointed, which is kind of how I'm feeling today.  Not sure as to why.


Affiknitty said...

I like how your dyed sock blank is knitting up. The fornicating deer pattern cracks me up! I had never seen it before, thanks for the link. How did the bunnies do that?!

Tami Klockau said...

Whoa, you have talented bunnies!

I love how the yarn dyed! It's not a camo look, but still pretty!

paula said...

Don't worry about the fudge. If you use a candy thermometer, you should be fine. It's baking that gets buggered up at altitude. Take it from the California girl who moved to Colorado!

Dina said...

The sock looks nice and squishy. The colors are great. Know what you mean about the candy making. I love divinity but some years it's easy peasy and some years it's just a big marshmallowy mess

Marushka C. said...

Everything's so pretty! I love how your dyed sock blank is working up. That's what I like best about dyeing yarn, that even if it doesn't do what I hope, the results are still fun.

Anastacia said...

love the yarn!

autumngeisha said...

Love the feather and fan stole. It looks so delicate and pretty in that dusky rose color.

turtlegirl76 said...

The fornicating deer chart is a fun one. I need to use it again. The mittens I made were such a hit last year! Love the way that sock blank is knitting up.

melbatoast68 said...

The fornicating deer pattern cracks me up! I might have to learn (re-learn) knitting for that one alone! The scarf is beautiful! Holiday crafts....I've been doing them for years and this year I started in August. I've got a lot done, but now that crunch time is here, I'm feeling it. Don't know why I do that to myself!

Robin said...

I got sidetracked by your Led Zeppelin and wanted to recommend Rodrigo & Gabriela. Two acoustic guitars playing Stairway to Heaven. It's not as good as the original (of course) but well worth listening to. :)

dyedinthewool said...

I love how the socks are knitting up and it looks like you made it do that on purpose. I hope you can get the job in the New Year but (and you know I know about this) don't push yourself!
You do have very clever bunnies. Or is that a bit sinister?!