Monday, November 15, 2010

Bunday- Our Story Part One


We decided for a first Bunday, we would tell you our story.  Mom said there is many new readers and you might not know our story.  Teresa asked if we spent much time out of our cages?  If you ask us we would tell you, no.  Truth is we split the day 12 hours each and it's all my fault, but we will get to that later.

It all started with the greatest housebunny evah, Lexie.  She wasn't Mom's first bunny but she was Pop's first bunny.  She never chewed anything she wasn't supposed to.  She even let the baby pet her and kiss her.


Mom's upset she can't find the picture of the baby kissing Lexie.  Lexie bounced around families before Mom's daughter gave her to them.  Mom and Pop was told she was only a year old, as the supposed first family got her the year before as an Easter present for their kids.  Then they decided they didn't want to care for a bunny and passed her on to another family who were going to take Lexie to the Humane Society when Mom's daughter got her.   Lexie loved the kitties but they didn't like her and would run away from her.  She was very lonely and tried to get the kitties to let her join their cat pile on the bed.

A couple years went by and Mom tried to persuade Pop to let her get Lexie a companion.  Then one day in August 2007 Mom had been depressed for quite awhile, Pop took her out to dinner and they stopped to look at the animals in the pet store across the street.


That's when she saw me, rocking and rolling in a small cage they had me stuck in with another bunny.  I really wanted out of there. I ran the two hops back and forth kicking my heels at the bars.  Mom got excited but Pop shook his head, no.  I underestimated the powers of Mom, and when she came back the next day I was flopped out, kicking that other guy who had me squished.  After much begging, pleading and being an all around nuisance, Pop gave in and said she could come back the next day and get me as long as she named me Elvis.  It was the anniversary of Elvis's death and I was rocking and rolling.  Haha, Elvis, I had other plans.


Lexie and I hit it off right away, pretty much.  That's after she told me she was boss, but she would let me pretend that I was.  Here we are the first week, with the carpet still intact.  I was a very bad boy, especially with the carpet.  Mom would give me a squirt with the water bottle every time I nipped the carpet.  I really don't know why Mom thought I was thirsty but I hopped my water bottle to show her I knew where it was.  Then I would nip another bite of delicious carpet and Mom would shout "Dammit" then give me another squirt.

I was only allowed out of my big cage when Mom could watch me.  Every evening was a ritual to attempt to catch and stuff me back in my cage.  I was very fast and smart.  With every dart just out of reach Mom and Pop would shout "Dammit".  Very soon they understood, my name is Dammit.


Mom soon discovered the thing I love, almost as much as I love Lexie.  I love Led Zeppelin!!! One Saturday,  Mom put on the radio program Lunch with Led Zeppelin.  Lexie and I sat very still close to the speaker.  I was mesmerized. Then it went off and some other music came on, I wanted more.  I ripped into the carpet, Mom thought I was thirsty again, but no, I was upset and I wasn't going to stop.  That's when Mom shuffled through those CD thingie's and found my Zeppelin.  As soon as I heard that guitar, I stopped and sat right by the speaker.  Play Zeppelin and no carpets will be harmed.  Actually, I really like Classic English Rock, but Zeppelin is my very favorite.

I got to stay out full-time when a couple days after the Dr. did a very mean thing to my parts, they tried to catch me to put me back in that cage after I had only been out a couple hours.  I jumped five feet in the air over the back of the couch and ducked underneath.   Pop said if I was that determined, I could just stay out.


Pop said that Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same (2 Disc Special Edition) that came out that year was Mom's Christmas present.  We all know it was really for me.  The first time I heard Moby Dick, I went nuts.  It was great, I frolicked, kicked  my heels up, jumped in the air with biggest binkies.


Here I am, watching my other Dvd No Quarter - Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded.

Then Easter 2008, Lexie was very sick.  Normally, I steal breakfast from Lexie, but that morning I was worried and I brought her a kale leaf.  Mom took her to the vet and Lexie had a bad pelvic infection and needed an operation.  When she came back a few days later, she had to stay in the big cage for awhile.  I didn't like this, so I jumped on the top and tried my best to break her out.

The following month, Mom took her back to the Dr. and Lexie's eyes were all cloudy.  The Dr. explained that meant the Lexie was quite old and not 4 yrs old like Mom thought from the previous owner's.  She was over 10 years old. Mom was quite upset.  The Dr. said that people lie about bunnies age all the time to find it a new home.


My Lexie passed on to the big clover patch on Mom's birthday in 2009.  Pop brought her to me so I could say good bye.  I gave her good wash and hopped under the dresser and hid.  For two weeks, I only came out long enough to eat. I missed my Lexie. Pop was worried about me, and tried to cuddle me, but he wasn't a bunny.

He had Mom call around, search the internet. No bunnies that were young could be found.  Then she found Snow Shoe Bunnies and sent her an e-mail.  At first the breeder said she couldn't help us, then an hour later she e-mailed again saying she thought it over and decided she wanted to help us.  She had a girl, 8-week old bunny she had planned to keep for a breeder, but would sell her to us as a pet if we wanted her.  After a flurry of e-mails they decided to meet at a truck-stop on the Thruway exit that weekend.  She was headed to a show and would be passing through our area.


That's where I come in, I was headed to my first show, or so I thought.  But, I was intercepted and I was brought to live with that big goofy looking spotted guy.  Those blue ribbons I would have won are a thing of my dreams.

Nippit you were going to breed show bunnies, not be one.

Noooo, I is a show bunny.

Here we will end Part One, we hope you come back next week for Part Two - The New Kids

If you want to read more about Lexie, click on  Dammit bunny and the older posts have both Lexie and Dammit.


turtlegirl76 said...

Dammit is quite the bunneh! He tells a good story. Can't wait to hear more from Nippit. She's a beauty. But sounds like calvin. Lolbunneh?

melbatoast68 said...

I so enjoyed catching up this morning over my coffee! Your bunnies are awesome! I love "hearing" their story.

by Teresa said...

Awwwwwww... I read that whole story to hubby and choked up and cried when you lost Lexie. Just had to clean my glasses off.. thanks for the cute, happy, sad and happy story. ((hugs)) Teresa

Julie said...

What a good storytellere Dammit is, looking forward to part 2

{ Emma } said...

Great story, just love it! Dammit is a great story teller.