Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful On Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers and those who celebrate.  I've gotten an assortment of international readers, so I have to remember to sensitive to other countries and not be Americancentric.  This is a picture of pies I baked a couple years ago.  I'll be baking pies later today.

From Knitting Kitties

I'm in a really happy, cheerful mood right now.   It doesn't happen often, so bask in the warmth while it's here.  I'm writing this at midnight before I go to bed and will hit publish when I get up.  The reason for my very cheerful mood is I got a call tonight from my oldest son.  It was quite a surprise. We had a nice long conversation.  Unfortunately, my daughter and my youngest son aren't doing so well.  It's hard when children are grown-up.  All I want is for them to be healthy and happy, sometimes that's a tall order.  It was so much easier when they were little.

He made the mistake of letting me know he was reading my blog posts on Facebook.  Now, when I start working on the ahem for him, his brother and father and I will have to just show a small bit.  So much for not worrying about letting the cat out of the bag.  He obviously didn't go back very far, because he said he's hoping for socks.  Which is funny.  Yesterday, I think it was, on Ravelry there was a post about some Ask Pheobe columnist saying, "Who really wants hand knit socks in their Christmas stocking."  (I won't link to it because it seems to me, it's gotten around to the columnists that if you slog the knitters you will get a ton of attention.)  Well, my guys with the really big feet, want knee length socks.

His birthday is two weeks after Christmas, so I will make him socks after I finish the Christmas knitting.  The thing is, I still owe my youngest and his father socks for fixing my wheel last year.  I suppose your thinking just knit them socks for Christmas. Except I really want to knit them ahem, because I know they will get a kick out it. Those of you who read that post know what it is.

Another funny thing is when I get together with my kids, or they call on the phone, D says we shout.  I guess we might talk loud.  He had to get up and go to the bedroom to hear his show.  Then when I got off the phone, I went in to tell him about our conversation.  He kept saying, I know, I heard the whole thing, I couldn't help but hearing the whole thing.  I'm surprised he didn't say, Hell, the neighbors heard the whole conversation. He says, we amuse him.

D is working today.  I'm just thankful he has a job. I've worked plenty of holidays when I was working as a nurse.  I'm just disappointed I'm not working per diem at some nursing home so I could give a single mom the day off to be home with her kids.

We will be celebrating on Friday with our neighbors.  I'm thankful we have good friends to share the holiday with.

I'm going to run away now.  I'll leave you with a picture from 2008 when my youngest graduated.

From Knitting Kitties

From Knitting Kitties


elephantJuice said...

Those pies look delicious! Can't believe how many you baked as well. Happy Thanksgiving :)

Sara said...

Those pies look yummy! Happy Thanksgiving!

Dina said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

by Teresa said...

Dear Denise, your kids are adorable! I hope you have a wonderful feast tomorrow. You are an amazing pie maker! Yum!!