Friday, November 12, 2010

FO Friday- Some Footies

I finally broke down and kitchenered my footies late Wednesday afternoon, as my teeth were chattering.  Last week we were above normal temps in the upper 80's low 90's, this week we are 10 degree below normal with highs in the low 60's.  Now, before all of from father north laugh at me, because a year ago I would have laughed me too.

If you ever talk with anyone from or who visited Southern Arizona in the summertime, you will hear, but it's a dry heat, while discussing the temps 110F+.  Basically, turn your oven and warm and walk around in there for a bit. That low humidity 15-25% is also what makes temps that would feel warm up north, feel a lot cooler, cold in fact down here.

From Knitting Kitties

Excuse my messing carpet.  The kitties indulged a bit too indulgently with their dried Nip. Every time I spin and knit with BFL, I just want to call out to bring me all the BFL in the world. Really, I love this fiber. It's next skin soft, the yarn knits up kinda fuzzy just like you would expect a wool to look like.  Should a millionaire or billionaire ever invite me to live in a cottage in the UK to tend their flock of Blue Faced Leicester sheep, I would go in a heartbeat, as long as I could have all the wool I could spin.  Yeah, D knows this and isn't worried, he thinks I might have a better chance of being struck by lightening.  For more Friday FO's go to Tami's Amis blog for Mr. Linky.

From Knitting Kitties

When I checked the comments on my blog, I wondered about a mention about a player with Led Zeppelin.  When I write my posts I just hit new post, publish post then go about my business without actually visiting my blog.  I knew who to confront about this, a certain group of clever bunnies.  One bunny in particular.  I unplugged his little D-Pod and demanded answers.  When he finished hollering about my interrupting his favorite solo to Bron-Y-Aur Stomp.  (eye roll) They are all his favorite solos.  Nippit explained that had been upset for sometime that the cats were getting all the blogtime.

They decided earlier this week, while I was out on my walk that there should be a Bunday.  Dammit nominated himself to do this, as he sneaks on my laptop all the time to surf Zeppelin sites. (Nippit's eyes roll)  He found that Playlist thing during his surfing and it was just lucky for all of you, that I came back early before he added their whole catalog.

It has asked how the bunnies did that with their dishes. Nippit has requested that she be the one to explain this to you.

From Knitting Kitties

Knock, knock. Is this thing on?  Yes, well we bunnies are able to do that because we, well Dammit, has a big mouth with strong jaws.  Kind of like if you ever watched a hamster yawn.  Except hamsters are rodents and bunnies are lagomorphs.  We tried to get a picture of Dammit yawning but he clapped his trap shut too quick.
Here's a video I found off YouTube.

Anyway, they pick up their dishes and toss them around, just like a dog would.  Just this morning when Mom chased those two back to the cage, so I could have MY turn out, Betty picked up the empty dish and threw it at Mom.  She would have never done that to Pop, for him she stacks the dishes neatly. 


As you can see, I have a very cute little pouty mouth.  I never throw my dishes like those other two.


I sorry I forgot to blog and got all happy with Playlist.  Way cool Zep tunes? Yes.


by Teresa said...

Love love LOVE your bunnies! Do they get to run loose in the house a lot? Sweeeeet!

Tami Klockau said...

BUNNIES!!!!!!! And oh man, is that the cutest yawning video I've ever seen! Adorable!

The socks look great. Coming from living in southern California my whole life, I totally understand dry heat. I'm a little bummed, it's supposed to be in the 80's here this weekend. :(

Liz in Ypsilanti said...

I'm glad your bunnies talk to you; my cats talk to me all the time. "You've been home at least three minutes, and you haven't yet made a move toward the food dishes!! What gives with that? Huh? Huh?" When I tell people about my cats, I use different voices for the different cats. Either I'm hopelessly weird (probably) or people find me amusing. I liked your bunny stories.

Julie said...

Bunnys are so cute and have such personalities.

My friend has a house wabbit that always comes running to greet visitors, you dare not enter without a special little bunny treat!

Anastacia said...

Cute footies! the bunnies are cool too.

Affiknitty said...

Your socks turned out wonderfully and your bunnies are cute too.

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