Friday, October 07, 2005

It's Vegas, Without Having To Leave Your Home

Ebay is a very strange place. Buying or shall I say bidding can be a weird experience. Seems if I have interest in something so will somebody else. I quickly learned the thrill of sniping.

Selling is the weirdest of all on Ebay. Trying to figure out what someone else might want, is a practice similar to a call to Psychic Hotline. Not, that I have wasted my money on a call. It's a lesson in futility.

Just when I think about throwing the towel, that's when somebody pops by and purchases something from the store. There's no predicting what, when or how much. I thank the goddess of small enterprise as I process their order and rush it out in the mail.

On the knitting front: I finished the Faroese Shawl this morning. The beads came in the mail Monday. I bought them from eBay seller Crafts by Kathie. I also bought some size 11/0 silver and white ab. Now, I'm dying to start something in Peyote stitch as well. *sigh* Finish one thing, start four new ones, that how it works.

The beaded edging on the shawl was a practice in tedium. So tedious, it annoyed me, which is saying something, because I usually love tedious projects. 555 stitches bound off with 111 tiny beads was a little beyone tedious. Almost beyond my level of patience which wasn't very high as it was. After four attempts it finished just waiting to be blocked, maybe. I'm thinking I'll probably use it so often there really isn't any need to torture it on the stretching block.

Three skeins would have been plenty to do this pattern. I did three extra repeats to the main pattern, still didn't start the fourth skein until I had six rows left of garter at the very end. Looking through Knit Picks catalog, it seems to be a pattern for them to call for more yarn than similar patterns would call for. I might think it's a bit of scam going on. When you think about it, if you have a skein or two extra, it would cost about the same to mail it back to them, as you would get reimbursed. So why would one bother? I mean you would lose money to send it back. Yes, it's better to have too much than too little, but just enough would be better. I'm just not trusting their guestamates again, is all.

I didn't want this blog to be about my chronic pain. Unfortunately, it's such a major part of my life it's hard to leave it out. I just noticed that I started this post on October first. It's taken me this long, in brief sessions to sit and type this week. I made about four attempts. Last week was a terrible bout of flu, this week my back went totally out.

I don't want sympathy. God, that's the last thing I want. But, since I'm obviously going through a bout of having more bad days than good, it's here. Hopefully, another chronic pain sufferer will find me and either understand, or take courage to keep on, keeping on. It's really hard some days when it feels like be run through a threshing machine ass backwards. Or waking up wondering when the trombone machine came crashing through the bedroom and ran over you. That was Monday and every morning there after this week. No matter how bad it hurts, I always go to bed hoping and praying the next day will finally get better.

I always have hope.

Speaking of hope, hopefully tomorrow I will feel like posting pics, I'll have plenty.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I haven't been feeling well for like two weeks. It's been more like just depressed and really stressed out to produce. Last week, I seemed to be pulling myself out. Then came this past weekend.

I think a flu bug found me. Just me. Nobody else has had it. I hope. I still have to call DD and make sure she and DGD didn't catch it Sunday. It was awful, dizzy, super fatigue, and I couldn't eat or drink anything. I slept more on than off from Friday night til 6am Monday morning. I was so sick, I didn't knit, or cross stitch all weekend.

I'm still feeling a dizzy and fatigued, but atleast I'm able to eat a little bit. I really don't eat all that much to begin with. Think I'll find my vitamins and start on those.

Finally got past the point of rippage on the Faroese Shawl. Just twelve rows of garter stitch and bind off. I still haven't started on the fourth skein.

I also dyed four skeins of fingering weight merino for a sweater. I made this sweater several years ago out of Red Heart Baby Soft. But since, I want to publish the pattern, I knew it being made out of that yarn, it wouldn't fly. Then, I was going to knit it in Koigu, but could never get the color I wanted.

So, I dyed the yarn the colors I wanted. I already cast on and started the ribbing. Except, now I can't find the original sweater. I last saw it last year, when I pulled it out of the daily clothes pile and was going to start writing the pattern. I put somewhere safe. Of course, so safe, I can't find it. So, might just have to make a new pattern, so the old sweater will come out of hiding.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

To Heck With A Title

Really? Um, somebody is in a bit a mood, now aren't we? Yeah, I am. I've been in the worse funk all week. Lowest of lows. So, Friday, I take take three hours and write a post about it and how I'm going to try to pull myself out of it. (I didn't write for three straight hours, I left to do other things and came back. Back and forth) Only when I finished and tried to post, the internet connection fell off the face of the earth taking my post with it.

It gets worse. I go to calm down and work on my shawl, only to find a huge whonking error I did at 2am the night before. So, while I'm trying to fix it, stitches are falling off the needles, next thing you know, I'm ripping out the whole lace border. Take a deep breath and head to the shower. Only, Psycho Cat Ewok just left steaming pile of crap in the tub. By then I was screaming incoherently, with tears streaming down my face. Poor DSO was running from computer to tub, trying to fix everything for me. Except for shawl, that was beyond his capabilities.

I got myself into a bad rut. Staying up later and later every night trying to get stuff dyed, then sleeping to late in the morning. Then feeling guilty not getting much done during the day so I would stay up later. Round and round I went, til I burned right out. I'm a little better now.

On to knitting content. The shawl was almost done. I have a crappy picture of it pre-rip out. The pattern I feel calls for too much yarn. I think it can be done with three skeins, with some left over. Because I'm short, 5' probably. I was 5'1 1/2" pre disc injury, but with two in the process of collapsing, that 1 1/2" is probably long gone.

The pattern states the longest section will 30" when finished. We measured, and that comes between mid thigh and knee. Not wanting to look like I was being swallowed by the shawl, I used one size smaller needles for the body.

First skein knitted 144 rows, second skein about 75, so I figured the third skein would knit about 37. I added three extra repeats to the main pattern, because the smaller needles was making it a little too short. Also, I hadn't even finished the second skein at that point. The lace border is about 20 rows and then another 20 rows of plain garter stitch.

I have to show you this. This was more fun than a swatch should be. I dyed it to resemble Koigu KPPM 405. That's a color that every time I tried to buy some, it's all sold out. So, I made one for me and one to sell on eBay, and another turned out too dark and it will be for sale as well. (click for bigger)

If it doesn't sell in auction, it's going to take a walk over to my stash bin, rather that being relisted in the store. That's all I'm saying. LOL

Knit on. I'm going to go continue trying to de-funk myself.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Busy, Busy As A Bee?

I kinda hope there aren't any bees around, being I'm allergic. But, if they come to help wind yarn and thread, keep their little stingers to themselves; I won't shoo them away. Real help, not like the kind the cats are giving. "Oh, that big tangle of yarn/thread is attacking Mom! Let's get it!" (pounce)

The sale I had on eBay went well. Not as good as I had hoped, but better than I expected. So, I'd say I'm ahead of the game. DBF and I discussed it, and decided to do it again lasting til September 18th. He upgraded me to a store. So now, to start contacting manufacturers or mills about buying in bulk. Hope we raise enough money to do that soon.

I'm a little disappointed the thread is going better than the yarn. Just a little, I like dying the thread better, it takes the dyes clearer. My mom wants in as a silent partner. We spent three evenings driving from store to store buying crochet thread. Have to find a manufacturer to buy it in bulk.

What's hard with the yarn is trying to figure what colors other people want. I know what colors I like, but it's hard to guess what will sell. We had 35 hits on eBay through my blog. (Yeah, having a store, it tells me that too. LOL) I know you're out there, maybe reading, could you please a comment about what colors you like? Threads sizes, sock yarn, worsted wt yarn? Please.

It's really good that things are picking up. Makes me feel productive. Almost like working a real job. Except, you know the showering, dressing and long commute to a business every morning are skipped. Well, not so much the not showering, that would get smelly, but I can do it on lunch break. Imagine skipping the showering and dressing part, and telling your boss you're going to do it during lunch break.

I miss nursing, though. I miss the people. It really lifted my spirits to help someone, with the little things. Like a water glass was set across the room, where they couldn't get it. Because, they couldn't get out of bed and walk. Bringing water to a thirsty person, while silently cursing the aid that left it out of reach, made a difference. That's what I miss, being able to make a difference in someone's life.

On to knitting stuff. I haven't made much progress on Mom's Soleil.
I have a little bit more on the shawl. I'll take that picture next time. I've been mostly knitting swatches for sock yarn. Those are simple scans. (click for bigger)

I was tagged for a Meme by Knitting Nurse. It was 23rd post and 5th sentence. Ahem. I don't have a 23rd post yet. I suppose if I was a good blogger I would have by now. LOL But, I digress. So, I did 5th post and 23rd sentence. The beauty of being long winded, I suppose.

I try to leave screaming kids at home, so they don't destroy the nerves of other people. That's me alright, I can't stand screaming kids in stores, mine or others. Tiny babies are alright, they can't help themselves. But temper tantrums, no way, I'm outta there.

Watching all the victims of Katrina, makes my heart just break for them. I know what it is like to lose everything, or almost everything. The things that can't be replaced. Pictures, photo albums, ornaments and trinkets. Patterns that are out of print. Finished projects. I bet some of them were knitters, quilters, crocheters, cross stitchers, etc.

Sure, if they can get the same patterns and materials they can make them again. But the chances of that on some things are slim. The memories attached to those items wouldn't be same. Possessions with memories attached to them. Those are the "things" that are the hardest to lose.

I'm donating 10% of this sales profits to the Disaster Relief. Probably, Salvation Army, as they have been a help to me in the past. I'm also going to go through some of my stash and see what I can donate of that. There is a thread on a message board I frequent, 123 Stitch, a member is going to the shelter in Terrebonne Civic Center. Many of us are sending her supplies to take with her. If you would like to donate you can e-mail Nona La at She gave me permission to post her e-mail address. Even a skein of yarn and some knitting needles or crochet hook could make a world of difference to a fellow stitcher who just lost everything.

Until next time, happy needlework.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Random Acts and Blog Stalkings

I like to stalk Blogs. In some ways I wonder if it's living vicariously. It's fun to see what others create. It's also fun to leave a comment. Especially, if I find one that doesn't get that many comments. I suppose one would think I'm doing it to get a return visit.

Really, no, I don't care if they reciprocate or not. I just think it's nice to go around and say hi, someone's out there and reading. I once belonged to a group that did that to guestbooks of personal websites. It's nice to suddenly see a comment if you don't ordinarily get them.

On to knitterly stuff:

I really do knit. I finally have the proof it. LOL I found the camera just right where I thought it was. The batteries took a bit of searching. Funny, if you try to hide something from yourself, find it right away. Put something where you'll find it again, and the darn get's lost. I find strange how I can outwit myself 100% of the time.

Here is a bad picture of Le Petite Fuzzy Thing. (Click for bigger)

You didn't think I was going to model it, did you? This was the best of seven tries, two of which disappeared. The two that Mr. Butterscotch was doing his nose tickle demonstration.

This is Miss Tennesee with her Pop's sock, affectionately known as Poopy or Poopy Tail by her pop. She's is totally a Pop's girl. Will not allow anyone to pet her silky royalness. I know, it's a bad picture, a black and white cat on a black sheet.

Here is the sock on the scanner. I tried to put the cat on the scanner as well, but somehow that did work out.

Just a minute, I think I need another band aid.

That was from yarn I tried to dye royal blue, but got what you see there instead. DSO likes the way it turned out anyway, so I guess it's not total failure. Where's the other sock? Um, yeah, he won't be wearing these til the weather gets colder so I think I have some time. Wait, this is Western NY, it could be cold weather next week.

I'm still plugging away on my Mom's late bday pres, Soliel. Don't worry, it's still early, last year she got it mid January with her Christmas present. I'm also on my second skein for the Faroese Shawl. I'm saving pics of those for another post, since the camera ate the brand new batteries in 15 pictures.

Bootsie says,

"That camera really sucks."

I've been tagged for a Meme. I'll get to that next post. Hmmm, I don't have a 23rd post. I'll think of something.

My heart goes out to all those people who suffered from Katrina's path.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

This is just a quick post, to say I'm still alive. It seems when you start a draft post and finish, say several days later, Blogger posts it as the day you started it. Meaning that last post was finished on the 16th, started on the 11th. GRRRRR

I've been writing a post for several days last week, it's still in draft form. I'm going to have to copy, paste and start a new one. I want my blog to be in order. It's sort of a controversial topic, just a preview hint.

So, as for the title, I thought things were starting to look up a bit. I'd been getting calls from the kids that things were going well for them too. I thought it was safe to relax. Until late Saturday night, the phone rings. When the phone rings here late at night, it's either a prank call, wrong number, or something is WRONG. It was the latter.

My son that had just moved out, and had been doing ok. So much so, that his father let him take his younger brother over to stay with him every once in awhile. His GF had called. They were both in the hospital. Her from smoke inhalation, my son from being hit by a car while on his bike.

It seems he went to get dinner, and was hit by a car, which took off. He was able to make it back home. Only to find, his apartment was on fire. Apparently, one of GF's friends lost a lit cigarette in their couch. GF had been in the shower and came out to find the living room in flames. No smoke detector, I found out later. Seems the better apartment, GF's mother got them was nothing more than a slum lord in a bit better neighborhood.

They are both ok, and staying with my ex, until they can get help from Red Cross and DSS. DS and his GF stopped by Tuesday afternoon. He knew I would be sick with worry. Which I was, the weather and stress made my back feel like it was broken, and migraine headache until yesterday afternoon. I'm better now, trying to let go of the stress and saying a prayer for them.

It was so much easier when they were little, a kiss and a cookie would make things better. I could control who they hung around and where they went.

What made it worse, was 8 years ago, on July 23, our family went through a fire. We lost 80% of our belongings, thankfully everyone was safe. My kids were 14, 12, and 7. Their father had just abandoned us, January of that year. My youngest was staying with ex-MIL. I was at work at the time. Woke up not feeling well, and had considered calling in. I wish had.

My son, 12, decided not to go to summer school. So he and his sister fought all morning. She called me at work every half hour about some silly fight after another. The week before, DS had moved his bedroom down to the basement, against my permission. His grandma (ex-mil) had given him a clip on lamp that the clip was broken and she couldn't use. (She should have thrown the garbage in the garbage.) Well, he stuck it in the drop ceiling, over his bed. Do you see where this going?

He left his lights on and went upstairs to watch TV. When he went to go back down to the basement, smoke was coming from under the door. DD made him go outside, while she took the dog out, and removed the rabbit cages. Then, they went next door to call 911, and me at work.

I remember it was like the fourth call that morning. Frustrated, I told the secretary it had better be an emergency. All DD said to me was the house is on fire and hung up. When I tried to call the house, to make sure she had called 911, and gotten out, all I got was a busy signal. Because by that time the fire had taken out the electrical wires. They had the chaplin drive me home.

When you go through something like that, at first your just glad and thankful everyone is safe. Later, after you go in to see your life of possessions gone. Pictures, Christmas ornaments; everything. Your whole life gone. You're still glad and thankful to God everyone is safe, but it's hard not to mourn the lose of life's possessions that can never be replaced. Yes, I've been having flashbacks.

On a happier note, the knitting front. I got a package last week, well a few of them. One was this in Turquoise Splendor and this from Knit Picks. I'm already on row 101. I have an idea for a pattern for a Faroese Shawl, but never made one. I'm making this one to get the feel for the shape of it. The yarn is soooo soft, but the colors aren't quite what I would call Turquoise Splendor. It's a royal blue, deep teal green (more green than teal) and lt. turquoise. I'm getting some major striping and pooling. It's ok, will make it more interesting. I thought the yarn would be more light, medium and dark shades of turquoise.

I have two of Soliel going at once. One for my mom's bday last week, in this Silky Look. I didn't buy it from the link listed, they just had the best picture to link to. My favorite yarn shop went out of business several years ago, I bought the last ten skeins they had. *sigh* That was the only color they had left.

I'm on the last increase repeat. Don't care for the way the instructions are written after that point, so I'm going to fudge the rest. Um, my mom is really busty and doesn't need that low of a neckline, especially in a V pointing them out. LOL Also, thinking about tatting some trim in either white or a variegated mint to go around the neckline.

Hey, it's a picture. Click for bigger. I don't have the mint made up yet. That's a scan of some lace I sold on eBay. I would of course have the rings pointing down. What do you think?

I had comments on my last post. From Micky, yes, with the busy summer, the chronic pain and sharing the PC with DBF, I have a hard time keeping up with all the blogs I want to read as well. Seems, I'm always finding more blogs that are interesting.

Also, Life's A Stitch, I've had a TENS unit for about four years now. Sometimes it helps a little bit, but after awhile it irritates the nerve and mostly feels like needles pricking. Yes, I've played with the settings, but once it gets like that, it's just best to take it off.

I just realized I can change the date of posts down on bottom of the post. Duh! I wonder where my brain goes sometimes. Well, this was supposed to be a quick post and I rambled on, as usual. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm going to hunt down that battery sucker digital camera and take blurry knitting pictures. Will try to have them up tomorrow or the weekend.

Also, only if you're interested, check out my eBay listings. I'm having sort of a end of summer sale from now till September 7th. Free shipping for three skeins of fingering wt and lace wt yarn, or five skeins of crochet cotton. Plus, I have five and half pounds of heavy worsted wt, I'm going to try to skein up and dye. I think that would be best for totes, maybe hats or afghans. Free shipping for four skeins of that. Will start listing stuff tonight and ongoing till next Wednesday for the somewhat sale.

Well, enough of my rambling. Until next time, happy needlecrafting.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Didn't Realize

Yikes, I didn't realize, it's been this long since I posted. (Bad, bad new blogger. We'll not trust you to post consistently enough to deserve our attention now. ) I'm sorry, just been so busy with pain and making stuff. I wanted to take pictures but that battery sucker camera hanging out at the Dollar Tree came up missing.

I did get a few pictures before the camera went incognito. On Sundays, I have the DD (sometimes dear, sometimes not *grin*) and DGD (always dear) hang out with us. DBF plays the guitar, and DGD bangs her keys on the wipes box.

I've tried twice now to write this post, but the weather here, not so compatible with chronic pain. Have you ever fallen and hit your tail bone on something hard? You know that pain you feel, when you're finally able to stand up. That zinging pain going down both legs, and you're sure you'll never walk the same again. It's similar to whacking ones funny bone, except it's in the lower regions. That's the pain. Except, it doesn't go away after several minutes. Or several hours. After a day, or more, I'm ready to shred the flesh off the faces of several Dr.s I've seen.

That's pretty much, all I'm going to say about that. I don't obsess over it. I try to ignore it. Sometimes though, it's like a screaming kid in grocery store. It demands to be known. Just so you know, I'll blog more about my needlework than my pain. I try to leave screaming kids at home, so they don't destroy the nerves of other people.

I've lived with it for over six years now. The past year it has gotten to the point of making me a hermit. It was hard at first, but now I'm rather used it, (the hermit thing, not the pain. Nobody could get used to that) and I try to keep myself busy with my needlework. Plus, now I'm surrounded with beautiful yarn and cotton thread. But, I have to sell it, sometimes I don't want to. But I have to, so I can get more yarn and thread to make beautiful. Now, for those of you that work full-time that might be a bit jealous, re-read the above paragraphs. I would so trade with you in a heartbeat. Let me know, I'll see if I can arrange it. I would love to go back to my former life of over-worked LPN.

Anyway, I've been busy between body tantrums, dyeing tons of yarn and thread. I've been trying and continue to sell on Ebay. Go ahead, take a look, it's not bad stuff. If you don't want to, that's ok too. I figure I might be a productive member of society. Even from my own little house apartment of horrors. So far, I think doing ok. Not as good as I would have liked, but ok. I also have a returning customer. Yeah, for me.

We did get a nice scanner this past month. No way was battery eater camera going to cut it for ebay. So, hey, I can post some nice scans of my work. Like this (click for bigger)

and this:

I do have more, but I'll save them for another post. That's just the TIP of the iceberg in cross stitch alone. I'm a multi-tasker, ADD and just plain totally nuts to have this many projects going at once. Last count was about 30 in cross stitch, um, I think 5 in crochet, about 14 in knitting, 3 or 4 in tatting, and a few in seed beading. I do finish things on occasion.

I used to only have one project in every category on the go. Then, I had someone always sticking their nose in what I had on the go. So, I became the Lady of Starting Too Many Projects. Nothing worse than someone sticking their nose in my projects, it's my damn hobby and I'll do what I want. Except, when he started throwing my stuff in garbage, so well, I had to throw him in the, well you know, garbage as well. Now, I have DSO, who knows the proper language, "That's nice, honey." He has a creative mind as well, and understands the process. I'm now Lady Of Occasional Finishes.

I do have an FO. I finished Le Petite Fuzzy Thing. I'll post blurry pics later. Remember, how I was worried about Butterscotch and Bootsie making off with yarn. Well, one afternoon, Butterscotch came in the living room, still all sleepy, from his nap. Spied fuzzy yarn, semi-unattended. (Sitting on a tote, two feet away from me) He snuck up on it. (That hunkered down sidled down walk, like I can't see him, right in front of me.) Started sniffing at it. Mmmmm, new yarn. Opened mouth, pulled back lips, tried to sink teeth and then Ha Chu. He sneezed. He made an attempt again, sneeze, and again, sneeze. The fuzz from the yarn was tickling his nostrils like soda pop fizzle used to do to people. When soda pop had more fizz in it. He made about ten attempts, then stalked off angrily, muttering something other. I was holding my sides from laughing so hard.

That's all for now. I promise to check in every couple days atleast, and let you all know I'm still alive, and kicking something. Next post, will have more knitting content. And Micky, I'm sorry I let you down. You came back and posted and I wasn't there for you. I'll do better next time. BTW, no I don't have VM finished yet, almost, but not quite.

Until next time, have fun at whatever needlework you do.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It Grows While Your Sleeping

I wanted to post yesterday, but the recent weather in my lovely area has prohibitive to my being able to sit, move, or form cohesive thought processes. Because of my lack of sitting ability, I wasn't able to find the clip art for the post I wanted to make, so I'll save that for latter.
I also realized I spent 25.00 dollars on the worlds junkiest, waste of money, piece of &*(^ camera ever. Yes, it was cheap, and you get what you pay for, but I once had a free camera from Earthlink that was better than this. My DD and GD spent the day Sunday. I loaded the camera with new batteries, only to find it ate the next morning, it ate them and burped my pictures into oblivion somewhere. I digress, I'm just not having a good time lately.

As for stitching progress, I work on my luxury knitting in the mornings while it's cool. Risa took my advise and bought some of the Seta and compared it to the Haze. It seems I was right, it is the same just different name, manufacturer and better price. So far, several links have been posted about Little Knits because of me. I just hope at this rate they don't sell out on the Seta. I want to get some black and pink, maybe some more white to dye turquoise.

I realized the mystery of Kid Silk/Seta phenomenon as documented by Yarn Harlot. Her theory was there is a knitting black hole. I wish I had taken pictures, but they would have been eaten/burped anyway so it hardly matters. Anyway, Monday morning, I had about an inch on the Jeweled tank. I knitted for an hour, measured, 1 1/2 inches. It's seven rows to the inch, I know in that hour I must have knitted atleast ten rows. I knitted another hour, 1 3/4 inches. I know I knitted another 10 rows. 20 rows should equal almost 3 inches. Giving up, and getting too warm for mohair, I secured it in it's place in the closet safe from the paws of this.

As well as her cohort in crime.

The next morning, I knitted a couple rows, it seemed to have suddenly grown. I measured, 3 1/2 inches, from 2 rows? I knitted some more on and off throughout the day because of the sitting problem and my cushy rocker suddenly becoming a thrown of stone. At five inches the luxury knitting was locked and secured in it's vault. When I woke this morning, I pulled it out and immediately measured, still five inches. Two rows of knitting, it grew to seven inches. It seems that it's growing over night, but only after I knit two rows it relaxes to it's full height.

Here it rests on the dining room table. Ignore the Halloween tablecloth. lol I really want to finish this so I can have the needles for Soleil. But I'm afraid if I marathon knit the body in one day, I might wake up the next morning to a 28 inch tube, that wouldn't be good.

On the cross stitch front, I didn't get to work on Teddy's Trunk of Treasures, because once I start on Venetian Mask I have a hard time putting it down. There is a wonderful picture of it finished here. I switched out the blues that was with it for 3844, 3845 & 3846. The bright turquoise seems stand out nicely with the rusts and peaches. Thinking I might like to design a sweater with this colorway.

There are so many projects I want to work on, I wish I could multi-task and stitch several at the same time. *sigh*

Until next time, happy needling.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

A Bit of This and That

I've tried about four times this week to write a post. Each time, DSO either came home or decided he needed a turn on the computer. We've been down to sharing mine for about five months now. Being the over nice person I am, I let him use it. Sometimes it really sucks being an over nice person.

I was going to post a bit about me, but decided if readers were going read this blog they would probably come for knitting, or cross stitch or the plethora of needlework I have going on. A sane person would not believe the WIP's I've been able to accumulate since being taken out of work a year ago.

So, a wee bit about me then on to the needlework. I'm 39, totally/permanently partial disabled once upon a time nurse, mother of three, grandmother or 2. About six years ago, I sustained a particularly nasty back injury trying to save a resident in the nursing home. It was me versus a 300 lb med cart and an elevator. Being I'm all of 115 (soaking wet), guess who won? It looked I won at the time, but the next day told a different sad ending. I say particularly nasty injury because it isn't bad enough for surgery, but bad enough that after everyone finished messing around left me in a state of constant chronic pain. More about that another time, but just leave that if I could find a way to control the pain I would to work as a nurse again, or just somewhere doing anything outside this apartment.

I live with DSO, five cats and one Netherland Dwarf bunny. I've wracking my brain (which happens often) whether to use DSO (dear significant other) or DBF (boyfriend) which sounds childish at my age.

On to needlework, on the knitting needles, I started a pair of socks for DSO this week with yarn I've dyed. Image hosted by (This cheap camera sucks, I really need to get a scanner. Hopefully a better camera soon after) In real life, this yarn is a darker turquoise with dark blue and purple splotches. I was trying for a solid dark blue but dye broke and made nice combination. These are supposed to be Cubs socks, DSO said to go with it, and they're now tie dye Cubs.

I put several inches on a tank top I'm making with Lion Brand Micro Spun turquoise. I won't being taking any pictures because I'm still deciding how I want to publish it. There will be major happy dancing when I finish it.

For luxury knitting, I reward myself (when it's cool) with this Jeweled Shell using this Image hosted by from Little Knits.

On the cross stitch front, I started this Image hosted by last June. I really want to finish it soon.

I've been gazing at this Image hosted by wanting to put more stitches on it.

So that should make for a busy weekend. I'm going to try to change the background.

Happy needling.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Needlework Throughout My Life

I was going to name this my needlework history, but the word history made me feel old. I've been feeling "old" for other reasons, for quite awhile as it is. I know those older than me will say age is just a number. But, I have my reasons for feeling this way, that I don't feeling like going into.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about my life with needlework, not feeling older that dirt or rocks. My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was four, that was thirty-five years ago. Just the sound of, I've been crocheting for thirty-five years sounds old. (Yes, I know there are those out there older than me, that started about the same age and have more years, but this is me feeling old.) (Another aside, yes, I know, I wasn't going to go on about being "old".) She and my mom had gotten those ripple afghan kits that were so popular in the early 70's, and I wanted to work on an afghan too. I remember I had this very small skein she bought me, I chained stitched about a mile long and declared it was going to be a bedspread for my mom. Of course, the single crochet rows didn't go very far.

When I was about 9, we went on a school field trip to Mendon Ponds Park. The guide showed us a bush with berries that were used to dye fabric. I forget now what they were called, but created a lovely red violet color on white yarn. I saved a bunch in my sandwich baggy. That night I single crocheted oval throw rugs for my Barbies, with white yarn, then squished the berries in spots. I was a budding fiber artist back then, too bad life got in the way later on.

I was about 8, when my mom "tried" to teach me how make granny squares. It took her the whole weekend of me throwing the hook and yarn down and dramatically crying about how I'll never learn. Of course, the "light bulb" eventually came on and I entered a new realm of crochet. So much so, that when one of the department stores had a closing sale that year, my mom's bf bought me bags and bags of cheap yarn to make an afghan for his king size waterbed. Imagine one "king" size granny square of afghan. I have double bed size granny square on the back of my couch now. The only surviving afghan my grandma made. She followed my humongous granny idea to use up her scraps. It's really too bad, I think my uncle threw out her nicer afghans, when he cleaned out her house after she died.

About the same year, I wanted to learn embroidery, so Grandma bought me a stamped sampler kit. I still have a chart left over from a bird sampler kit, I bought around that time. I had the actual stitched piece up until a couple years ago, it disappeared with a couple other pieces like magic.

I was around 10 when I spent the week with my aunt, uncle and cousins at their lake side cottage. I had wanted to learn how to knit for years, but my mom and grandma said that nobody in family knew how. We were a family of crocheters, not knitters. My cousins knew how to garter stitch squares and wanted to learn how to crochet. They were a family of knitters, not crocheters. So, we teased each other all week stitching as fast as we could, occasionally slowing down so the other could learn. Little girls. *sigh*

The night my mom picked me up, I asked her to stop at the grocery store so I could buy a pair of knitting needles. Does anyone else remember back when the grocery stores had sewing centers and small pet sections? The next day, I tried and tried to remember how they started, but couldn't. "I wish there was someone close by that knows how to knit!!!" I cried. That's when my grandma said very quietly, "Your grandpa knows how to knit." What!??!! Grandpa doesn't know how, he's a "guy." About that time, grandpa woke up from his recliner, with what's going on look. "Your grandpa knows how to knit, he used to knit socks for the army during WWI." He finally admitted to it, and showed me not only garter stitch, but purl stitch and stockinette. For months we worked on scarves together. He would knit during the day while I was at school and I would take over when I came home. I wish I still had one of those scarves.

Later that year, he taught me to make lanyard keychains with a square knot and boondogle. I wish I could remember how. That was the start of my having many interests in needlework. That same year, a teacher at school taught me needlepoint. Then my grandmother tried to teach me how to shuttle tat. She tried and tried, but I only would get frustrated and wanted nothing to do with it. It was another four years later when I came to her ready to learn. She only knew how to make rings, but I bought a book and learned how to do chains and follow patterns to make doilies. She was really proud how I surpassed in what I could do. I'm really proud that she taught me.

From there, I went on to learn how to follow patterns, sew, crewel embroidery, quilt, seed beading and many other crafts as well. Mostly self taught from there, if there is a book about it, I'll figure out how to do it. Now, I'm determined to teach myself how to spin on a spindle. When finances allow, I'll think about a wheel, and that might be the first time I actually consider taking a class.

I promise not to always be so long winded. Soon I will post pictures of the myriad of WIP's and the few FO's I have laying about.

Friday, June 24, 2005

The First Post Is Always the Hardest

I've tried this blogging before, when it first became popular. I think because there wasn't many topic specific blogs around at the time; or I should say needlework specific. Something happened while I was living life, hundreds, possibly thousands of topic (needlework, actually knitting) specific blogs came out of the woodwork. From calculations it seems most were born in the fall last year. I'm guessing they were begat from the few persevered from earlier times.

Anyhow, I've been wanting to do this for quite some time, but lacked a digital camera, or a scanner. (I wanted to share cool pictures of what I working on, as well.) Oh, I once was in possession of said items when I first got a computer, back in 1999. But, I had three teenagers in residence, and said items met with a quick and painful demise.

Several times, I thought they killed the computer as well, luckily, I knew a few computer geeks, who kept the old girl chugging along. She and I developed a bond, we would not succumb to their torture. The poor girl gave out on Labor day last year, her poor motherboard just couldn't handle the mother lode anymore.

Anyway, as of this week, I'm teenager or offspringless once again. They've been teasing me for the three years, one popping out, then two popping out, free at last. Nope, one pops back in, then out, then the next pops back and stays for two years.

So, this week, I went out and bought a cheap, er, crappy, er inexpensive digital camera. Just until I know for sure the coast is clear and I can buy the one I really want. Sorry in advance, the pictures won't be as clear and as wonderful as I would like, but atleast I can share.

So much for a short first post. lol
BTW, if anyone comments on this thing, I'll fallout in shock.