Sunday, September 18, 2005

To Heck With A Title

Really? Um, somebody is in a bit a mood, now aren't we? Yeah, I am. I've been in the worse funk all week. Lowest of lows. So, Friday, I take take three hours and write a post about it and how I'm going to try to pull myself out of it. (I didn't write for three straight hours, I left to do other things and came back. Back and forth) Only when I finished and tried to post, the internet connection fell off the face of the earth taking my post with it.

It gets worse. I go to calm down and work on my shawl, only to find a huge whonking error I did at 2am the night before. So, while I'm trying to fix it, stitches are falling off the needles, next thing you know, I'm ripping out the whole lace border. Take a deep breath and head to the shower. Only, Psycho Cat Ewok just left steaming pile of crap in the tub. By then I was screaming incoherently, with tears streaming down my face. Poor DSO was running from computer to tub, trying to fix everything for me. Except for shawl, that was beyond his capabilities.

I got myself into a bad rut. Staying up later and later every night trying to get stuff dyed, then sleeping to late in the morning. Then feeling guilty not getting much done during the day so I would stay up later. Round and round I went, til I burned right out. I'm a little better now.

On to knitting content. The shawl was almost done. I have a crappy picture of it pre-rip out. The pattern I feel calls for too much yarn. I think it can be done with three skeins, with some left over. Because I'm short, 5' probably. I was 5'1 1/2" pre disc injury, but with two in the process of collapsing, that 1 1/2" is probably long gone.

The pattern states the longest section will 30" when finished. We measured, and that comes between mid thigh and knee. Not wanting to look like I was being swallowed by the shawl, I used one size smaller needles for the body.

First skein knitted 144 rows, second skein about 75, so I figured the third skein would knit about 37. I added three extra repeats to the main pattern, because the smaller needles was making it a little too short. Also, I hadn't even finished the second skein at that point. The lace border is about 20 rows and then another 20 rows of plain garter stitch.

I have to show you this. This was more fun than a swatch should be. I dyed it to resemble Koigu KPPM 405. That's a color that every time I tried to buy some, it's all sold out. So, I made one for me and one to sell on eBay, and another turned out too dark and it will be for sale as well. (click for bigger)

If it doesn't sell in auction, it's going to take a walk over to my stash bin, rather that being relisted in the store. That's all I'm saying. LOL

Knit on. I'm going to go continue trying to de-funk myself.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you had such a bad day - yikes - when it rains it pours. I've been caught in that late at night cycle and it took me awhile to get straight again. But it looks like it's really working for you - your dyed stuff is beautiful.

Get those answers up - so I can spoil you a bit :-)
the secret pal