Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I haven't been feeling well for like two weeks. It's been more like just depressed and really stressed out to produce. Last week, I seemed to be pulling myself out. Then came this past weekend.

I think a flu bug found me. Just me. Nobody else has had it. I hope. I still have to call DD and make sure she and DGD didn't catch it Sunday. It was awful, dizzy, super fatigue, and I couldn't eat or drink anything. I slept more on than off from Friday night til 6am Monday morning. I was so sick, I didn't knit, or cross stitch all weekend.

I'm still feeling a dizzy and fatigued, but atleast I'm able to eat a little bit. I really don't eat all that much to begin with. Think I'll find my vitamins and start on those.

Finally got past the point of rippage on the Faroese Shawl. Just twelve rows of garter stitch and bind off. I still haven't started on the fourth skein.

I also dyed four skeins of fingering weight merino for a sweater. I made this sweater several years ago out of Red Heart Baby Soft. But since, I want to publish the pattern, I knew it being made out of that yarn, it wouldn't fly. Then, I was going to knit it in Koigu, but could never get the color I wanted.

So, I dyed the yarn the colors I wanted. I already cast on and started the ribbing. Except, now I can't find the original sweater. I last saw it last year, when I pulled it out of the daily clothes pile and was going to start writing the pattern. I put somewhere safe. Of course, so safe, I can't find it. So, might just have to make a new pattern, so the old sweater will come out of hiding.

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