Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I haven't been feeling well for like two weeks. It's been more like just depressed and really stressed out to produce. Last week, I seemed to be pulling myself out. Then came this past weekend.

I think a flu bug found me. Just me. Nobody else has had it. I hope. I still have to call DD and make sure she and DGD didn't catch it Sunday. It was awful, dizzy, super fatigue, and I couldn't eat or drink anything. I slept more on than off from Friday night til 6am Monday morning. I was so sick, I didn't knit, or cross stitch all weekend.

I'm still feeling a dizzy and fatigued, but atleast I'm able to eat a little bit. I really don't eat all that much to begin with. Think I'll find my vitamins and start on those.

Finally got past the point of rippage on the Faroese Shawl. Just twelve rows of garter stitch and bind off. I still haven't started on the fourth skein.

I also dyed four skeins of fingering weight merino for a sweater. I made this sweater several years ago out of Red Heart Baby Soft. But since, I want to publish the pattern, I knew it being made out of that yarn, it wouldn't fly. Then, I was going to knit it in Koigu, but could never get the color I wanted.

So, I dyed the yarn the colors I wanted. I already cast on and started the ribbing. Except, now I can't find the original sweater. I last saw it last year, when I pulled it out of the daily clothes pile and was going to start writing the pattern. I put somewhere safe. Of course, so safe, I can't find it. So, might just have to make a new pattern, so the old sweater will come out of hiding.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

To Heck With A Title

Really? Um, somebody is in a bit a mood, now aren't we? Yeah, I am. I've been in the worse funk all week. Lowest of lows. So, Friday, I take take three hours and write a post about it and how I'm going to try to pull myself out of it. (I didn't write for three straight hours, I left to do other things and came back. Back and forth) Only when I finished and tried to post, the internet connection fell off the face of the earth taking my post with it.

It gets worse. I go to calm down and work on my shawl, only to find a huge whonking error I did at 2am the night before. So, while I'm trying to fix it, stitches are falling off the needles, next thing you know, I'm ripping out the whole lace border. Take a deep breath and head to the shower. Only, Psycho Cat Ewok just left steaming pile of crap in the tub. By then I was screaming incoherently, with tears streaming down my face. Poor DSO was running from computer to tub, trying to fix everything for me. Except for shawl, that was beyond his capabilities.

I got myself into a bad rut. Staying up later and later every night trying to get stuff dyed, then sleeping to late in the morning. Then feeling guilty not getting much done during the day so I would stay up later. Round and round I went, til I burned right out. I'm a little better now.

On to knitting content. The shawl was almost done. I have a crappy picture of it pre-rip out. The pattern I feel calls for too much yarn. I think it can be done with three skeins, with some left over. Because I'm short, 5' probably. I was 5'1 1/2" pre disc injury, but with two in the process of collapsing, that 1 1/2" is probably long gone.

The pattern states the longest section will 30" when finished. We measured, and that comes between mid thigh and knee. Not wanting to look like I was being swallowed by the shawl, I used one size smaller needles for the body.

First skein knitted 144 rows, second skein about 75, so I figured the third skein would knit about 37. I added three extra repeats to the main pattern, because the smaller needles was making it a little too short. Also, I hadn't even finished the second skein at that point. The lace border is about 20 rows and then another 20 rows of plain garter stitch.

I have to show you this. This was more fun than a swatch should be. I dyed it to resemble Koigu KPPM 405. That's a color that every time I tried to buy some, it's all sold out. So, I made one for me and one to sell on eBay, and another turned out too dark and it will be for sale as well. (click for bigger)

If it doesn't sell in auction, it's going to take a walk over to my stash bin, rather that being relisted in the store. That's all I'm saying. LOL

Knit on. I'm going to go continue trying to de-funk myself.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Busy, Busy As A Bee?

I kinda hope there aren't any bees around, being I'm allergic. But, if they come to help wind yarn and thread, keep their little stingers to themselves; I won't shoo them away. Real help, not like the kind the cats are giving. "Oh, that big tangle of yarn/thread is attacking Mom! Let's get it!" (pounce)

The sale I had on eBay went well. Not as good as I had hoped, but better than I expected. So, I'd say I'm ahead of the game. DBF and I discussed it, and decided to do it again lasting til September 18th. He upgraded me to a store. So now, to start contacting manufacturers or mills about buying in bulk. Hope we raise enough money to do that soon.

I'm a little disappointed the thread is going better than the yarn. Just a little, I like dying the thread better, it takes the dyes clearer. My mom wants in as a silent partner. We spent three evenings driving from store to store buying crochet thread. Have to find a manufacturer to buy it in bulk.

What's hard with the yarn is trying to figure what colors other people want. I know what colors I like, but it's hard to guess what will sell. We had 35 hits on eBay through my blog. (Yeah, having a store, it tells me that too. LOL) I know you're out there, maybe reading, could you please a comment about what colors you like? Threads sizes, sock yarn, worsted wt yarn? Please.

It's really good that things are picking up. Makes me feel productive. Almost like working a real job. Except, you know the showering, dressing and long commute to a business every morning are skipped. Well, not so much the not showering, that would get smelly, but I can do it on lunch break. Imagine skipping the showering and dressing part, and telling your boss you're going to do it during lunch break.

I miss nursing, though. I miss the people. It really lifted my spirits to help someone, with the little things. Like a water glass was set across the room, where they couldn't get it. Because, they couldn't get out of bed and walk. Bringing water to a thirsty person, while silently cursing the aid that left it out of reach, made a difference. That's what I miss, being able to make a difference in someone's life.

On to knitting stuff. I haven't made much progress on Mom's Soleil.
I have a little bit more on the shawl. I'll take that picture next time. I've been mostly knitting swatches for sock yarn. Those are simple scans. (click for bigger)

I was tagged for a Meme by Knitting Nurse. It was 23rd post and 5th sentence. Ahem. I don't have a 23rd post yet. I suppose if I was a good blogger I would have by now. LOL But, I digress. So, I did 5th post and 23rd sentence. The beauty of being long winded, I suppose.

I try to leave screaming kids at home, so they don't destroy the nerves of other people. That's me alright, I can't stand screaming kids in stores, mine or others. Tiny babies are alright, they can't help themselves. But temper tantrums, no way, I'm outta there.

Watching all the victims of Katrina, makes my heart just break for them. I know what it is like to lose everything, or almost everything. The things that can't be replaced. Pictures, photo albums, ornaments and trinkets. Patterns that are out of print. Finished projects. I bet some of them were knitters, quilters, crocheters, cross stitchers, etc.

Sure, if they can get the same patterns and materials they can make them again. But the chances of that on some things are slim. The memories attached to those items wouldn't be same. Possessions with memories attached to them. Those are the "things" that are the hardest to lose.

I'm donating 10% of this sales profits to the Disaster Relief. Probably, Salvation Army, as they have been a help to me in the past. I'm also going to go through some of my stash and see what I can donate of that. There is a thread on a message board I frequent, 123 Stitch, a member is going to the shelter in Terrebonne Civic Center. Many of us are sending her supplies to take with her. If you would like to donate you can e-mail Nona La at She gave me permission to post her e-mail address. Even a skein of yarn and some knitting needles or crochet hook could make a world of difference to a fellow stitcher who just lost everything.

Until next time, happy needlework.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Random Acts and Blog Stalkings

I like to stalk Blogs. In some ways I wonder if it's living vicariously. It's fun to see what others create. It's also fun to leave a comment. Especially, if I find one that doesn't get that many comments. I suppose one would think I'm doing it to get a return visit.

Really, no, I don't care if they reciprocate or not. I just think it's nice to go around and say hi, someone's out there and reading. I once belonged to a group that did that to guestbooks of personal websites. It's nice to suddenly see a comment if you don't ordinarily get them.

On to knitterly stuff:

I really do knit. I finally have the proof it. LOL I found the camera just right where I thought it was. The batteries took a bit of searching. Funny, if you try to hide something from yourself, find it right away. Put something where you'll find it again, and the darn get's lost. I find strange how I can outwit myself 100% of the time.

Here is a bad picture of Le Petite Fuzzy Thing. (Click for bigger)

You didn't think I was going to model it, did you? This was the best of seven tries, two of which disappeared. The two that Mr. Butterscotch was doing his nose tickle demonstration.

This is Miss Tennesee with her Pop's sock, affectionately known as Poopy or Poopy Tail by her pop. She's is totally a Pop's girl. Will not allow anyone to pet her silky royalness. I know, it's a bad picture, a black and white cat on a black sheet.

Here is the sock on the scanner. I tried to put the cat on the scanner as well, but somehow that did work out.

Just a minute, I think I need another band aid.

That was from yarn I tried to dye royal blue, but got what you see there instead. DSO likes the way it turned out anyway, so I guess it's not total failure. Where's the other sock? Um, yeah, he won't be wearing these til the weather gets colder so I think I have some time. Wait, this is Western NY, it could be cold weather next week.

I'm still plugging away on my Mom's late bday pres, Soliel. Don't worry, it's still early, last year she got it mid January with her Christmas present. I'm also on my second skein for the Faroese Shawl. I'm saving pics of those for another post, since the camera ate the brand new batteries in 15 pictures.

Bootsie says,

"That camera really sucks."

I've been tagged for a Meme. I'll get to that next post. Hmmm, I don't have a 23rd post. I'll think of something.

My heart goes out to all those people who suffered from Katrina's path.