Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Very strange day, I'm up early and not in the extreme pain from the weekend. The day is still very early and I have a tendency to over do on these rare days. So much down time to catch up with.

This guy has been in a very bad mood this weekend. Keeps mumbling something about going outside and coming back with a mouthful of red feathers.

Sunday, was Duane's birthday. We spent a quiet day together. DD was away for the weekend. However, I'm not pleased at how she left the couch. I took pictures and am debating whether to post them.

I started this at 6am and it's now 3pm. Day started off pretty well, but it hard to sit and put pressure on my spine. Sooooo, how many socks can sock knitter knit if a sock knitter cannot sit?

I'm always too late with my good intentions. It was Wednesday when I tried to knit as many pairs of socks as possible by Sunday. Normally, I've been able to knit a basic top down German sock in an evening or two. Not as easily done when a majority of ones time is spent lying on one's right side, plus trying to catch up on myriad of other things. This is where I'm at as of 3:30 pm today. (click for bigger)

This is last years sock birthday sock yarn. Actually, I did knit almost a pair once, but one sock was too long and I ran out of yarn on the second. Shouldn't be the case this time. It was just one cuff at the start on Wednesday.

This years sock yarn which I dyed on Thursday. Those are my favorite sock needles, Inox steel lace needles size 0.

A sock yarn that I dyed over the winter that he showed a real interest in. Be damned if I can remember the name of it.

The start of footies for me. Started early Wednesday, when my feet were so cold, then I remembered his birthday was coming quick.

Next post is about lace. Here's another hint in picture form.

Any guesses?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's A Too Long, Hard Summer

That was a long Blog vacation, six months, I wonder if that's a record. I don't think the ones that have yet to return count towards that, a record, if there is one.

It's been a very long, and hard summer that decided to add an extra six weeks past Labor Day for me. My DD (23 yrs old) decided to start speaking to me again, after not speaking since last October. She did the one thing I find totally unacceptable and I let her know how I angry I was. Thus, she stopped talking to me personally and sent messages through her soon-to-be ex-H.

The beginning of last April, I said enough is enough and told him if she has something to say to to me, my phone number hasn't changed. I think I made a mistake. So, she called, then she came over, then she started visiting daily. By the end of May, she told me she was going to have to move out of where she was staying and no place to go. Thus, was the start to very long summer.

This apartment is way too small for Duane (DSO), myself, 5 cats, a rabbit and all our stuff (mostly it's the stuff) as it is. DD told us she was ready to get her life back together, she just needed some help. The problem starts with she can see how little space we have, and we didn't know how much stuff she had, but she did. Dumped it all in the middle of my living room on Memorial Day. I had to quickly consolidate and find spaces for her stuff, some of them were temporary spaces. She doesn't understand that word and her stuff is still in some of those spots.

We do have a second bedroom, Duane and I share it, for his music equipment, my dyeing and winding station plus storage. We had planned on moving the computer in there from the dining room, just not that soon or as fast. Here starts living Hell on wheels for me.

She asks where she can put her computer. (It hasn't moved in yet.) We say we'll move ours and she can use that space. Well, how soon can you do that? she asked. This is when my computer coughs up a hairball and dies. To make a long story shorter, we ended up using the money on the credit card to marry both our dead computers into one living, working computer. This was the cc I was going to use to buy lace wt. silk to dye and sell.

During the time the two computers were being assimilated, my mother brought us a computer they had sitting out in the warehouse that hadn't been used for months. This one is a bit older than the other two, but at least running. As far as working, the previous operator didn't know a thing about computers and set wonky security options and goodness knows what else.

When Duane set Outlook to receive our e-mails a couple days later the computer decided Outlook was evil and won't let us use it. The printer and the hard drive must have arguments at night because there are some days they just won't recognize each other. They're both HP so I don't know what they're problem is.

Anyway, the actions, decisions, etc. that put my DD in her position, is still the same and seemingly awakening some very nasty bad karma from past lives or something, around here. It's always something screwing up, right down to dyes suddenly not bonding with thread. You know little stuff that shouldn't go wonky. I feel like I'm living in some double episode, movie version of the Twilight Zone.

She hasn't kept any of her agreement when she first moved in. Her actions are of someone her wants the responsibilities of a 13 yr old and with privileges of a 20-something. The only place we have for her is our couch. Who would want to live like that? I thought she would only be here for a very short time and want to get her own apartment. She only helps out with stuff when she wants something from me.

Duane wants our old life back, as do I. As, forty-somethings we're no longer into the fast paced lifestyle of some twenty-somethings. But, how to quick your daughter to the curb, even if she deserves it? Even if she turned her back on her child/children.

My health is getting worse. I did find a medicine that helped with the nerve pain, finally. But, it came with nasty side effects of increased anxiety and agitation. Like I needed to be chemically increased with the above going on.

I didn't list any new items to ebay all summer, I wanted sort everything out before I did. The end of August I thought I was set to go. Except I hadn't planned on the next glitch on the horizon. My Dr. decided to change my meds a few days after I listed. Said it would be ok, that the new meds had very mild temporary side effects, and there shouldn't be any effects of discontinuing the old as I was on the lowest dose.

Ha, ha, ha, not when you factor in strange karma. I've been so sick since Labor Day weekend. The first few weeks were drowsiness, severe fatigue, and ad nausea um added with major sciatic nerve pain. I had to increase the dosage every two weeks until I was therapeutic levels. Well, by the sixth week, I finally had pain relief but I was virtually comatose. I would sleep for exactly one hour, then my dream would end and I would wake up like leaving a movie a theatre. I would then sit up for an hour but be like a narcoleptic.

I would try to fill orders and get others things done at the few periods I could concentrate, but by then it was like a house on fire, how do you prioritize when everything needs to be done weeks ago. Well, I gave up on that treatment, it took two weeks for it leave system enough to concentrate. That was two weeks ago from now. The pain is horrendous levels, so now, I'm alert enough to be aware of not accomplishing crap.

I researched St. John's Wort and found that it was used for nerve pain back before pharmaceutical companies. So, I'm trying that while waiting for the paper trail to be complete so I can get acupuncture treatments. If that doesn't work, then it's either a spinal block or a long letter to the Mayo Clinic.

I did do much spinning and knitting over the summer. It was great meditation for increased tension when the karma would get just too weird to acknowledge. Next posts I will have many pictures and projects to show. Hint: One is a shawl from A Gathering of Lace done in gossamer weight cashmere silk.