Saturday, July 02, 2005

A Bit of This and That

I've tried about four times this week to write a post. Each time, DSO either came home or decided he needed a turn on the computer. We've been down to sharing mine for about five months now. Being the over nice person I am, I let him use it. Sometimes it really sucks being an over nice person.

I was going to post a bit about me, but decided if readers were going read this blog they would probably come for knitting, or cross stitch or the plethora of needlework I have going on. A sane person would not believe the WIP's I've been able to accumulate since being taken out of work a year ago.

So, a wee bit about me then on to the needlework. I'm 39, totally/permanently partial disabled once upon a time nurse, mother of three, grandmother or 2. About six years ago, I sustained a particularly nasty back injury trying to save a resident in the nursing home. It was me versus a 300 lb med cart and an elevator. Being I'm all of 115 (soaking wet), guess who won? It looked I won at the time, but the next day told a different sad ending. I say particularly nasty injury because it isn't bad enough for surgery, but bad enough that after everyone finished messing around left me in a state of constant chronic pain. More about that another time, but just leave that if I could find a way to control the pain I would to work as a nurse again, or just somewhere doing anything outside this apartment.

I live with DSO, five cats and one Netherland Dwarf bunny. I've wracking my brain (which happens often) whether to use DSO (dear significant other) or DBF (boyfriend) which sounds childish at my age.

On to needlework, on the knitting needles, I started a pair of socks for DSO this week with yarn I've dyed. Image hosted by (This cheap camera sucks, I really need to get a scanner. Hopefully a better camera soon after) In real life, this yarn is a darker turquoise with dark blue and purple splotches. I was trying for a solid dark blue but dye broke and made nice combination. These are supposed to be Cubs socks, DSO said to go with it, and they're now tie dye Cubs.

I put several inches on a tank top I'm making with Lion Brand Micro Spun turquoise. I won't being taking any pictures because I'm still deciding how I want to publish it. There will be major happy dancing when I finish it.

For luxury knitting, I reward myself (when it's cool) with this Jeweled Shell using this Image hosted by from Little Knits.

On the cross stitch front, I started this Image hosted by last June. I really want to finish it soon.

I've been gazing at this Image hosted by wanting to put more stitches on it.

So that should make for a busy weekend. I'm going to try to change the background.

Happy needling.


Micky said...

Hello. Thanks for the comment on my blog. The goodwill store I go to has the crappy yarn too, but sometimes I get lucky.
Your work is beautiful. I so have admired that cross-stitch kit, but just never had the fundage to buy it. But you are doing beautifully on it.

Anonymous said...

Little Knits says "Thank you Denise!" The so dubbed 'crack dealer.' :)

Sue F

Little Knits of Seattle