Friday, June 24, 2005

The First Post Is Always the Hardest

I've tried this blogging before, when it first became popular. I think because there wasn't many topic specific blogs around at the time; or I should say needlework specific. Something happened while I was living life, hundreds, possibly thousands of topic (needlework, actually knitting) specific blogs came out of the woodwork. From calculations it seems most were born in the fall last year. I'm guessing they were begat from the few persevered from earlier times.

Anyhow, I've been wanting to do this for quite some time, but lacked a digital camera, or a scanner. (I wanted to share cool pictures of what I working on, as well.) Oh, I once was in possession of said items when I first got a computer, back in 1999. But, I had three teenagers in residence, and said items met with a quick and painful demise.

Several times, I thought they killed the computer as well, luckily, I knew a few computer geeks, who kept the old girl chugging along. She and I developed a bond, we would not succumb to their torture. The poor girl gave out on Labor day last year, her poor motherboard just couldn't handle the mother lode anymore.

Anyway, as of this week, I'm teenager or offspringless once again. They've been teasing me for the three years, one popping out, then two popping out, free at last. Nope, one pops back in, then out, then the next pops back and stays for two years.

So, this week, I went out and bought a cheap, er, crappy, er inexpensive digital camera. Just until I know for sure the coast is clear and I can buy the one I really want. Sorry in advance, the pictures won't be as clear and as wonderful as I would like, but atleast I can share.

So much for a short first post. lol
BTW, if anyone comments on this thing, I'll fallout in shock.

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