Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful On Thursday

I'm feeling really out of sorts today. I've wandered around here all morning like I'm a ghost haunting my own place.  Different times of the year, I suffer from PTSD and anxiety with panic attacks.  The holidays coming near is one of those times.  I got some depressing news this week.   D has to work on Thanksgiving this year, then the following week they put him on the late shift. He has the Wednesday before and the Friday after off, so he decided to have dinner on Friday.  I would gladly cook dinner on Thursday, but he likes to cook.  I bake the pies.

I know this doesn't sound very thankful, so I'm writing this post to remind myself of things I'm thankful for.


This is a picture of Bootsie helping me dye fiber a couple years ago.  It makes me smile.

1.  Even though he has to work on Thanksgiving and is gone 12 hrs a day with travel and work, I'm thankful he has a job.  Or we would all be living in a tent in an arroyo somewhere.

2.  My next door neighbor Di.  She's a great friend that knows just what to say to bring me down from climbing the walls.

3. My spinning wheel.  Teresa asked what I used. It's a Babe Production Pedal Pusher. It's not a pretty piece of furniture, but I love it.  I'm able to spin any kind of yarn I want from a fine lace weight to fingering and dk.  We bought because it's an inexpensive investment for a spinning wheel and the added bonus of the Pedal Pusher to exercise my legs during those long Western New York winters.

While I was at Rhinebeck, I was admiring the Kromski wheels.  A woman came up to me and said, "Aren't they beautiful?"  I said, "Oh yes, I would to have a Symphony."  Then she asked if I had a wheel.  When I told her I did and what it was, she made an awlful face like I told her I spun Red Heart SS on the thing. (Anyone on Ravelry who have read some of the comments made about Red Heart SS will understand.)

Winter 2009, my sciatica was so bad I couldn't use my wheel and spent most of the time in bed on a heating pad.  Summer 2009, D got an inheritance and was going to buy me my hearts desire of Kromski Symphony, but I told him to put the money towards the move down here. I'll get one someday, in the meantime I'm happy with what I have.

4. I'm thankful we moved down here to the desert.  Shhhh, don't tell D, he thinks I hate it here.  He hates New York.  I often mention things I miss about home.  The fact is that the SW is so completely different from the NE that I feel like I've dropped on a different planet.  The next 3 days are going to be sunny and in the 80's before another cold front moves in on Monday then sunny and cool in the 60's again. I'm going to go out and take walks and enjoy it.

5. My furkids.  I used to have a signature line on the Knitter's Review Forum of "The more I know people, the more I love my cat."  Until, I kept getting pm's by people complaining it was offensive.  They are part of the 85% of population that statement is for.  They don't care what I have or what job I'm not working at.  Though Bootsie is a bit of yarn snob, she only bothers the yarn that is natural fibers, especially silk.  She leaves the acrylic alone for the most part.  It is rather cute when she walks around with a ball of yarn in her mouth, yowling on the top of her lungs.

Finally, and I know this makes 6.  All of you readers who take the time to stop by to visit me.  I really appreciate all your nice comments and those of you who stop by and quietly leave again.


CraftyCripple said...

How on earth did you manage to avoid major dye spillage and multi coloured cat, is beyond me (or did you???)

Hope you feel better after listing the things you are thankful for. You never have to feel alone for long with the internet. So many tiny little strings of contact across the world, linking people who need to reach out. It is another thing to be thankful for.

melbatoast68 said...

Thanks for the info on the spinning wheel. I know if was for Teresa, but I'm going to file it away too. The holidays always give me mixed feelings and sometimes the blues. Naming things to be thankful for is a wonderful way to deal with it. I hope it helped!

Dina said...

I second CraftyCripple! (on both points)

Carol said...

Sorry about himself having to work on thanksgivin. Retail/service industry sucks that way. I only had Christmas day and New year's day off for 15 years. One of the reasons I like my current clinical position. As for the people who didn't like your tag line, pbthhht! they need to grow a sense of humour. And the woman who badfaced your Wheel, Is an idiot, your wheel works, it's what you could afford, so pbbttthhht! to her too. Sure a Symphony would be lovely (personally I lust after a Sanadian Production wheel) but who is made of money???!?!?!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Great list!

And thank you for taking the time to share your moments with us!

by Teresa said...

Denise, I love your post and your sense of humor and your quote is great .. some people need to grow a sense of humor, huh?

I actually have the Kromski Polonaise --

I just love it!!

Keep smiling.. ((hugs)).. Teresa

by Teresa said...

Hi there! I was given the "Beautiful Blogger Award" today and have selected YOU as one of my BBA recipients! Stop by my blog and receive your award! :-)

Anonymous said...

That wheel looks similar to the small Ashford (I forget the name) and that style has always appealed to me. When I win the lottery and can afford to come and visit, will you give me a lesson?! :D