Monday, November 22, 2010

Bunday- Our Story Part Two

From Knitting Kitties

Momma said, Teresa picked us for The Beautiful Blogger Award.  First of all, I would like to thank my fans for noticing my potential of becoming Miss Buniverse.  What?  She meant Momma?   Noo, no, Momma says I'm the bootiful one.  Momma needs to write a post and pick 10 others and she will do that tomorrow.

We didn't get our special tweat today. Poppa gave me a couple extra carrots and I got indigestion.  You don't want to know, it's sooo embarassing.  Dammit and Betty are upset, they have to wait too.  They're a couple of goats and don't have a delicate system like moi.


So, last week we ended with me on my way to my first big show.  When these two old ladies hi-jacked our car at a truck stop.  The red head lady stuffed me in a box.  As they were racing away, she brought me out and snuggled me.  The getaway driver kept glancing at me and said I was cutey.  When they got to the hideout the red head showed me to an old hippie guy.  Then the driver patted me on the head and told me to be good.  Then she left me there.

I was stuck in a really big luxury cage.  My whole family could fit in this cage and it was all mine.  While I was checking out the space, this big goofy looking rabbit hopped up. He hopped circles around my cage all excited.  "Hi, hi, hi. I'm Dammit."  Those goofy long ears and that silly lopsided mustache, he was so excited he started to drool. I went up to the side of my cage where he was.  When stuck that big snout up to the bars, I took my little paws and I punched him in the nose. I kept punching him in the nose, but that big dumbie just sat there with that goofy look.  Then he flopped down in what must be his bed and just gazed at me.

Then he told me the red head was Momma and the hippie dude was Poppa.  I was here to be his new wife. I tried to explain to him about the show I needed to get to, but he wouldn't listen.  I was getting very angwy.


I'm so in love with her.

Yeah, yeah, dumbie.  After a few days, the humans decided we should have a face to face meeting.  Dammit came up and ran his chin all over me.  I put my head down so he could groom me.  When he refused, I went around to back end and bit out a big chunk of fur.  That scared him good.  He ran to hide under the dresser and I took after him, biting chunks as I went.  Momma grabbed me up and said I turned into a Gremlin.  Poppa said I was furious little thing.  My name became Nippit The Furious.

Momma went on her laptop and typed away.  Then they both chased that goofy around the room.  Poppa caught him up, then Momma got me and they put us on the big bed. They said they were going to do this until we got along.  I wasn't happy with this.  I mostly snuggled against Mom and chewed her fleece blanket. Sometimes I got carried away and bit her leg. Dammit hopped around and pounced everything that moved.  This went on a few times a day for a couple more days.  Then while Poppa was napping Momma went for a walk.  When she came back she had a couple of vests.  She stuck one on me and we went outside.  The clover was yummy.  Momma said I could eat the clover because the owners were to cheap to spray, not that they were worried about the environment.


When Poppa got up, they put a vest on Dammit too.  Then we both went outside for our bunny dates.


Dammit liked to sneak up behind me and goose my bottom.  He binkied when I jumped in the air, startled.


Oooo, I'm weally gonna get him good.

There's no pictures of what happened next.  Our leashes had elastic and Momma said they were like bungie cords.  I ran up to Dammit and jumped in air, he jumped in air, we bumped chests and I went to chewing on him.  They jerked us back and we went swinging through the air. We ran at each other and jumped in air, chest bump, swing backwards on our cords.  This was getting fun.  Poppa called us Chinese Kite Fighters.


She's a wild woman.


Come on big guy, give me a wash.


Let's go for a hop Mom.


I can wash my own face, see.


Will she ever love me?


I tried to figure him out.  When he spent 6 hours flopped on the bed watching Led Zeppelin videos on his birthday, I watched for a bit too.  He could have hopped off the bed anytime he wanted.  He just stayed there until Mom forgot to come and change the second Dvd.  Then he hopped off to go get her.


I love Zeppelin.


After a week of bed and outside dates, I gave in and tried harder.  "Come on Dammit, give me a wash."
"My foot, it's pretty tasty."

"My paws are pretty tasty, too."


"Ok, I guess your kinda tasty too."


I guess that big dumbie isn't all that bad.


I got to stay out of the cage and hang out on his pad.

It was a good thing we got along when we did.  A week later this happened, and we had to live in the big cage together for a week.


I'll end here.  Thank you for coming and reading.  Thank for leaving comments on our last post, Momma read them to us.   Come back next week for the final chapter.  You'll find out why I'm so angwy at Dammit again.


Plus, I might get a turn to, when I show up in the story.  Oh, I'm not so sure about this blogging thing.  I'm pretty timid and shy.


turtlegirl76 said...

Nippit is too cute. He's like the tabby cat version of a bunny. And so tiny!

melbatoast68 said...

I LOVE your bunnies!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great story, I really enjoyed it! Absolutely gorgeous bunnies!! :)
Vivienne x

elephantJuice said...

Aww, this is so cute!

by Teresa said...

Thanks for the 2nd edition of the Bunny stories! Love the buns and their thoughts.. :-)

Hugs, Teresa

Julie said...

Nippit is a real cutie!