Monday, November 28, 2011

Great Customer Service

I heard back from Joan at Cupcake Fibers this morning.  She searched her stock to see if she might have some Pool in the SW BFL.  Sadly, she couldn't find any and is out of SW BFL until sometime next week.  She offered to try to duplicate the color in the fibers she did have in stock.

I'm starting on a long five day stretch of work and walking, so I told her to just wait until the SW BFL came in.  As it's not like I'll get to my wheel any time soon anyway.  She even offered to replace it for free.  I told her I didn't expect to cover our mishap.

Mondays are Mondays even when they are a day off.  I've been wondering why I've been so tired and cranky lately.  (More than usual, that is.)  This morning I woke up with a huge canker sore on my gum, under my right nostril.  I'm treating it with peroxide rinses and dabbing powder alum on it.  An old emergency room told me about the powder alum a very long time ago.  It healed it within a couple days.

I have that achey, head achey yuck feeling one has just as the crud is coming on. Unfortunately, I'm on the later shift this week.  Which sucks because I'm walking to the bus in the dark, then have a 30 minute wait for my connecting bus home.

I'm on the heel gusset of the second sock.  (Old picture of the first sock, because I'm lazy)  It looks like I might have a finished pair by the weekend.  I know, I'm amazed too.

My other long stem tea rose is starting to bloom.  I'm going to bring it inside before I leave for work in the morning.  The flower thieves can go rub salt if they have plans on this next one.

Hope you have a great Tuesday.


by Teresa said...

Yeh.. get that rose in!! The sock is gorgeous! Glad you can get more of that wool. I went swimming today and am dead tired.. and we finished off our Tday leftovers tonight. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Julie said...

The rose is superb, i have one blooming here in the UK, at the end of November, such weird weather this autumn.

Lots of GET WELL FAST wishes to you, no fun being sick and feeling yeucky

{big hug}

Rudee said...

I, for one, am grateful Monday is over. I had a nice long stretch off and received an awful smackdown for my cheekiness of being away.

The blue fiber is so pretty--have you checked ravelry stashes to see if anyone else has any they're willing to sell?

Cookie said...

I hope you're feeling better, sweetie. Isn't that Joan lovely?