Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful On Thursday

It's that time of year, when those of us in the US take survey of what we are thankful for.  I have much to be thankful for everyday.  The top of my list will not change.

1. I'm thankful that my very best friend and love of my life is still here with me every day.

2. I'm thankful for my family, even though only one of them keeps in contact with me.

3. Those whacky animals of mine.  They keep life interesting.

4. Having a good job.  It's rather boring, but I've had worse jobs.

5. Not being homeless.  Wow, how close I've come quite a few times.  Glad to have a ceiling and walls.  Not the greatest place, but it's better than a tent.  A tent would be better than a park bench, I suppose.

6. Good friends, I've made a few since coming down here.

7. My little garden.  It's makes me smile.

8. My blog readers.  This has been a rough year.  I'm thankful for all of you who helped me to get through it.  I think of you as my good friends, that I have yet to meet.


by Teresa said...

That is a good list. I guess I need to do that. I'm also glad I'm your friend and I've been here for you during this rough year. Things sure are looking up for you and Duane!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Him said...

Good list. I congree.

Little Mama said...

That is a very good list mom.

I know you were referring to me being the only family member that keeps in contact with you. Can't forget to be thankful for having 2 beautiful granddaughters too though.

melbatoast68 said...

Lovely list. Things are on the upswing and I know that the list will get longer.

Julie said...

Nice list.
It's nice that life is being kinder to you and yours xx