Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guess What!?!

That's what my granddaughter says when I talk to her on the phone. Guess what!?!  Such enthusiasm she has.

No real purpose picture.

This morning I'm sitting at the desk, taking calls from stupid people.  It felt like a repeat from the day before.  They ask a question, I give the answer.  They don't like my answer, so they repeat the question.  I give the same answer.  They still don't like my answer, so they repeat the question.  I repeat the same answer.  Rinse and repeat several times til they give up and go away, raising my handle time with them.  I often wonder if these are same people that pestered their parents until they changed their answer.

I feel a group of people gathered around my chair behind me.  One of the floor team leaders moves into my peripheral vision.  I think, oh crap, time for a pop quiz.  They did this last month and I failed because the policy was vague, so I gave a wrong answer.  Pointed out the policy was vague.

It's my Wednesday on a Monday. It's cold and slightly rainy.  I'm really not in the mood for this.  I finish the call and turn around.  The group of team leaders and administration shout and cheer at me. What the hell is this?  Apparently, I got a 100% quality for the week.  Which is really hard to do.  Especially, this past week dealing with cranky and stupid people. The snowbirds are here is full force and calling the pharmacy. Demanding people. Somehow, I managed it.

My prize?  My choice between a package of peanutbutter crackers or microwave popcorn.  I can't eat popcorn, so I took the crackers.  No picture, I at them for lunch.

One of the team leaders said, "We'll be back next week.  Since you can do it, you can do it every week."  Really???  Ok, I guess we'll go with that. *cough*

Strange place I work at.

One the long walk to my first bus stop, I noticed a double rainbow in the sky.  I tried to take a picture, but there wasn't anyway of doing so without having the street sign involved.  There are too many sickos out there to give away my location.  It's enough to know I'm Tucson, a kinda big city.  Don't want to let out just exactly where and what time.  Yeah, I could have photo shopped it, but I'm tired and lazy.

Have a great Tuesday.  Just two days of the crankies left then I'm home for two days.


by Teresa said...

Congrats on your big win! Proud of you! I'm so glad you have Thanksgiving off!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Julie said...

Congrats on the 100%, you are fabulous! well done xx

melbatoast68 said...

Great job! I hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and enjoy your time off.

Kate said...

Double Rainbow 0 did you see nathan fillion> :) Yay for 100%!

Rudee said...

Peanut butter crackers for achieving 100% quality? Sigh. Congratulations, but still, sigh... For home care month, we got an apple, a power bar and a bottle of water, so I think I know the feeling. A raise would be nice ;-).

When you're talking pharmaceuticals, I think 100% quality should always be the goal and that's a reward in and of itself. There really is no room for error in medicine, is there?

Carol said...

oh the vacation supplies. I really dislike dealing with that,. And the people who ask a million times the same question. I feel like slapping them sometimes,. I don't, but I really really want to sometimes....