Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Happy Friday!!! It might be Wednesday for you, it's a much deserved Friday for me. This week, I'm sorry but I haven't been pretending to knit very much.  I don't know what the cats have been doing, but sure isn't knitting.

Wow, this picture looks like more progress was made than it does in real life.  I'm halfway through the waist decreases and half-way through the first ball of yarn.  I'm rather concerned I might not have enough yarn and will have to order some more bfl/silk to spin for the sleeves.  When I'll get around to spinning that, who knows.

I tried teaching the cats how to spin last year, but it all ended in a hot mess.

A little progress was made on the granny ripple last night.  After a row or two, I started dozing off in my chair, even with all eighteen tweeters going all at once.  I went to bed and the cats took to do whatever it is they do while I'm sleeping.

Duane slept through most of the night finally.  He woke at 4:30 am and Ms. Bright Eyes decided I needed to up as well.  Instead of holding road races with her cohorts, she sat next to my head and patted me on the shoulder every ten minutes.  Until, I finally gave up and got up fifteen minutes before the alarm went off.

Pearl offered to send Liza Bean Bitey (of the Minneapolis Biteys), over to have a talk with my unruly kitties.  After seeing this post about Liza Bean Bitey, I think she and Bright Eyes might head out to the patio to share a pack Virginia Slims and a Gin and Tonic.  Which would be ok, as long as Liza Bean keeps her occupied between four and six am so I can get some sleep.

There is an uncanny similarity between Liza Bean and Ms. Bright Eyes.

Now, for a cute story to distract you from the lack of knitting content this week. (Damn lazy cats.)  A few nights ago, I was perusing Pearl's cat posts while waiting for my pictures to upload.  Afterward, I went into the office to find Ms. Bootsie, (the tuxedo cat in the above picture) had attached herself to Duane's arm with her mouth.

D: "I was just petting her and she became over-excited and started biting me."

Me: "I think she may be a Bitey.  Probably not any relation to the Minneapolis Biteys, though.."

That's when I sat there and came up with names for everyone.  Bootsie Bitey, of the Scottsville Biteys.  She and her sister Tennessee Bitey, also of the Scottsville Biteys, came to us via the manager of the pizza shop, I worked at.  Their mother, big and pregnant, had been dropped in his driveway early one morning.

Butterscotch "Bubba" Stinky, (of the Rochester Stinkys) was born in my closet on a hot Memorial Day, when the AC had broken down.

His daughter, my familiar, is Bright Eyes Demanding, (of the Rochester Demandings) born in the middle of my living room one hot fourth of July.  The AC was working that day. She has made herself spokeswoman of the group.

We have Dammit "Bunny" Chewer, of the Rochester Chewers.  He came to us via the Pet Saver, family owned pet shop.  As we all know, he has a love of Led Zeppelin and will chew on the carpet to get his way.

Nippit "The furious" Disapproving, of the Syracuse Disapprovings.  She comes from a long line of award  champion Dissaprovings.

Betty Timid, of the Rochester Timids.  She came to us from another family owned pet store under false pretenses.  They said she was a purebred Netherland Dwarf and charged us twenty dollars more for the purebred.  After a few weeks, it was quite obvious she is a mixed breed and verified as such by our bunny vet.  We still love her anyway.

Finally, we the Tweeters, of the Rochester Tweeters.  The five came to us from various pet stores around Rochester, NY.  (Do I have to name them all?)  Anyway, after relocating to Tucson, they decided to open their own Chapter of Tucson Tweeters, hatching 13 more to the group.  Until somebody got smart and took the breeding house away.

Finally, we have Henry the Hateful Hummingbird, of the Tucson Hateful Hummingbirds.  Who came to us from who knows where.  One has to be careful when out on the patio, as he may put an eye out.  Where was he when my flowers were stolen?  Henry has been up to more antics which I will post about soon.

My reputation with animals is getting around town.  This little sparrow took up residence under the picnic bench at work on this past rainy Sunday.  He was out there today.  I fed him a bit of my stale danish, which a brown crow stole from him.  So, I gave him a couple more pieces.

Our refrigerator is going on the fritz.  Yes, the newest refurbished one.  It was freezing the refrigerator stuff. The freezer is still freezing, but now the refrigerator part is very warm.  While writing this post the internet went out and I'm sitting here waiting for it come back up.  Must be a large outage because when I called to report it, the recording said they didn't have time to take my call.

It never ends around here does it?  Excuse me, Life, I don't need so much new material to blog about.  I have plenty of old stuff I could write about.  Like how I live in a mental asylum.  Surely, you were figuring as much.

For more WIPS by people who actually work on them go to Tami's Amis.


Lee Ann said...

Love those kitties! Esp. Mr. Bright Eyes :)

Little Mama said...

I'm shocked that you decided to give the cats, bunny's, and birds names like that. Very interesting but it also sounds like different team names. What I don't understand is how Rochester can have a soccer team called the rhinos when Rochester doesn't have rhinos running around lol.

Don't worry mom, I'm sure you'll be able to get that sweater done that you're working on. I'm also sure you'll get some more of the fiber spun up to use for the sleeves faster than you think considering I know how you spin.

Julie said...

This post made me smile Denise, it is so good to see your sense of humour is here with all the stresses you are still facing each day.
We have never bought a pet, they have all been given to us or found their own way here. Pets and wildlife can sniff out an animal lover and give so much joy and pleasure (and grief as per your hummingbird?) to a person.

Stacey (FreshStitches) said...

That granny ripple looks lovely... I'll have to try that sometime!

Pearl said...

Oh, you are hilarious, Denise!!

The Minneapolis Biteys ARE a large (and um, friendly) group, and as there are so many that move from Minnesota to Arizona, it is quite possible that there are shared bloodlines.


p.s. Liza Bean Bitey (of the Mpls Biteys) declines to comment today, but Dolly "Gee" Squeakers, formerly of the Humane Society Squeakers, says "heeeeey". :-)

by Teresa said...

When reading this post I was wondering if you'd been drinking a lot of strong coffee.. :-) You're a very energetic writer and thinker!! I have one dog and one cat.. I'm a slacker I guess. LOL!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

The Elephant's Child said...

Followed you home from Pearl. I so recognise the 'I am up, you should be too' techniques. Though Jazz who is more of a shrieker and slasher than a bitey (though he does that too) has discovered the joys of throwing things out of the bookcase beside the bed. Sigh.

Affiknitty said...

If yesterday was your Friday, then I hope you and the Biteys and the Tweeteys and the Bunnies are having a good weekend! I love the pic of your big polydactl orange cat on your lap while you are spinning. Surely that one could learn, he practically has opposable thumbs!

witchyknits4ewe said...

Oh my gosh - they are so cute!! I love the pic with your spinning too!

autumngeisha said...

Your roster of names is too funny! I think my previous cats were related to the Demandings and Disapprovings. Thankfully not the Biteys. You have a natural gift with animals.