Saturday, November 05, 2011

Two Year Anniversary Late

Last Sunday was our two year anniversary since arriving in this weird desert town.  I forgot to write about it, because well, I've been kinda busy and it slipped my mind.

Whoa, we didn't move down here for this.  Those are late December temperatures!  Not early November temperatures.  I want my 80's back.  The temps not the decade.  Lord not that decade, it was rather rough on me.

A storm blew in last night with Monsoon type winds.  My poor little garden was tossed about.  It started up as I made my long walk to the first bus stop.  I was walking into the wind and felt rather like little piglet on a blustery day.

I did manage to get rid of my headache on my walk to work, yesterday morning.  There was an old man at the second bus stop, smoking cheap smelly cigarettes and marinating in cheap smelly cologne.  Every time the time wind blew and I got a whiff of him, I worried about being trapped on the long bus ride with this sinus offender.  I let him board first, so I could find an appropriate seat as far away as possible.  Only to have another marinating offender to sit right behind me.  It was so bad, my lungs seized up and I went into a coughing fit.  So sure I was that my migraine would be throbbing and I would yack all over my desk by noon. Thankfully the semi-fresh air from the long walk cleared it all out.

There's supposed snow on that mountain top this morning. 

Thursday evening before I left work, I had my first evaluation with my team leader.  No, that's not what gave me the headache.  It was already throbbing by then.  My scores for October are that of someone who has been there for months.  I'm doing the best from my training class on her team.  There are a few others, I know, that are doing better than me, but, thankfully they are on other teams.  So long as I don't miss another day this month, and improve my scores by just a tiny bit, I'm on track to get a bonus for the month.

I got my schedule for the next two weeks after we did a shift bid.  I'm on the earlier schedule.  I love my new hours.  No more walking in the dark to take the bus home, then sit and wait a half hour for my second bus.  Not until the day of no daylight in December.

No, I'm not loving my new job.  It's a call center for crying out loud.  My stats show I answer over 250 calls a shift. It's no wonder, I have a headache some days.  It's at most an acceptable situation. My team leader is very nice.

The scheduler is wonderful.  Every night that I've had to take the bus, I ask her if I can VGH (voluntary go home, when the calls get slow. No points for leaving early.) an hour early to take the earlier bus home. She's always been very accommodating for me. Last night I didn't want to be nuisance, so I sat and waited for them to come around and start sending people home early.

At 6:10, no one was coming around.  I logged off my phone for a minute and wandered up to her desk.

Me: "This will be the last time I ask."

SCH: "This will NOT be the last time you ask."

Me: "Yes, I love my new schedule."

SCH: "This will NOT be the last time you ask."

Me: "Ok, we'll go with that.  Can I VGH now, just fifteen minutes early so I don't have to run for the bus?"

SCH: looks at the clock. "Don't you prefer to take the 6:15 bus?  Why didn't you come to me earlier so I could sneak you out of here?"

Me: "Because I'm silly dufus."

SCH: "Ok, we'll go with that. Now get out of here."

The job isn't the greatest, but there are people on my project that make it more bearable.

It's been two years of pure hell sometimes.  There were days I would have headed back to NY, except I didn't have the money to come home.  Fortunately, things seem to finally be looking up for us.  Here's to things continuing to getting better.

Tonight my friend from Phoenix is coming down for a visit.  Duane was going to cook, except I didn't feel like going shopping this morning.  Instead, we are going out for Mexican and try a new restaurant.  The old guy deserves a treat, he puts up with me and my zoo.  (Can I say that now that he's 50? *grin*)

By the way, please send a warm winter coat.  I'm going to need it.


Julie said...

Well done for doing so well in your job despite all the problems you have. Xx

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm glad things are starting to look up for you at last. I don't think anyone deserves it more.
Lovely landscapes around you.

by Teresa said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're doing so well at work and that you have people who are nice. ::whew:: I'm not sure you can call him old at 50.. since I'm 62. That would make me what.. ancient? LOL!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

nursenikkiknits said...

What a year! I'm so glad to hear that you are settling into your job. The kind of people you work with can make or break any job. It's wonderful that you've got some nice ones around. I'm not giving you any sympathy about your weather as it was 14 F here today!

Rudee said...

You have had some extraordinarily trying times. Good to hear you got a better shift.

I would go mad to have to handle that many phone calls. I think the 20 or so missives I deal with each day to be enough. Most are emails, so I don't have to talk and that's a blessing.

As far as the weather? Good excuse as any to wear multiple articles of hand knit clothing. Who cares if you look nuts if you're warm?

moderan said...

We got warm stuff in the apartment. Just no winter coats that'll fit you. Gonna have to be layers. Kooky is a good look for you anyway *ducks* signed, the old guy:)

melbatoast68 said...

You know, you can have the worst job in the world, but if the people are good, it's bearable. Glad it's going well.