Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm So Over It

Thanks to all you who stopped by and commiserated with me over my flowers.  My motto today is, "I'm so over it."  Today was better because it was only partly cloudy.  Work was tiring.  My stats showed I had taken 310 calls by 45 minutes before I left.  I will get my actual stats tomorrow.  The cranky customers that wanted to argue with me.  "I'm so over it."

I didn't sleep well last night, then my cat Bright Eyes woke me up holding road races on the bed, 15 minutes before the alarm was to go off. Over it.

Came home and Duane was asleep, because he's still not sleeping at night.  Not sleeping well during the day either.  I had to make my own coffee.  Over it.

That's the view I saw of the mountains to the north when I left work tonight at 5:15.  Within ten minutes it's getting dark on my walk.

Simply breath taking the short few minutes it lasted.

I don't know if it was the kids who took my flowers.  It's all circumstantial evidence.  No sense in saying anything to anyone anyway.  If they cared, it wouldn't have happened in the first place.  It's why Cookie and I are comrades in hating people.  Umm, still not over it.  If I ever catch someone messing with my plants, I'm going to go all Rochester on them.  (You would understand if you're from Rochester, NY or personally know someone from Rochester.)

I made it through my second Wednesday.  I'm over it.  Two more days to go then I get two days to be equally as busy at home.  Over it.

Having pot pie for dinner, then I think I work a little on the granny ripple afghan.  Put the damn cats in straight jackets and hope for a good nights sleep.

Happy Thursday, I mean Tuesday everyone.  Yeah, I forget what day of the week it's supposed to be.  I'm so over it.


by Teresa said...

It's Monday.. at least where I am.. in Oregon. :-)

I think you should install an electric fence around your garden.. and put up signs telling people you will loose your hounds on anyone who touches your stuff again.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Little Mama said...

Are you sure you're "so over it"?

I know exactly what you mean by going Rochester on whoever touches your little garden again lol.

Do they make straight jackets for cats? If so I wonder if they make them for dogs too lol. I need 1 for a dog and 3 for cats. Maybe even one in a child size too. Wow that made me sound cruel lol. Oh wait, duct tape works better.

Julie said...

Cats/beds/middle of the night, don't get me started on that one .... why is it they always decide it's bathtime just when i have almost fallen asleep then i am shaken to bits with their constant licking!!!

melbatoast68 said...

I usually tell people I'm "done." And the cats running across the bed at 3 am will do me in. Hopefully today will be better. Thanks for your kind words earlier. Much appreciated!

Pearl said...

Why be over it when you can write about it?!

And I'm so sorry about your flowers. I had someone literally dig up the flowers I'd planted in my alley -- two different years!!! You shoulda seen me, wandering up and down the streets looking for my flowers, and you know what? One of those times, I found them! I stood in the street, shook my fists at them, called them all kinds of delightful names and stole them back.

They died.


You want me to send Liza Bean Bitey (of the Minneapolis Biteys) over to have a talk with your unruly kitties? She's small, but she's persuasive. :-)