Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cookie Made My Day

This is the first Saturday that I've worked on the floor since training.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  Friday is viagra Friday, Sunday is birth control Sunday.  I'm dubbing Saturday, Sucky People Saturday. But, more on that later.

Last night, when I planned out my morning bus commute, I "mislooked" at the schedule for my second bus.  I looked at the weekday schedule instead of the Saturday schedule and ended up sitting at a cold bus stop on a dreary cloudy morning for over thirty minutes.  That's when I realized I looked at the wrong day and cursed myself for the fact that I could have slept an extra half hour.

Cookie made my day when I came home tonight.  She posted about the scarf she made with my handspun yarn she won from me last year. She really did a wonderful job.  I so rarely ever get to see what people have made with yarn and fiber that I've either given away or sold.

Which reminds me.  I found the yarn that I owe a couple of friends from a contest the weekend the Duane first became ill.  They understand the long delay, due to circumstances.  This next two days off I need to make my way to the post office and mail off a bunch of packages.  Outfits for my granddaughters, for one thing, before they outgrow them.

Slow progress continues on my sweater.  Just a couple more rows and I start on the waist shaping.  I love the color of the bfl/silk.  It sort of reminds of the camel hair coat I had in the late 80's.  I'm dubbing this the Faux Camel Jacket.

Sucky people suck on Saturday, especially when I'm accused of stealing from elderly ladies.  A woman called because she ordered her mother's "I can't eat cake" pills when her mother needed her "Help me get up" pills.  She didn't realize this until she got back with the medicine and went through her mother's 5 gallon ziplock baggie of pill bottles and saw she had several bottles of "I can't eat cake" but was all out of "Help me get up."  She paid the cash price for the pills and wanted us to return the wrong the ones and give her the right ones.

She accused me of stealing from elderly ladies when I said we can't take medication back once it's left the store. I told her it was federal law, and she called me a stupid, lying, thief.  Wow!  Really? The tirade of verbal abuse continued until I offered to refer her to a supervisor.  I came home and looked it up.  It's a state law but the feds back it up.  There were other calls of screaming people, that one was the worst.

I'm amazed at how some of the people think they can demand that I break Federal laws.  Prison orange didn't look good this past spring when the nursing home held Duane hostage.  It definitely doesn't look good now.

You know, I could have yelled at the bus driver this morning for my stupidity.  I just got on the bus, said my usual good morning and sat down still silently berating my "mislooking".  By the end of the day, I was ready to head for the Misty Mountains.

Have a great Sunday.  I'll be helping the good people of Arizona get their prescriptions filled.


Linda said...

Wow - that was quite a Saturday! What is wrong with people that they have to berate others for their stupid mistakes?! Glad you stuck to your guns and had the Fed law to back you up. Here's wishing you a more subdued, pleasant Sunday! Hang in there!

nursenikkiknits said...

I'm sure this daughter would love to know she was paying for pills that someone else has taken home and "returned". Sheesh, can you imagine the potential for things to wrong from that?

Julie said...

I can't understand why some people have to be so grumpy nd unreaonable all the time, rules is rules.

melbatoast68 said...

Sorry you had a sucky day. Hope today is better.

by Teresa said...

I worked in a call center taking complaints and starts and stops for a newspaper. The worst ones were the calls from people complaining that they didn't get their FREE shopper guide!! I can so relate. Hang in there and get the supervisor sooner.. :-)
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Little Mama said...

Hey mom,

That is why I don't work at call centers anymore besides the fact that the screens were always staying the same and giving me migraines. I couldn't stand half the people that I had to call and talk to; they were either really snotty or just plain rude.

I'll be posting pics of Faith on FB on her first day of her new school which will more than likely be Tuesday. She's really excited and can't wait. She also can't wait for her birthday too.

Cookie said...

This is why we hate people. I hope today is going much better for you.