Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Snit

I'm in a bit of snit today.  I woke up at 1 am with sinuses all agitated and was up til 4:30 am reading.  It was ok, being this is my day off.  Woke up again at 8 am, knit and read some blogs for awhile.  Duane got up and after that I cleaned the bird cage and vacuumed the living room.

My plan was to clean the bedroom and do all the laundry.  Duane had cabin fever and wanted to go out.  I had planned to take him to Luke's on Monday, but we went today. For several years,  he's been craving an Italian Combo sandwich like he used to get in Chicago.  I was told by an old Chicago guy at work, that Luke's came pretty close.

A combo sandwich is a half pound of thinly sliced Italian beef, with an Italian sausage on a French roll dipped in Au Jus with hot and sweet peppers.  He said, Old Chicago guy was right and it was pretty close.  A little too much black pepper in the beef.

Back when we lived in Rochester, there was a pizza and sub place right around the corner.  They had steak subs and Italian sausage subs with a real link of Italian sausage.  Not those little bullet things that get put on the pizza like most shops back there used.  He called them and asked them to stick an Italian sausage on his steak sub to make his combo sandwich.  They refused to do it, because they couldn't figure out how to price it. I never would order from that place again.  You might have noticed, but I don't suffer fools or idiots very well.

(Honey, don't read any further.  Hit the back button.)

We came home, I gave up on the cleaning idea as I was tired from the walking.  So, I pulled out my spinning wheel.  I finished most of the ounce I had started back in September.  When I went to get the box with the rest of the fiber, it was gone.  I searched the few spots it could possibly be.  I'll search a little deeper tomorrow, but I'm not holding out any hope.

It's been thrown out.  I threw a fit.  Someone (not me) mistaken it for a empty shipping box and took it out to the garbage, sometime since the beginning of November when I last saw it.  I threw a fit.

It's the first time in nine years that anything of mine has been accidentally thrown out.  However, it brought back memories of The Jerk and my step-father who just throw out other people's things accidentally on purpose.  I think that's what pissed me off the most, is bringing back those memories.

I have since sent a message to Joan at Cupcake Fiber to see if she could come up with something close. I guess I'll just Navajo ply this ounce and come up with something for it.  Maybe knit a minion to guard the next batch of fiber.

I think the manager should have left the meth addict in the apartment above me.  At least she would eventually run out of meth and crash for a few days, and there would be quiet.  The women upstairs and her kids continue to sound like a herd of crazed St. Bernard's wearing Dutch wooden shoes holding wrestling matches.    I have went up there and said something,  I have pounded on the ceiling with a broom.  They are just inconsiderate, final opinion. It's 10:30 pm and they are still romping.

No sense in complaining to the manager.  He won't do anything unless someone is disturbing him personally.  He has himself well insulated with the snowbird above him and quiet people on either side. (Us for one) It takes forever to get anything fixed.  The toilet has been constantly running for two months now.  I've told him about it twice.  The only thing this place is good for is when people have a hard time paying their rent.

I'm done, finished with this place.  After the holidays, I will work on getting a car.  So I can work overtime, and save for the first month's rent and deposit for a single family house.  They have been putting up notices at work daily that they need people to stay for overtime from 4-8.  I usually get out between 5 and 6 so staying a couple extra hours wouldn't be a problem, except for walking in the dark, two miles to the bus stop through the barrio.

My horoscope for Monday: Owing to the unfavourable influence of the stars, you will be confronted today with situations which will easily stretch you to the max. Don't doubt your abilities. It is within your power to change these circumstances. If you are also faced with problems at work, try to make the best of it. Problems are ultimately placed before us so that we will learn from them. You can use these difficult times to improve your skills. 

(rolls eyes)

I need to do something and I'm on a mission.


Linda said...

Oh, man! My mouth is watering, reading about the subs. I'm originally from a suburb of Buffalo, NY. "John & Mary's" or "Lunetta's" for Royals (cappicola, Italian sauage patties, provolone, lettuce and tomato - with oil and mayo - on crusty Italian bread!!) Ooohhhhh! Gotta get one every time I'm back there.

Wishing you good vibes and good luck saving up money for a car. This will be a definite advantage for changing your apartment and work situation. Have a great day off!!

Rudee said...

So sorry about the fiber being tossed. Such a shame.

by Teresa said...

I can so relate the fiber being thrown away. I had a black plastic bag in the garage holding my handspun Angora rabbit, handspun alpaca in numerous natural colors, silk and cotton.. you guessed it, hubby thought it was garbage and took it to the dump. ARHGGGG!

Hang in there at work and get yourself a car and a single family dwelling!! Yes, you can!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Julie said...

Duane looks real happy with his lunch.
Sad your wool has disappeared, but great you've fond soe time to have a relaxing spin.

I hope your pans for the new year work out week, about time you had some nice things happening. Xxx

Carol said...

I think those upstairs neighbours of yours need to listen to Led Zeppelin. on loop. with the speaker taped to the ceiling. with the volume at eleven. while you go out for one of those sandwiches. at 11pm on a school night....