Monday, November 14, 2011

I Am Fit To Be Tied

I'm just fit to be tied.  It isn't bad enough I spent the day in the rain, but I come home to my flowers stolen from my patio garden.

I leave just as the sun is rising in the morning and get home after dark.  This morning, I noticed one of my roses had started to bloom. I thought how I don't really get to enjoy my little garden anymore and took a picture of the rose with my phone and set it as wall paper.

When I came home tonight it was gone, as well as my two geranium flowers.

My new miniature rose was lying sideways in the middle of my planter, like someone was going to take it, but got caught and dropped it.  I'm so pissed right now, I just want to punch someone.  Why do people think they can just take someone else's things?

My day didn't start off to well to begin with.  The weatherman lied.  The report was late afternoon scattered showers and high of 72F.  I didn't wear the "new to me" winter coat as it was in the 60's when I left, but  I did stop at CVS and bought an umbrella (just to be on the safe side) for the walk home.

Foreboding clouds over the mountains as I left for my first bus-I should have known.  When I got off the second bus, it had started to sprinkle.
I ran across the street to the gas station to use the bathroom and get my morning coffee, as I always do.

Our second meeting was like deja vu.  Our first meeting was standing in line for bathroom this past Monday.  The day it had started to sprinkle when I got off the bus. This morning the bathroom door rattled as I was just finishing drying my hands.  When I opened the door, there he was standing waiting to go in.

Me: "I recognize you."

Him: "Yeah, it was raining that day too."

Me: "We got to stop meeting like this.  I don't like the rain."

Of course, it started to pour after I got my coffee and was about to leave.  While I was standing by the garbage can gearing up for my long walk, as I do every morning.  An older man walked by.

Him: "Nice day for ducks."

Me: "I wish I were a duck.  I'm getting ready to walk two miles to work."

Him: "Where do you work?"

Me: "XYZ company.  The other side of the freeway."

Him: "I'll give you a ride."

He was about as broad as he was tall. Older man in his fifties.  I thought sure, why not.  Besides, I had my good friend Bessie I carry in my pocket.

My pretty pink tazer, Duane got me for protection.

It didn't stop raining all day.  The temperature never reached 70F, instead it dropped to the low 50's.  My team leader brought up chat on the computer.  Someone posted rain clouds and the devil.  I posted the same in return with "Yes, I have to walk to the bus stop in this."  TL asked if someone could give me a ride.  One of my teammates volunteered.  TL let me leave 15 minutes early with my teammate so I wouldn't have to wait an hour for the next bus. Yay! Then I came home.......

One of my neighbors was coming out as I was inspecting my garden, fuming.  I asked if she saw anyone messing around it.  Remember, that Sunday, I took a nap and an hour later my garden was torn up? Well, it wasn't the kitten that I had suspected, it was another neighbor's four year old son that she just lets run around, unsupervised.  The neighbor told me that this time she saw the kids from the apartment next to the manager hanging about my patio. I'm ready to put up a metal fence and hook it up to Bessie.

She had come out because she had been looking for me all weekend-she had a sack of tomatoes for me.  We had been talking about my garden, and she told me about the garden she had at her Grandma's house.  I had told her I would buy some green tomatoes from her, as I can't find green tomatoes in the stores.  Of course, those two had to check it out.

To top it off, while I was writing this post, my guy Robert Irvine got kicked off The Next Iron Chef.  I'm finished watching the show now.  I tell Duane all the time, if anything happens to him, I'm done with men.  Unless, of course Robert Irvine and Jimmy Page become available.  Robert to cook for me and Jimmy to play the guitar.  It doesn't bother Duane, as it will take two men to replace him.

Duane said, "Well, you have blog fodder.  Write a rant."  I'd rather tell old stories than have this kind of stuff happen.  How did it get to be the fourteenth of November? Sixteen more blog posts of NaBloPoMo.

I also realized today, I'm on a six day stretch til my next two days off.  When you work six days, does that mean you have two Wednesdays?  It's looking like one of hell of a hump I've got to get over.


Bootsie says, "That really sucks."

Today's lesson, there's some really nice people in this world.  Other people just SUCK!  I'm putting up a sign in my planter.  "Keep your damn hands off MY plants."

Beware of the Monday, everyone.


by Teresa said...

Dang, girl! I'd be so mad if someone did that to my garden! But I do have a story.. my older grandsons were visiting and I told them specifically not to cut through our plantings around the water feature... I had a perfect lime green hosta all fluffed out.. I went outside to check on the boys and that hosta was beat to smithereens. The oldest cut through the garden and the younger one followed.. with a stick.. I called them to the deck and went off like a rocket. And made them sit still until their parents arrived. I guess we all have plant vandals.. hang in there at work. Careful taking rides from strangers.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Little Mama said...

Sorry to hear about what happened to your little garden mom. If I were you, I'd find out who those kids belonged to and talk to the parents about it. Make them pay for the damages.

Sounds like you got lucky to get a ride to work and a ride home too. There are obviously some kind people in this world still.

That reminds me, Friday morning a church going woman handed me $100 to spend on Anna. I had no idea who she was when she came in the restaurant bathroom while I was changing Anna. She said that god told her to give me the $100. I was in shock but also really grateful. I thanked her and she gave me hug.

Dina said...

oooh so sorry, that would thoroughly piss me off!

melbatoast68 said...

That so totally sucks! I'm so sorry someone messed with your garden. RUDE! The children shouldn't be punished, their parents should be! I hope the rest of your week goes better!

Linda said...

What a rotten thing to do!! Sorry to say, when kids do something like that, it's the way their brought up most of the time. If you find the parents and complain, don't be surprised if they defend the little hoodlums or act as if they don't give a damn either. What a world.
Glad you had some good luck with the rides on such a bad day. But DO be careful!! Tazer or not, there's a lot of sickos out there. Hope the rest of your week goes much better!

Rudee said...

I'd be upset about the garden, too. Good to hear you caught rides to and from work, though. You deserved that bit of sunshine there.

Julie said...

You are excused for being cranky, I would be too if my lasts had been vandalised.