Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Just Blather I Guess

The puttins are upset they're picture wasn't posted on Halloween. They're the youngest of the five, born the day before my birthday, 2003. I was tricked into taking them at five weeks old, by a co-worker, back when I worked at the pizza shop. We are glad to have them, as they have been hours of entertainment.

I've had the pleasure of company of tons of cats, but these are two are far from the norm in antics and intelligence. Duane says, We're lucky they don't have working thumbs and a prehensile tail. When the they walk into a room together all I can think of is the two Siamese cats from Lady and The Tramp. They have the attitudes of those looking to cause some serious trouble then act very innocent when caught.

Bootsie(rear) however is far more nefarious, and doesn't really care about getting caught. Aka, Bootszilla, and Trotsky, she has a habit of trotting about like a horse.

Tennesee (front) is far more dainty, a Pop's only girl. At first, it was only her Pop, but is starting to allow me as well, to pet her, but only on our/their bed. Aka, Poopy Tail or Poopy due to an accident in the litter box when she was very tiny.

I signed up for NaBloPoMo, a post a day for the month of November. I certainly have plenty for blog fodder content with just WIP's. I'm betting I could post a new WIP a day for a couple months with what is just lying about, and not starting anything new. It will hopefully, get me in the habit of posting regularly. Even on my worst days, I could post a new pic with a blurb.

I really hate trying to think of a title for each post. That's pretty much my biggest problem with posting sometimes. Any tips, hints on coming up with titles for posts?

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sarah said...

Good luck with this endeavor! I always have such a problem getting my act together enough to have things to post about, I can't even imagine doing a post every day!