Sunday, November 12, 2006

Peacock Feathers Shawl

This weekend hasn't been nice to me, but, oh well, I'm used it by now. I did force myself to block my Peacock Feathers Shawl. Now, it is folded up nicely in my dresser drawer.

The basics, I knitted this using 2/20 silk, that I hand dyed myself. The colors I used were purple, violet, royal blue, blue, teal, emerald green, teal and turquoise, and plan to add this lace weight silk to our online store. After reading other bloggers posts about how big theirs turned out, I used a size US 5 knitting needle. This took just a little over a month to knit, even with occasionally rotating other projects.

Call me crazy, but I did not use stitch markers, except for the middle stitches or life lines, everything went smooth throughout. Considering this was knit during the summer, when everything else was going wrong, the knitting gods must have had mercy on me. (click for bigger)

This shawl is for sale. If interested,please e-mail me to negotiate a price.

These pictures aren't that great. I really should have used a white background. There is a large piece of white muslin floating around here somewhere. I'll look for it later and take better pictures.

DSC00512 DSC00513DSC00514DSC00515

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