Friday, November 03, 2006

Just A Short Post

I'm just under the wire for posting today. That is east coast time. I suppose if I weren't so tired, I still stay up and just back date with Blogger. After all, 11:00 is only 7:00 in California.

It's been a day of constant interruptions. I had two hours of work updating my blog links just taken down with a click. Being, I can only sit at the computer for about 15 minutes at a time. I often leave my work up, only to save someone come along and wipe it out. I know I should save between sitting sessions. But, the bum that did that tonight was asleep when I started. Didn't really think he would wake up and have to come along and be a butt.

So, instead of the post I had planned about spinning, I'll write about it tomorrow. Post a day, for NaBloPoMo I'll leave you, banging my head on the desk. "sigh"

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