Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Help Me, I'm In Finishing Mode

So far, in the past few months I've finished two shawls, a pair of socks, a pair footies, a hat and now Granddaughter's sweater is finished in time for her second birthday this weekend.
Duane agrees that is quite an accomplishment for me and that I deserve some new yarn. Of course, he would say that when finances aren't quite up to a purchase. There are about four maybe six more projects that are half to three quarters done, that I could probably get finished up in a few days to a week each. I've been trying to straighten up around here slowly, looking for a ton of missing paperwork and what not from those six weeks I was less than conscious.
This was my first sweater pattern I ever knit, a basic top down raglan pattern, made for my daughter while I was pregnant for her. Was only fitting that would be the first sweater I knit for her daughter. The first one was knit in Jamie Baby yarn, the only yarn I could afford at the time.
It seemed to grow with her, knit at six month size, she was still wearing it at age three.
This is knit with two skeins Mandarin Petite, I bought from a lady on ebay. I finished the sleeves first, the finished the body until I ran out of yarn. I'm hoping it will be long enough. It's cotton, so the length should stretch a bit with blocking.


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Leslie Shelor said...

Nice to see how much you're finishing! I'm not doing nearly so well!