Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Henry The Hateful Hummingbird

Do you remember how I was wishing for some fall weather?  Just my luck it came on the wrong day.  Thursday, it was cold (for us), dreary, windy and rainy.  The perfect day to stay home.  Except, I still had training to go to.

Henry the Hateful Hummingbird came by Thursday morning.  At first, I thought he was a baby that had lost his mother.  The birds to come get a drink and leave.  Henry sat on that branch for several hours chirping away.  Henry was guarding the feeder.  Every time a bird came up to get a drink he chased them away from the feeder.

He came back again Friday morning, but I haven't seen him since.

It's Monday night and I'm in the middle of a furious fibro flare and feeling a little hateful myself.  Not much sleep the past several nights.

  I was alright Sunday morning.  Work was crazytown.  The phone did not stop ringing for a second. It did make the time go by, pretty fast.  I had a hard time getting out of the program to go to my breaks.   People screaming right from the start.  An hour and forty-five minutes left of my shift, a team leader asked me if I wanted to go home early.  It took only a second to do the math and say, yes sir.  If I had stayed, it would cost twenty-five or thirty dollars for the cab home.  Leaving early I only lost seventeen dollars in pay and walked the mile and half for the bus.  First time I ever left work early and came out ahead.

Our Dammit let me snuggle him like a baby for quite awhile when I came home from work.  He actually fell asleep while I rocked him.

yes, that is an eye on my chest.

It's freezing at work.  So I started some fingerless mitts for myself with some merino/tencel I had spun a few years ago.  The fiber was bought at Rhinebeck in 2008.  So, frustrated I won't be able to go to Rhinebeck this year.  I had hoped to get a job in the summer.  Fly up to NY, see Nicole and the kids, then head on to Rhinebeck.  I'm going to try for May and MSW and maybe next October.

It was a great night until I was headed to bed at around eleven.  The lady upstairs had moved out last week.  Duane has said he heard someone walking around up there Friday and Saturday night.  Sunday night at eleven we both heard someone up there and then a loud bang.  We figured it was her abusive boyfriend and just planned to mention it to the manager today.

Then I smelled a strong chemical smell, I thought it was gasoline.  I called the manager and got his voice mail. Well, I'm scared that the boyfriend is up there and might be planning some revenge damage and set the place on fire.  So, I call the police.  While I'm on the phone, I notice the manager walking back and forth in front of my window.  He tells me to continue the call as he doesn't want to go up there and confront whomever might be up there.

The police show up and search the dark apartment.  Whomever was up there had left.  They said the strong smell was spray paint.  That someone had been in there spray painting a bike in the last hour.  The manager went up and changed the deadbolt.  Not that it's going to do much good, as  the door has been kicked in so many times  in  the past year, the door frame needs replaced.

Don't do meth, boys and girls.  It will fry your brain cells and make you think you can spray paint bikes in vacant apartments and the people downstairs won't notice or hear you.

or, I can hear you, jackass.

By  that time, it's one in the morning.  Duane and I are both wide awake with all the upset.  He went into his office  and it reeked with the chemical smell.  Another hour of being up airing out that room.  It was hard to go to sleep, as every little noise the animals made sounded like someone over head.

Four hours sleep and we had to be up by seven so my friend could take us grocery shopping.  It was too late to call her at one to ask if we could make it later.  I took a nap this afternoon.  It didn't help much.  Once my sleep cycle is thrown off that much, plus the stress, it's too late.  I'm in a full blown fibro-flare.  Up at six and four mile walk every day now until Saturday.

I'm wondering, Nurse Rudee told me to make the momcicle to break my late MIL's curse.  Things seemed to get better right after that.  However, I only used her first and last night name, I forgot to write down  the middle name.  I wonder if that could be a problem.  Hmmm, I hope when Duane cleaned out the freezer, he didn't forget what that container was and throw her out.

Tonight, our Dammit had a bit of Guinness in a bowl.  Just a little bit, no more than a couple tablespoons.  I was surprised he drank it. He loved it and slurped it right up.  Probably the hops.  The cats try to bury it.  I have his Zeppelin DVD, The Song Remains The Same playing for him.  He's in heaven for tonight.

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melbatoast68 said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been getting enough sleep. I so totally understand how that messes everything up. I turn absolutely evil. Hope that you will get some soon...IS that a "Cats" t-shirt?

Rudee said...

Just in case...put her back in the freezer. And for God's sake, get some rest!

Susie said...

Nothing quite so miserable as dodgy neighbours :-(. I'm sorry. At least Dammit's having a good time.

by Teresa said...

I sure wish you could get a little house to rent away from creepy neighbors. Take a deep breath and find a way to rest and catch up. You're really taking on a lot right now.. ((hugs)). T

Carol said...

That sucks about the whole sleep thing. Phooey. So, what exactly are you doing at the new job? When I think pharmacy tech, I think someone who counts pills, enter rx's into the computer, that kind of thing. But you are talking about just answering the phone....

Cookie said...

Sounds like a smart little hummy to me. ;^)

Hope you're feeling much better today.