Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Duane

Whew, it's been quite a day.  For me it started at 5:30am.  Not on purpose, I just woke up at that time as Duane was coming to bed.  His days and nights are messed up. I walked up to Target and Home Depot while he was sleeping.  There are several new readers, so I'm linking to the worst night in February, so you'll understand why this 50th birthday is extra special.

I needed to get some new plants for my planter.  I found out who destroyed my garden, but we'll save that for another post.  Today, it's all about Duane's day and bacon jam!!

Bacon whaat?  Bacon jam.  I first read about it last year and was going to make it for Christmas.  I couldn't find all the chili spices that the only recipe on the internet called for.  Then I was going to make it in February and we all know what happened there.  Since then, there are a bunch of recipes.  I chose Not Quite Nigella's recipe. The picture isn't that great, I know.  This is not a professional food blog.  It's a step up from the barrio blog.

I bought a catnip plant which I was going to let grow bigger.  Instead, I decided to just give it to the cats for birthday entertainment.

No, we want to read more about this bacon jam!

It's simmering for a couple hours, we'll get back to it.

I guess most people would be upset at new cookware for a present.  Since he loves to cook, and our pans have gotten really crappy, he was happy with nice new pans. It wasn't like that's all he got.

I bought him a Lantana plant he's been wanting for awhile for our garden.  Plus, that weird looking little cactus.  It looks like a mini saguaro with about six or eight arms.

My daughter had her oldest daughter Faith for weekend.  So they called and left him a birthday message on the machine, while he was sleeping and I was out.  He wants to figure out how to upload or record it to the computer so he can post it to his blog.

I called them back later.  While I was talking to Nicole, I could hear Faith in the background giggling and saying, I want to talk to Grandpa Duane.  I could just picture her hopping around.  He had a long conversation with her. So much energy.  She's at that age where every sentence starts with, Guess what?  She's always had an interesting way of speaking.  When she wants to emphasize something, she finishes with the words, two times.

Faith, "My new blanket is really comfy, two times."  "It's really pretty, two times"

Duane makes fun of her and she laughs at herself.  He said, she was born with excellent sarcasm meter.  In some ways, she's more mature about things at six, than most adults.  We both really miss her.  We're hoping we can get her for a month this summer.

Bacon jam.  I need a camera that takes food pictures better.  It looks better in person.  I had to let it simmer for two hours.  Then it said to put it the food processor.  All I have is a blender.  It worked out, but I had to keep opening the top and give a mix.

Duane said, It was great.  I did taste a bite, and it was pretty good.

We were saving our appetites for dinner at Chad's.  We invited my friend that took me back and forth to the hospital all those days.  She brought him a box of chocolate truffles.  I did bring the camera, but forgot to take pictures. The service was excellent.  We'll just have to go back again and remember to take pictures.  They have a prime rib sandwich on garlic bread for lunch. We were too full for dessert.  Another reason to go back.

When we got home, I asked him if he had a good day.  He said, "I got chocolate and bacon.  It couldn't get much better."

"Plus, a steak dinner."

"Yes.  I would have been just as happy if it was just you and a bologna sandwich."

Smacks forehead.  We're going backwards folks.  First it was birthday at Wendy's, now it's birthday bologna sandwiches.

I promised Nicole I would write this post after we came home, so she can show it to Faith in the morning before she goes back to her Dad's.  I'm mad at Wal-mart's shipping service.  They sent out the camera last Saturday from New Jersey.  It's sitting in Pennsylvania.  Damn, I probably could have walked it up to New York by now.

Duane wrote a birthday blog post while he was up all night.

I'm ending with a video by Sir Paul.  Then some pictures for Faith to look at. She's seems to have forgotten all our animals except for Dammit.  Who could forget Dammit?  How she could forget Bootsie is beyond us.

Tennessee aka Poopy Tail.

Bootsie and Butterscotch.

Dammit and Betty.

Nippit bunny.

Eighteen parakeets.

Grandma rocking Dammit like a baby.  I couldn't find an individual picture of Bright Eyes.  I will have to remedy that.


moderan said...

I like bologna sandwiches. I love you-that's the difference. Going backward, pflui.
Great relaxing day. At least for me. I appreciate that you were scooting around early.
Chad's was killer. I have my doubts about the precooked weight of that porterhouse but no complaints whatsoever about the taste or tenderness.
Wish I could break this weird cycle and get back to sleeping nights or for more than a couple hours at a time but we've been through this before and there's no rhyme or reason to it.
Ah well. Back to whatever it is that I do.

Julie said...

A great way to spend a birthday, being with and chatting to those you love the most.


by Teresa said...

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to Duane!! Sounds like you had a great one! Family calls, gifts, dinner out.. the best. Here's to another 50!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

melbatoast68 said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Hope there are many more!