Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Stitching Report

A few of you may remember this blanket I started for my oldest granddaughter last year.  It was supposed to be for her birthday, then Christmas, but other projects got in the way.  I had planned on finishing it for her birthday next month.  She will be seven.  A search through my queue on Ravelry and I will get the yarn to make her Honey Bunny for her birthday.

Saturday morning, my daughter called and told me she and the baby, Anna are doing well.  She had very distressing news to tell me regarding my oldest granddaughter.  Due to privacy issues, I won't tell what that news is.  I can tell you she is physically alright.  More than ever, I'm distressed at being so far away and unable to comfort my girls.  She could probably use a hug and cuddle from Grandma right now, so I pulled her blanket out and am trying to finish it in time to mail on Tuesday, when I'm off work.  I've spent the past few days in tears.

I was going to do a second set of patchwork squares to make it longer.  I decided it would be faster if I crocheted six rows around.  I'm now in the process of doing six granny stripe rows on the top and bottom to add length.  Then I will see how much yarn I have to left to maybe add more granny stripes.  Afterwards, I will trim it all around in a white shell stitch border.

In 2008, Duane and I took care of her while my daughter was at school then work.  Every time I pulled out anything with pink yarn she insisted it was for her.  As, I had posted then about it In The Pink.  I think I will make Anna' blanket in peaches and Jacob jr's in shades of blue with different arrangements.

I had planned last year, to come up for Rhinebeck this year, however, due to circumstances we all know, I wasn't able.  The Universe must have known what was coming down.  If I had been in NY this weekend, I wouldn't be at Rhinebeck, but sitting in a county jail.  Probably, TMI.  I'm just really hurt, sickened and very angry.

Saturday is my DIL's baby shower.  I'm also trying to get the other sleeve finished on the little sweater than make the hat in time to send out the whole works on Tuesday.


Alittlebitsheepish said...

Hope your grandaughter is doing ok, the blanket will be like a lovely hug from you

Tink said...

So sorry to hear this. But that blanket is gorgeous, and wrapping herself up in it has got to be the next best thing to having a proper hug from her Grandma.

I really do hope you get to see them all soon.

melbatoast68 said...

Sorry to hear there are problems. That beautiful blanket will make your grand daughter think of you and your love every time she sees it or uses it. That will mean a great deal to her.

Rudee said...

Well whatever happened sounds awful. I hope things settle down a bit and your granddaughter is OK.

The blanket is lovely.

Julie said...

Sending you lots of {{big friendly hugs}}. A stunning blanket crocheted with love, she'll love it.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I love that blanket adn I'm sure it will give your granddaughter lots of comfort!

Anonymous said...

Hope everything will be okay. I'm sure the blanket will be very comforting.