Monday, October 03, 2011

Happy Sunday, I Mean Monday

Monday for you,but it's Sunday for me.  Back to the old grind tomorrow. Sorry,  I was really stressed last Friday. However, Friday and Saturday went better.  I passed my test on Saturday with a 100%.  Saturday night we had potluck at work and Duane made his chili for me take in.  Several said, "It's the best chili I've ever had."  "This chili is the bomb, man." "That chili was totally awesome."  Now, you wish you could have some of his chili too.

Funny thing:

D: You can take the chili in to share with all your friends.

Me: They are not my friends, they're my co-workers.  A little closer than acquaintances, but still the hand is held up.  No, closer than this.

D: Yeah, I get it.

Me:  Now, my blog readers in various far away places.  They're my best buddies.  (I held my arms wide like group hug.)

(Duane bought me this rose plant today.)

Tomorrow, we start training on the phones taking real calls.  Every time I think about that, I get a little sick.  I might have passed the test, but I feel totally unprepared.  Oh well, it's training.  What's the worst that can happen than the customer (a stranger) thinks I'm an idiot.  The trainer says we get to be a superhero, solving peoples problems every day.  I didn't tell her I'm already Superwoman, as I'm posing as a mild mannered knitter.  Even if my cape is a little crooked and I have a run in my tights.

Phrases I've picked up this week,  At the end of the day. You only know what you know. Whatever that looks like for you.  My personal favorite said by the lady sitting next to me, "Every time I see that Powerpoint screen, I die a little inside."

Baby sweater and hat is mailed off with a gift card for my daughter today.  She should get it by Wednesday, in time for her to get what she needs before she goes to the hospital on Friday.  It was asked if it bothers me that I won't be there.  Yes, it does.  I'm trying not to think about it.  I can't buy a plane ticket and even if I could, I can't miss a day of work until after Saturday.  Emotional button switched to the off position.

I'll post the lousy picture I took of the hat sweater at the post office.  I was still knitting on the hat while my friend was driving us to various stores.  Right down to the wire, that's me.  Hopefully, by Saturday, or maybe sooner I can steal pictures of the baby off the other grandma's FB page.  Hopefully the baby will be wearing the hat.  Then we can all go "Awww" from a distance.

The birds will have a surprise for you tomorrow.  No not more eggs or baby birds.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my crazy ramblings.  You all are the best.


by Teresa said...

Yes, you're right, we want Duane's chili recipe! I've got the hankering for homemade chili as our weather has for reals turned Fallish, cool, drizzly and our fire is going.

You'll do GREAT on the phone tomorrow! You'll be an ace in no time.

I'm excited for the baby to come and can't wait to see photos. Do you have any other grandkids?

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Carol said...

alrighty, I figured out why I was occasionally having probs posting a comment. Browser on the big computer was too old. It's working now :)

I've been away as you know, so I just read the last 3 or 4 posts. That hummingbird attacking you would have been hysterically funny. After the fact.

As for work, the first few days are always exhausting and nerve wracking. And that's even if you know what the job is going in. Never mind a brand new one. You will prevail. you have up to now, right?

As for the oversharing thing, many people view coworkers as friends. I've never really been comfortable socializing with my coworkers. It means dealing with work crap even after work hours. Blech.

Spinster Beth said...

If you want to insult someone's knowledge of something, you say "His knowledge of that (subject) is only power-point deep."

Sounds like a busy life!

Rudee said...

I made chili, too, but like the greedy pig I am, I kept it all to myself. Nothing is better than leftover chili and leftover chili. Yum.

Life will be better when you're out of training.

melbatoast68 said...

I know you are doing great and after the past year, you make super heros look mundane. Don't ever doubt yourself. Us friends are here to back you up :)