Friday, September 30, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday

Not much progress on the knitting front.  Really, not much progress on any front.

This is how far I got on the sleeve at Duane's Dr.'s appointment this morning.   I don't know if I thought I was some sort of a speed knitter or I thought I would be spending the day there, as I believed that I could finish the sleeves this morning.  It ended up almost being the latter, but I was so annoyed with all the inconsiderate delays of our time, I couldn't concentrate on knitting.  Hopefully, I can get the sleeves finished and a hat by Monday, so I can mail it off to my daughter in time before the 7th.  That's when she goes in for a c-section.

I thought about posting pictures of the stuff I wish I could be working on.  Fun for you, maybe, but torture for me and I'm going through enough torture.

Just color me annoyed right today.  Two more shifts to go and then I have two days off.  I will get through it. (Trying to convince myself.)  Training is getting on my last nerve as the class is very laid back and many of my fellow trainees take advantage by talking while we're trying to learn and constantly go off topic.  The trainer is trying to keep it fun, but I'm not finding it very fun as I'm there to try to learn my job.  I will get through it.

Some people are over-sharing their personal information during class.  Annoying.  Some things I just don't care to know about.  Yes, I share my personal story on this here blog, but you choose to come read about it. Which I'm amazed and humbled at those of you who stop by.   Plus, I don't have to look at you for eight hours a day at my work.  There are things I will share with everyone around the globe, but however, not with my co-workers. Funny, isn't it.

Not much chance of them wanting to read my blog.  None of them do crafty things and they think I'm weird.

Duane says not worry that most of the learning takes place on the floor when I'm taking calls.  But, I want to learn what I need to learn now, and not after I'm on the phone with a customer sounding like a babbling idiot.  I will get through.  Two more nights of classroom, then we start on the phone training on Tuesday night.  I will get through.  It will get easier at some point.  Did I convince you?  Yeah, I'm still working on convincing me.

P.S. Hopefully this post made some sense.  I've had less than five hours of sleep and I'm off to work in a half hour.  PRAY. FOR. ME. .

P.P.S.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my incoherent ramblings.

Stop by Fiber Arts Friday, they probably have better stuff.


Anonymous said...

Once you are in your own cubbie and taking your own calls, it will ALL make sense.

I bet you'll be their best service rep!

Marushka C. said...

I think training is usually worse than the job itself. I hope you'll be happier once you get to the real stuff!

The sweater looks pretty. Best wishes to your daughter.

Heather said...

I feel your pain, corporate training is always weird. I was one of those enthusiastic trainers, and after awhile it gets to be fun to see how people respond to your perkiness. Kind of a weird passive aggressive thing. 2 days and you have time off!! YAY You're almost through your first week!

WonderWhyGal said...

We've all been there. Get some rest...oh, you totally made sense.

by Teresa said...

First.. a great sweater for the new baby.. do keep us apprised of her progress.. must kill you not to be able to be there when the baby is born.

I can *so* relate on the job thing. I trained for weeks to work on the phone taking ads for a big newspaper and didn't make the cut after a week doing the work. Which is interesting as I had 2 people rave about how I was the best person they'd ever talked to taking their ads that day. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. They then moved me to another department taking complaints and starts and stops. It definitely is mostly learning on the job.. it will take you a few weeks to get in the swing of it.

Goooooooooooood luck!!

Teresa :-)

Melissa said...

Prayers to you in your time of trial....hope things improve for you soon.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!

Rudee said...

All will be well once training is done.

The sweater looks adorable.

melbatoast68 said...

Training sucks...every where. I always feel out of my element. It will work itself out. The sweater is looking gorgeous!