Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Butt's A Draggin

Using this just for a nice picture.  Not like I can post a picture of work, or it will all end in tears.  Really it will.

First day went ok, kinda boring even though the trainer tried to make it fun.  Seriously, she must have had a serious caffeine overdose at some point in her life and has yet to come back down.

I think my trip to work might be more interesting than those eight and half hours of corporate brainwashing.  I don't think I mentioned this before, but that Thursday when I went in to do the paperwork and drug test, I met a classmate that lives on my side of town, only way far out.  I had mentioned I took the bus there, so when we left for the drug test she asked if she could give me a ride.  She's only lived here a few months, and was glad for some help to find the lab and I was glad for a ride.  I asked her if she would mind bringing me home at night so I wouldn't have to pay a cab and I would pitch in for gas.  Anyway, she gave her number but when I tried calling it I got a fast busy signal.  So, I hoped she would be there last night.

I don't know why I was so nervous about starting this job.  It got worse the closer the time came.  By the time I was sitting at the second bus stop, I was literally trembling like a dog sitting in the vets office.  It was twenty minutes til the next bus, so I knit and tried to figure it out.  Most of my jobs have been temp agency jobs because I liked it that way.  It couldn't be that it's a new situation. Agency work is all new situations, all the time.

Maybe it's because there have been so many changes this year, I feel like I'm spinning round and round. First Duane's changing work schedule, then the him in the hospital, then nursing home, finally back home, then the boarder, then no boarder, now a job with a changing schedule. Whew.  Did you see that? I just went spinning across the room like a top.

I looked at the time and it was a minute before the bus was to arrive, so I put the knitting away.  Checked the time again, a minute after.  Then I worried I was so deep in thought, did the bus pass right by me and I didn't notice?  So here I am checking time every 30 seconds, worrying about the bus.  It did finally show up seven minutes late.

When I got off the bus across town, I notice dark purple clouds with lightening over the mountains not far away.  We are surrounding by mountains.  Tucson is basically a basin.  A friend of friend is a pilot and I was told that he said when he lands in Tucson, he feels like he's being sucked into a black hole.  Not too far off, there buddy.

I wished I had the camera with me to take a picture of the rain coming down on the mountain. Very pretty when in a bus, on standing on my patio.  Except, I have to walk a little over a mile and I was worried about a downpour on me. Then having to sit soaking wet in the cold air conditioning for the next eight hours.  It's mostly open dessert on that side of town.   A sandstorm had kicked up which happens just before a rainstorm.  I had sand all blowing in my face during this long walk in the hot sun. But, I made it there, a little sandblasted and windblown but all parts were mostly dry and intact.  We could hear the downpour above about fifteen minutes after we were in the classroom.  Duane got tons of rain, a few hours later.

My new friend was there and she said she would give me a ride home.  Then the rest of the night was pretty much boring.  As I said, the trainer was over-enthusiastic.  Should she ever need a career change, I think she would make a great high impact aerobics instructor.  Even so, by nine I was yawning my head off.  By ten, I had a bad headache and my neck was getting painful.

The funniest part was when we were leaving.  As I mentioned, it's all open desert over there.  Duane has mentioned seeing critters, especially coming home at night or sundown.  I've always walked looking down at the ground, a good habit to have.  My new friend almost stepped on a snake walking through the parking lot. Within inches.  It was a little one, about two feet long.  I didn't hear any rattling, so I'm pretty sure it was a safe one.

I said, "Damn woman, you almost stepped on that snake."

She hadn't even noticed it and started screaming, "No, no!!!"

"Yes, you did. It's right there."

She's still screaming, "No, no!! I don't do snakes!! I hate this desert!!"

Then I said, "Damn, wish I had my camera with me.  A picture of that snake would have made great blog fodder."

She officially thinks I'm off my rocker.

I'm sorry, but I couldn't help laughing.  It was like that Richard Pryor skit with snake.

I'm sure you know how RP is, so if you're sensitive to strong language don't play it.

Duane has lectured me about the critters down here, so I know to look for and expect them.  Besides, if you freak out and scream, that only alerts them to the fact you are there.

Tonight is going to be rough.  I woke up at 7:30 this morning to my bedroom ceiling leaking.  It's not like before.  But damn, I don't need this crap.  I called the manager and he's away from the complex for a few hours before he can get here.  He's concerned about what's going on up there, because as of Monday he gave the lady above until October 1st to find a new place to live.

My new friend insisted on picking up on her way in, so no long bus ride and walk.  We have five days classroom time, then five days training out on the floor.  Then I will get my semi-regular schedule, which should start any where from ten to noon and I will have to transition to getting up about six am.  I think it's pretty stupid to have training so late in the day, when people are winding down and getting tired.

Thanks for stopping by and all your encouraging comments.


by Teresa said...

What will your job be? Hope your trainer doesn't read your blog. LOL! I hope they are paying you for the training. I'm happy for you that you have made a new friend that can pick you up and take you home. That's awesome! You'll have to make her a scarf with some of your handspun. Keep hanging in there, you're doing great! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tink said...

Glad you survived your first day! And how lovely to find a friend who can give you a lift and save you all the bus travel.

I bet the rain and lightning over the mountains really does look awesome.

Rudee said...

Some time between my hiring into the ICU, and years later when I transferred to hospice (same corporation), the system changed the name of the hiring process to, Onboarding. I likened it to torture, and of course, water boarding. A week of corporate mumbo jumbo on the most uncomfortable seats made me question my decision to switch to hospice.

All I can say Denise, is it will get better. Promise. Happy knitting in the mornings!

melbatoast68 said...

Training is the pits! It's either over whelming or so boring. One day down! You're doing great!!