Friday, September 09, 2011

Duane Bought The Cats A Cozy Chair

I note that it does have a lack of cats.  They're currently guarding the bed.

It's been a busy week.  I'm exhausted on my second Friday.  Everyone else has been living a day behind because of the holiday, but because I'm weird, I've been living a day a head.  I thought Tuesday was Wednesday.  Then on Wednesday, I worried all day that it might be Thursday, because Thursday morning I had to be at the new job for paperwork.  Then yesterday, I kept thinking it was Friday.

Anyway, the chair.  Tuesday, we went up to the used furniture store to look at chairs.  Duane has been lacking a comfortable place to sit since we moved down here and left his recliner back in NY, as it was broken anyway.  The nursing home had promised to help get him a chair.  That fell through.  

It's a nice kid glove leather and I'm really worried the cats are going to scratch it up.  (I'm glaring back at you, Bootsie.)  Since, he's resigned to being a househusband, he really should have some place comfy to sit on cats.

This however, has led to a dilemma and much stomping around on my part.  What to do with the futon, that the Ravioli lady and her son broke, since it no longer fits in the room.  It wasn't even a year old when they broke it.  Stuff had to be moved around, and now the living room looks more like a yard sale than before.  I've long ago needed to organize my junk and now have about two weeks to get this accomplished.

Today, I'm going through a tote, and I come across some old Christmas gifts, Duane had received from his work awhile back.  It was a smelly candle and candy dish with the lid missing.  Which sent me on a tangent.

Me:  I really hope the department I'm working in doesn't have a Secret Santa gift exchange.

Duane: I don't remember any of the departments having any gift giving thing last year.

Me: It will be just my luck, this will be the year someone will want to start one.  It never fails.  I hate Secret Santa.

Duane: I don't mind them.

Me:  I've quit jobs because of mandatory Secret Santa exchanges.

Duane: I believe you have.

Then I went on about some have had an outrageous price like $50.00.  Hell, I don't even buy my spouse a gift that expensive.  Sometimes, $20.00 would be the most expensive gift I could afford for my kids and they cut into my kids Christmas budget.  I don't mind buying a gift if the price is reasonable and it's good year.  The thing I hate the most is the gift in return.  It's some junk, I don't want or need, but I keep it because it was the thought that counts.  Then years latter, I'm carrying around this piece of crap, I don't want, can't remember the person who gave it to me, all because I don't want to seem ungrateful.  (In my defense, I always found a new job before I quit the old one.  Mention Secret Santa and I start job hunting, same day.)

Duane:  You should blog about this.  This is stuff to blog to about.

Me: I know, I've had five posts worth of stuff go through my head this week.

Duane:  Do a rant a day.  So this is what your stomping around about.

Me: Sort of.  Really, I'm stomping around because I'm trying to organize this tote that I know my beads should be in there, but I can't find them.  It's all because the ceiling fell on my head.

Duane: Really?

Me: Yes, I was so disgusted with the plaster covering all my stuff, I just dumped it all into totes, and everything is a disorganized mess. But, I figured since I'm headed up to the bank, I would stop in the bead store and get some beads that would go with the missing beads.

Duane: Just go get yourself some new beads.

Which I did.  You'll have to come back to see what I'm going to do with them.

Sincerely yours,
From: going crazy in the desert.


melbatoast68 said...

Duane is right, a good rant does wonders. Let it go! Enjoy it & then breath deep. It feels great...this coming from a ranting queen 

Rudee said...

I hate secret santa exchanges, too.

Heather said...

I hate Secret Santas, Santa, and presents for adults in general. I think it's stupid "Buy me a 50.00 gift, and I'll buy you a 50.00 gift". What if everyone just buys themselves a 50.00 thing they really need? Sheesh. And I agree, ranting is good for the health.

Carol said...

I hate Secret Santas. I never know what the hell to buy. In act, I have a box (the kind you get a bunch of printer paper in) that I put gifts that I don;t like/need into. Then I recycle them from year to year. The stuff MIL gives me gets given as a secret Santa, the stuff then SS gave me goes to the MIL. etc...I invite people that come over to go through it and take stuff they like....once in a while I donate a bunch to the women's shelter. Just cause I didn't like the decorative basket doesn't mean someone else won't

Duane said...

You should rant. I'll even join you. We can tagteam rant. I told you during that exchange that I'm holding back some rants because of political correctness...of all things *shakes head*
I still kinda like secret santas.

by Teresa said...

Ohhh.. beads. I have a whole world of beads in my "office". I love beads. Can't wait to see what you make with those. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

nursenikkiknits said...

So what are you saying? No blogworld secret santa then? ; )
Love the beautiful beads. I can't wait to see what you do with them.
PS I love the rants too : )

Susie said...

I've never done secret santa but I'll tell you what I used to hate: the office Christmas party (shuddering at the memory).

And I do want to see what you do with the beads, actually.

Marushka C. said...

the only thing worse than Secret Santa is Dirty Santa, in my opinion. I'm always hesitate when it's time to steal the good gift and thus end up with the weirdest thing in the room.