Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Sorry Nicole, I'm late this week.  (My daughter)  I was just too exhausted last night to post when I usually do. It's been a busy week.

I misplaced the baby sweater when the boarder moved in.  Just found it last week while I was rearranging the living room for the cat's chair.  I need to get this and other baby things finished pretty quick as my daughter will be having c-section on October 7th.  It's really nerve wracking being so far away, when she goes into the hospital.  I wasn't able to get to do anything with beads this weekend.  

Finally, I was able to order the sw bfl/nylon batts from Cupcake Fibers, that I've been wanting since before Duane went into the hospital.  Joan is super fast to send out.  I ordered it on Saturday morning and it was sitting in my mailbox on Monday morning.  I spun a bit of it on my third spindle for reporting purposes.  I would say it spins like butter, that is if one could spin butter.  Don't try spinning butter it will make a mess, get some lovely batts from Joan instead. 

 I need to finish up K's lama this week, so hopefully she can make a trip down from Phoenix. Meet Duane and visit with Dammit.  Less than ounce left, I've should have finished it long ago, but again, the confusion in the house with the boarder.  So glad he's out and life will get back some from of normal. 

Duane made his famous chili on Monday.  Tuesday, my daughter called saying her father lost the recipe for the chili.  There's the link Nicole.  Tell your father, I suggest he uses one can each of light and dark red kidney beans and one can black beans, plus a can of chopped tomatoes and don't forget the frozen corn.  Duane also adds cumin and that's not listed on the recipe.  I'm sure he put a comment on the blog when he reads this, so check back on the comments.  Tell your Dad also, I'll set aside the money for his bus fare down.  Anytime after Christmas, he wants to come down to get away from the nuthouse and cold, just let us know and we'll get him the bus ticket.  He'll have fun cooking and baking with Duane. 

Here's a little video I took of what our living room sounds like.  It's hard to hear the tv most of the time.  We turn the tv up and they turn their little amps up.  Attempted conversation has a lot of "wut?!"  Any day now, I expect the birds to shout, "Wut?!"

In the back, Junior is bugging Mama Myrtle for food.  He has no business doing this as he took a flight on Saturday.  Duane was taking the babies out of the box and Junior shot right out the door.  Just like Mr. Herbie did to me once.  Luckily, the cats were all sleeping when Junior flew into the dining room and tried to get out the window.  Myrtle and I think he's big enough to feed himself now.  I need to take a picture of the two youngest, our third set of identical twins.

Yesterday, was my first time posting consistently for a year, in all the years I've had this blog.  I should have posted something, but well, I suck.  What can I say? There is so much to post about, but I'll save it for tomorrow.


melbatoast68 said...

First of all...Chilli....yum! And your spinning looks gorgeous! LOVE the color. It's so rich!

by Teresa said...

OmG! Listening to the birdies was sooOOoo funny! Thanks for posting that. Now I want to make chili. And I went to look at the cupcake fiber.. I was tempted by the lime, pink and aqua mix.
Hugs, Teresa

Duane said...

Hi ladies.
I customized this batch by tossing in some cumin and a bit of chipotle powder.
Recipes are just a base to work from.

nursenikkiknits said...

Wow, that was some fast fiber delivery! I love the colour. The birds are so gorgeous (although I'm kind of glad they are not in my TV room ; )

pinkundine said...

Love the colour that you're spinning, so fresh :)

Rudee said...

I think bfl is about one of my favorite fibers to spin. It is like butter.

Holy Mackerel! Those birds are loud. Girl, I don't know how you do it. When Leo gets to barking at squirrels, I about lose my mind. Are your birds like that all day, or only at certain times?

Pearlin J said...

that yarn your spinning looks lovely! we had those birds once in our home too, they are soo loud!!

autumngeisha said...

That chili looks so yummy! The weather has turned cold out and it has me craving for a big bowl of red. Your spinning is gorgeous as always. Love that shade of blue!