Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Day Of Kindergarten

Actually, it's the first day of my new job.  It sure feels like the first day of kindergarten as I am both excited and apprehensive.  Excited to get out the house yet then I remember I can't sit around in my nightgown watching Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers.  Oh wait, I'm regressing.

It's a means to an end, in that I will be able to save for the refresher course and get my nursing license.  As I haven't worked as a nurse in twelve years, I would want to take that course.  So much has changed in a decade, I'm sure.  Plus save for a down payment on a house.  I've always wanted to own my own home and I've been discouraged that at 45 I still don't have the one thing I've wanted.  Bad decisions and people in my life have been my downfall.

As you can see from the picture above, my roses are in full blown and still there.

My seedlings have all started to sprout except for the parsley.  The lid is supposed to come off now and the seedlings placed in the sun.  The parsley will just have to deal.  I suppose I'll give them just a couple hours in the sun every morning, so as not to burn them up.  It's still pretty hot, Saturday it was 105F/40+C.

The yellow/green crew have grown up.  Mama Myrtle on the far right, Tweety and Baby (they are mostly yellow with light yellow/green bodies) Norm/Norma, then Yertle on the left.  In the back left is Mr. Bird and Meanie.  In the far right, back perch is Junior taking a nap.  On the green perch at the top is Cassidy.  In a few weeks we'll be getting a big flight cage then the Mean Green Team will join up with the Bad Blue Crew from the other cage.   If you could see some the tricks they play on each other, I'm just glad I'm not a bird in either cage.

I didn't get very much done over the weekend.  Organizing didn't happen.  I believe I was afraid I would find a bunch of toys I might want to play with only to have to start work.  As it was, I spied two cross stitch pictures I wanted to work on when I moved a pile of fabric.  If you could see all the wips I have your eyes would bulge out.  I bet I could post a different wip picture every Wednesday for two years and not have to take a stitch.  Yes, I am that bad.

Speaking about wips, I'm going to write my WIPW post next and have it scheduled to post tonight at midnight eastern time.  You know, while I'm still at work.  Then hopefully tomorrow morning I'm not too exhausted to tell you all how my first day at kindergarten work was.

Thanks for stopping by.


melbatoast68 said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with a bad case of "startitis." I have WIP's everywhere. My little basket just makes it look cute and organize.

Your roses are gorgeous. I'm so glad that no one took them and you get to enjoy them.

I know that you'll do great at work and I'll dream of rainbow colored lace socks/stockings for you because not only are they weird, they are absolutely wonderful....just like you :)

by Teresa said...

I'm excited for you and the 1st day at the new job. I look forward to hearing all about it. You know, you might have lots of WIPs, but at least you have them in progress.. I have lots of supplies for things I want to do and haven't gotten them even started!

I was glad to see no one took your roses and wow, they're full! Do they have an aroma too?

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Rudee said...

New beginnings...for you and your plants. Enjoy your new job!