Thursday, October 20, 2011

Plant Love

I can't remember half the stuff I wanted to post about.  I swear call center jobs suck the brains out of people by those head sets.

My grandmother always told the story of how my first words were the names of the plants in her garden.  Was my love of plants instilled in me at a young age or just inherent in my nature?  I just know the lack of green growing things sucks my soul dry.

I love seeing new growth on my plants.  I was afraid my rosebush had went dormant after the flowers bloomed.  How happy it makes me to see new shoots sprouting.

I just love the pink of this rose on my mini bush.

Carol asked if we were going to make pesto with the sweet basil.  I asked Duane and he said probably.  I'm just growing a bunch of herbs for him to use in his cooking.

Thanks for stopping by.  There is more stuff but it took all morning to download these pictures, the internet is slow today.   My ride will be here in ten minutes.


Heather said...

It's so nice to see green growing things in your garden! I grew a ton of fennel and basil this year. But not once did my basil make it into pesto. I kept ending up using it fresh, I was addicted. I have one plant left I am nursing in my kitchen. Hopefully he'll survive the winter and keep me in basil during the snow.. Love that rose, so perfect.

Julie said...

Pink roses are one of my favourites, autumn here now so I'll have to wait till next year for ours to bloom again.