Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Message From Dammit Bunny

We interrupt this blog with a message from Dammit bunny.

Ahem. Thump. Thump. Is this thing on?  There's no microphone?  Ok, well then.

We are using old photos because Mom is too lazy tired to take new ones. 

It has been brought to my attention that my many fans have been concerned about my silence on both here and my FB page, since my near fatal illness this past July.  After my recuperation, I needed to busy myself with getting those minion cats of mine back in line.  The little grey one had the nerve to stand in my room and yowl for several minutes, until I dashed out, pounced her and chased her out of the room.

That Bootsie cat, is the worst.  She's been walking around here like she owns MY place.  I have to pounce and chase her every time she gets into my hopping path.  I used to scare them just by putting my ears forward and giving them The Look.  Not so much since I was sick.  Obviously, they need retraining. Damn minions.

This is The Look.

The other night, just when they thought it was safe, and I was feeling particularly spunky.  I endeavored into my favorite sport.  Cat bowling.  They were all curled up in the bed, all cozy in their cat pile, sound to sleep.  Then I leaped into the middle of pile and sent them all scattering.  Pop came in just as the cats were running out and I was bouncing in the middle of the bed, laughing at them. Such fun.  I've missed doing that.

Give the old lady credit, she took one picture this morning.

I have my own room that I share with my Betty. Excuse the mess. I won't let the maid (Mom) in to vacuum my fur off the carpet.  It's sink room off the bedroom between the closet (Mom needs to clean that out for me) and the water room.  That water room is weird.  Mom takes off all her fur and stands in the rain that she makes come out of the top.  She's a strange one, that Mom.

Mom took these while I dictated this post.  The bird seed is tasty.  Hope Mom is remains too lazy, tired busy to vacuum.  

Mom what are you doing laying on the floor? 

Action shot.  Me binky laughing at Mom laying on the floor. 

Seriously, are you going to stay down there?

Mainly, why I wanted to speak to you today, is because I need your help.  I can get the minion cats back into line, myself.  The slave humans have been a problem, though. They are seriously slacking, lately.  Sadly, if things don't straighten out I might have to put them up for adoption.  The problem is, there is a serious lack of Zeppelin in this house.

I've tried the carpet chewing thing, that worked before.  They just chase me away from the tasty spot and put something heavy on it.

 Mom is suddenly gone most of the day and when she gets home at midnight she's says it's too late for Zeppelin to be blasted and flops into bed.  Pop said, he wore out of Zeppelin way back in the 70's when his Pop played it all the time.  So, he won't put it on for me. Can you imagine? Wore out Zeppelin. He's says I added to this!!

See this. This doesn't happen anymore. 

It was great, back in the day when Pop would leave for most of the day and Mom would be home playing my Zeppelin. We would dance around the house. Mom never tired of the Zeppelin.  But now, it's boooring.

I've put in several calls to Jimmy Page's manager, but they keep hanging up on me.  Mr. Page would make a great replacement for the current humans. It would be great, I could listen to him play is guitar up close in person.  Zeppelin all the time.  Mom says Mr. Page would not like me chewing his expensive carpets and out I would go.  Except, I wouldn't need chew his carpet as there would be Zeppelin ALL THE TIME!! Mom doesn't think so.

I need you to sign my petition down there at the bottom where it says comments.  Zeppelin for Dammit! Not More Zeppelin for Dammit as there hasn't been any in the first place.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my plight.

PS.  Mom says work went better last night, but it was still crazytown.  Whatever that is.

Now, let's square dance.  Everyone hop in a circle.


melbatoast68 said...

Oh give a bunny a break, damnit :)

by Teresa said...

Glad to see Dammit is back in fine form. Now if he could get the rest of the inhabitants in line. LOL!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Rudee said...

Dear Dammit,

Summun is lyin' to you...there is no such thing as wearin' out Zeppelin. Everyone needs a little Led for their head.

Alittlebitsheepish said...

Hi Dammit, glad you are feeling better, but please be nice to your cats and humans, they look after you! (and they bring the food)

turtlegirl76 said...

What? No Zepplin for Dammit bunny? HOW COULD YOU DAD?! Give the bunny a break. One song at a time won't kill ya.