Tuesday, October 04, 2011

They Need Their Own Zipcode

The birds surprise arrived a day early.  It ended up being a long procedure, so I'm glad it was my day off.  After much research, I found the perfect flight cage at the lowest price.  Considering the size and quality of this cage compared to their house-shaped cage, it was a steal.

The dimensions are approximately over 4 ft tall, 3 ft wide and 2 ft deep.  When I stand next to it, it comes just below my chin.  Yes, yes I am short.  It's on caster wheels, to make moving for cleaning easier.  I told Duane we should put a motor on it and a steering wheel so Huey and Herbie can take it for a spin around the apartment.

Duane said, "I don't think so."

 Mr. Bird said, "Word."

 I said, "It would be great.  You'll be sitting in your office and suddenly a huge cage would come pulling up to the doorway."

Duane said, "I don't think so."

Mr. Bird said, "Word."

Once Duane assembled the lower half, he thought they sent extra pieces.  This thing is huge.  We had planned on leaving Cassidy in the house cage with Mr. Bird, Myrtle and Meanie, because of Cassidy's bum leg.  After realizing the size of this thing, in person, it was decided they all could go in the big cage with plenty of space.

It was a two hour project just to transfer 18 flying maniacs with sharp claws and beaks.  Not easy to catch with them all fluttering around.  I transferred three and Duane caught the rest, while I manned the door on the big cage.  We were supposed to take turns, but Duane kept saying I'm going in again.

 There was only two mishaps, four if count the damage to our hands.  Myrtle broke a feather on her wing and bled a little bit.  We were quite concerned, as parakeets can bleed to death losing just a few drops of blood.  I was afraid of injuring her worse if we tried to catch her again to apply styptic pencil.  In the end, we decided to just watch her carefully and she's just fine this morning.

The other mishap was, Clarence/Clarice (we can't decide boy or girl) some how got away and flew across the room, right into the wall, thud.  Then bounced to the floor.  I found him a little stunned hopping around under a plastic bag.  He's just fine, with a tale to tell the other birds.

(Cassidy is sitting on the left bottom yellow calcium perch.)

My birds don't read the internet sites about how parakeets are supposed to act.  Like mating season is from October to March, yet their still laying clutches of eggs in May and July.  They are supposed to take one mate for life.  Huey and Ladybird, yes.  Mr. Bird, our resident gigolo, mates with toys, Myrtle and his mistress Emily.  We had to remove Emily, when Myrtle laid her eggs, as the girl birds will fight to the death over the breeding house.

Emily and Mr. Bird are now reunited.  It was like a love story when they spotted each other from across the cage.  "Mr. Bird!"  "Emily!"  They have been following each other around the cage like two star-crossed lovers.  Myrtle isn't put out, she prefers to just sit alone on a perch, unless her egg hormones have kicked in.

I start on the phones tonight.  We take only re-fill calls for the first half, then status calls the second half.  I'm practicing my, "This is pharmacy technician Denise.  May I have the patient's name and date of birth?"  I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.  I'm writing WIPW next, which will be scheduled to post at midnight US eastern time tonight, since there won't be anymore progress on the WIPs between now and tomorrow.

It was asked if I have other grandchildren.  This is Faith and my daughter Nicole.  It's blurry, taken with her phone camera.  I'm sending my daughter an inexpensive Kodak digital camera when I get  my first two-week paycheck, so there will be no reason not to send me pictures.  Nicole reads my blog every day, whether I post or not.  Everyone wave, "Hi, to Nicole."

Thanks for stopping by the crazy house.  More craziness and hilarity should ensue.


by Teresa said...

That is wonderful that you got a bigger cage so that all the birds can be together and have lots of room to flitter about. It looks like a good one.

Thanks for adding a photo of your daughter and granddaughter! Can't wait to see the new baby.

I'm sure you're going to do great on this new job! What kind of headset do you use?

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is quite a cage! I'm sure they will enjoy all the extra room.

Even blurry it's clear to see you have a very cute granddaughter.

Good luck on the job tonight.

Heather said...

Amazing new bird house!! Their next upgrade will have to be their own room!

Beautiful daughter and granddaughter too!

melbatoast68 said...

What a great new home!! I'm sure they all think they're in a palace now