Wednesday, February 02, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Yikes, I didn't even open my laptop until 9pm tonight.  D knew I wasn't feeling well when I told him, I hadn't even cracked open the laptop all day.  He said it's from the cold weather, well, cold for Tucson that is.  I had to cover my pansies with pillowcases.  Hope the neighbors don't steal them.  The pillowcases that is.

It rained on Monday.  Before you northerners yawn.  It rains so rare this year, that it is an event worth noting.  Last time it rained was around New Years and before that sometime in October.

Current knitting is still my handspun merino/angora/silk cardi.  I'm going to do a half ribbing at the waist, then look for a lace pattern for the body.

I wish you could feel how soft this is.  Can't seem to capture the fuzzy halo from the angora, but it's there.

Wish that is was finished so I could wear it.

Finally, got a picture of the guy next door wearing his cowl.  He's so cold he's wearing it indoors.  He says the  guys at his job are jealous and asked him where he got it.

Three and Four are identical twins.  I guess I really need to have a naming contest.  There really is no way to tell who is who.

Hard to get a good picture of them.  When they come out of the box, Huey chases them around and makes them scream.  He's back to being the bully bird he was before eggs.  Herbie doesn't take crap from his Dad and gives it right back to him.  Huey used to push Mr. Bird backwards on the perch with his foot and make Mr. Bird cry.  He tried that with Herbie and Herbie leaned forward and bit his leg.  Huey hasn't tried that again with Herbie.

I don't know what the prize is, or I can't decide.  I have a tote full of handspun and sock yarn I dyed so I'll let the winners choose.  Post will come up tomorrow afternoon, as I'm pre-writing that next then will schedule post it.  Then I'm headed back to bed with my roll of TP.  Ran out of my Puffs Plus today and my delicate nose is being rubbed raw with Quilted Northern.  Soft for tushes not for noses.

For probably more exciting posts, you can head over to Tami's and see what others are up to.


by Teresa said...

More fun stories about Herbie. I will definitely participate in the naming contest. Hugs, Teresa

Tami Klockau said...

I hope you feel better! Like where you live, rain is an event (though I think we get it a little more than Tuscon.)

The cardi is awesome. I love the way the colors are so mild and soft.

Herbie sounds awesome! Good for him for sticking up for himself!

melbatoast68 said...

I'm so sorry you've got the crud. I had and it's no fun. My raw nose is finally in the recovery stage. Your cardi is looking lovely. I bet it's yummy soft. I wait with baited breath for the naming contest. I have a couple already picked out. Take care!

Dina said...

Hope you feel better soon. Can just imagine how yummy the yarn is!

SweetPotato said...

Get better soon!

I had to laugh at your comment about rain - I live in British Columbia so, when it doesn't rain for more than a week, we are surprised! :)

Maybe you can contract yourself out to your neighbour's coworkers and make them some cowls :)

Daniele said...

A nice cleaning rain. Good for you. I bet the smell was awesome. :D

I can add a few names myself. My mother had a pair of parakeets growing up, that also ended up hatching eggs. She came up with some really cute names.

I can see that softness of the angora - so cushy!!

Marushka C. said...

I hope you're starting to feel better! That cardi is beautiful, even more so knowing that you made the yarn yourself.