Friday, February 11, 2011

This Is For The Birds

I was supposed to post this yesterday.  My internet connection was dodgy all day, bandwidth when I could connect was intermittent at best. I was reminded of back in the days of AOL with my crappy phone modem.  You know, click on a web page, make a cup of tea, read the paper, knit a few rows then go check to see if the page had loaded.  Click on another page, rinse and repeat the above.

Of course, it straightened out 30 minutes before my internet tech came home.  So I told him the next time it happens while he's not home, and resetting the system doesn't work, I'm just going to shut the whole thing down and let it think about the error of it's ways for awhile.

It's been just two months since those eggs had me on edge, a real nervous Nelly about them I was.  Ladybird had four eggs, and four eggs hatched into these miniature naked turkeys.

Very slowly they grew downy feathers and still I worried as everything I read, said most won't survive.

Determined to beat the odds, they continued to grow.  Luckily, they hadn't read the same websites that I had.

My visitors doubled for January, as many seemed interested in the escapades of Herbie and his brothers.

I told Herbie he was the star of the show.  I was right.  My visitors have gone back down to pre-baby bird status.

Then it came time to name the identical twins.

D went into the post and left a message that he picked Azul and Smurf.  Which is Rudee and  NurseNikkiKnits.

They have a choice of

Handspun light fingering weight 3ply superwash merino, 388 yards.

This isn't the best photo, sorry.  From left to right, dark teal, purple, royal blue.  Next is royal blue, violet and sky blue blue.  After that is pastel rainbow from pink, peach, yellow, lime green, sky blue and lavender.  It doesn't look that yellow in real life, and is really quite bright.  Last is sky blue, green and medium violet.  They are regular merino fingering weight, 440 yards.  One of these.

Or one of these.  Peruvian wool, worsted weight 220 yards, 4 oz.

All were dyed by me when I had my online store and have been nicely stored in a Rubbermaid tote with real lavender sachet.  First one to get back to me has first choice.  Hopefully, they each pick something different from the other.  LOL

I thought I had more handspun in there, but they were smaller skeins that I'll save for another contest.  I'm still waiting for 50 followers.

Congrats to the winners.  Thank you all for playing along.


by Teresa said...

Well, darn.. I liked my names.. LOL

Thanks for the walk down baby bird lane.

Hugs, Teresa

Rudee said...

I have to pinch myself! I can't believe I won--hand spun yarn from someone else--no less. How exciting. Thank you, I'm honored. I would love that dark skein on the left or the light one on the right. Your choice. I think I see another Pimpelleise shawl in my near future.

Sue said...

The birdies are doing so well! Its great to see them out of the nest and doing what budgies should do. I'm having dramas with my canaries - lost 2 broods so far, possibly due to the heat. I took the nest out, but my little girl has turned the seed dish into a nest and we now have 4 eggs. Fingers crossed it goes right this time, I can't deal with any more dead baby birds!

Julie said...

Congrats to the lucky winners.

It was great to see the piccies like that and how they have grown

Daniele said...

You did a great job, Mom! Wonderful dying as well. :D

melbatoast68 said...

D picked wonderful names. I can't believe how prolific your birds are!