Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Holding On

Lousy bathroom mirror photo shoot.

It was just a few weeks ago, I overheard D telling J that I blog religiously, with just a note of pride in his voice.  It made me raise an eyebrow, because when I started blogging he and I used to argue about the worth of blogs.  He said, most of them are naval gazing.  Imagine my surprise when a couple years ago he started one. Except wordpress ate in an update last month.  He was attempting to start again just before he fell ill.  Anyway,  when he started lurking after the Herbie video, he mentioned to me on how my writing has improved.

I've gotten a little knitting accomplished on the sweater during those times, I'm sitting in the waiting room while they are doing things with him.  Sunday, I had decided not to rip it back.

Taking a closer look, I think I will rip it back and so I can start the ribbing closer to the breastline.

Butterscotch gave his opinion on the matter, as well.  When I laid this out on the futon, he reached over and pulled out one of the circular needles.  It's either rip out or tink to fix at this point.

No change on D today.  O2 is still the same.  Blood pressure, still having a bit of trouble lowering the medication.  His bed is up a 50 degree tilt with 2 minutes on each side.  Bronchoscope tomorrow morning.  Still waiting on tests, taking more tests.

Yesterday evening, A took me up to the hospital.  I had straightened out the bag I'm using and forgot to put his book back inside.  You'll not believe this.  I ran (walked very rapidly) 1/2 mile up to the bus stop, caught the bus just as it came, ran the 1/4 mile down my street to retrieve the book, then all of that back again in less than 45 minutes. It had to have been that high test mojo Carole sent my way, that I was able to do that.  Yes, I was winded and had to wait a bit to start reading.  He had a different nurse last night and when I told her what I had done, she said I was her new hero.  If they doesn't say love......

I don't know who that tired old lady is that jumped in front of me.  It looks like she could use a nap..

I thought I was tired on Monday.  Today, I'm just thoroughly exhausted, feeling like I'm trying to move one of those mountains surrounding us.

Thank you all for continuing to visit and you're support means so much.  Even though there is a ton of things that need to be done around here, I think when I get home, I'll read some more blogs to catch up with all and relax.  Put on Dammit's Led Zeppelin DVDs.  He'll enjoy that.


by Teresa said...

Denise, that's amazing about you going back to get the book.. I would have just made up a new story. :-)

The sweater looks good and you look good too! I wish I was as slim as you! I think all that running back and forth is probably good for you even though it doesn't feel like it.

Get some rest and here's a ((B((E((A((R(( You ))H))U))G))


Anonymous said...

LOL You need to "Listen to Butterscotch" I guess.

I'm glad DH is hanging in there. Pretty soon you'll have great news to report that he is awake and asking for his laptop so he can blog his experience.


Rudee said...

I like the sweater and wouldn't touch a thing. It's what you're using to heal.

No news isn't bad sounds like he's still in that same spot and needs to hang there a bit. He must be a very strong man, and that's good, he'll need that for the battle he's in.

Don't forget to take good care of yourself, too.

Cookie said...

Sounds like today's good news was about you. ;^)

I agree with the ripping. I think starting the ribbing just under the rack will be more flattering and that's kind of the point, yes?


Tami Klockau said...

(((Denise))) Make sure to get some rest when you can. Let me know if you need anything!

The sweater is beautiful!

autumngeisha said...

I'm glad to hear that you and DH are holding steady. You are one determined lady as shown by the book story. Your sweater looks amazing. Take good care of yourself.

Carol said...

I'll send a reload of that high test mojo, if that's alright with you?!

paula said...

Still sending prayers your way from Colorado. I was catching up on your blog tonight, and it sounds like the tide is starting to turn for your hubby, even if it is maddeningly slowly. Good choice on the sweater, it looks really good now, but will be pretty darn perfect if you move the ribbing up an inch or two. Hang in there!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The sweater is coming along nicely - and the style suits you!
No change is better than a change for the worse. I will take a little time, but I'm sure he will be better and reading your blog again.

nursenikkiknits said...

I think the cardigan looks beautiful but if you wouldn't be happy with it the way it is , then you should rip it back. Beside these days are all about slow progress, yes?

CraftyCripple said...

I agree with rip it back decision. I think having ribbing closer to the underbust will give it a nicer balance. It is so pretty as it is though. You have done a cracking job on this little beauty.

Anonymous said...

I think ripping the lace portion out so you can lengthen it is the right decision. Clearly Butterscotch knows all there is to know about knitting!

Affiknitty said...

You are amazing! That story about retrieving the book despite being tired is a wonderful testament to your love. I hope he gets well soon and restarts that blog. The sweater is beautiful.

melbatoast68 said...

Hey Sweetie! The sweater is looking beautiful! If you're not happy with it then you need to change it or, if you're like me, it will drive you nuts.

I have to say that you are fast becoming one of my heroes. Life is tough and you keep going. You're tired because you are moving mountains. You're moving them with love and that takes a lot of strength but I know that D feels it. Hang in there! Lots of love and hugs coming your way!!!

Marushka C. said...

It sounds like you are staying strong despite all the stress. I'm glad you are making progress on your sweater, it's just lovely. That is definitely "comfort knitting." I hope you get some rest & that your husband improves quickly.

rachel said...

Sending hugs to you and DH.

And when it comes to ripping back the sweater, do what makes you the happiest. If you'll wear it more often with the adjustments, that's the best plan.