Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Sooo Going To Be Lectured- (Update)

When he wakes up, I'm really going to hear about it.  The desert is very dry and when they tell you to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.  They MEAN drink 8-10 glasses a day.  I forgot, I always forget.  D always reminds me, did you drink your water.  Well, I had a couple cups coffee, I made that with water.

This morning when I was up at the hospital, I almost fainted on the Dr., to whom I had spoke when I left the night before.  Amazed she was still there.  Anyway, she asked me, did you eat when you got home?  Yes, my friend took to have a sandwich on the way home.  Did you drink anything when you got home?  Yes, I had 2 cups of coffee this morning.  Did you drink your water?  Umm......  Juice boxes and big cups of water was brought to me.  They hovered close waiting for their next victim.

The good news is, they changed his ventilator tube and his oxygen levels went up to an acceptable level.  The bad news, his fever went up.  They said they are giving him every antibiotic they have while they wait the results of tests and take even more tests.  Basically, for a man that has never been sick for the nine years I've known him, he's very, very sick.  That's all the nurse kept saying to me, he's very, very sick.

One of the Dr.s said, he may be sedated and on the ventilator for several days, up to several weeks.  That's when I almost made contact with the floor.  Let's hope it's the lesser amount.

Since he's heavily sedated and doesn't know I'm there, I came back home.  The nurse last night gave me the direct number to their desk, so I will call every few hours to see how he is.  I will go back again tomorrow.

Miss Nippit was a bad girl last night and made me chase her around the place several times before she went to her cage.  She's used to Pop putting her to bed when he gets home from work.  Dammit and Betty were pretty good for me this morning.   Miss Bootsie, who is her Pop's cat is a bit beside herself.  She just tolerates me as the cat slave.

Mr. Bird succeeded to teach the Littles to warble while I was away yesterday.  Shortly after I uncovered them and gave them breakfast, it was pretty loud with bird chirping.   Like a whole tree full of Budgies right here in my living room.  When they all get to flapping their wings at the same time, it sounds rather like a helicopter about to land.

I'm going to rest awhile. then try to get some things done around here.  There's a ton to do.  Yes, I'm sitting here with a big glass of water.  Then I'll try to remember that food thing which occupies my fridge.  The hardest part, is not being able to talk to him and have him respond.

Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts.


Susie said...

Oh Denise, I'm so sorry it's all so difficult. Thinking of you and D and sending vibes.

Now go and drink your water!

CraftyCripple said...

Silly woman, I told you that you need to look after yourself too! I'm pleased you have decided to have a bit of a rest at home tonight. Like you said, you have a direct line number and you can check on him whenever you worry that little bit extra and need to calm the panic.

I'm glad all the critters are there to keep you distracted and give you affection.

I hope you manage to eat (drink)and get some rest tonight.

More big UK (((HUGS))) coming your way!

Anonymous said...

So some positive news and a telling off for you from the doctor. Seems about right. Remember, you're no good to your lovely menagerie if you don't take care of yourself.

{{{Hugs all around}}}

Anonymous said...

I hope you can feel the cyber hugs from here. {{{{{hugs}}}}} We'll be keeping y'all in our prayers.

melbatoast68 said...

Ok, so you might not be wearing yourself out, but you HAVE to take care of yourself. You won't do D or yourself any good if you end up in the bed next to him. Who'll take care of all the babies? Warm thoughts coming your way.

Clara said...

I was just trying to get updated here and am so sorry for your latest situation. I hope that you can get a glimmer of hope for improvement sooner than later. Please take care.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Just catching up on your blog! I hope D is doing better now and I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way. And don't forget to take care of yourself in the mean time!

Carol said...

I'm sending a BIG load of high-test mojo your way. Get ready to catch it, you might feel a bit wobbly when it lands on you!

by Teresa said...

Dear Denise.. so sorry you and D are having to go through this. I can so relate when hubby was in the hospital with his colon cancer surgery. He'll be home chasing rabbits soon. Take care of yourself and follow the doctors orders so you'll be the strong one for him while he needs it.

((hugs)) Teresa

Daniele said...

Sending good vibes! Such a difficult time for you, no wonder you aren't thinking about yourself. Also, I'm not sure, but I think coffee dehydrates, even though it has water in it. Take care of yourself sweetie! We'll be here. :D

Cookie said...

Oh, sweetie, you have to drink water. Coffee doesn't really help to keep you hydrated. Water is your friend.

I'm still thinking y'all and hoping for better medical news.